Chapter 6

When it snows in Korea, you can be damn sure it's close to below freezing. And when it's below freezing, the nurses, surgeons, and staff of the 4077th begin to share tents. Before Potter, it used to be Klinger, Henry Blake, Father Mulchahy, Hawkeye, Trapper, Radar, and Frank, all in the Swamp. There would be extra cots and absolutely no room to step through. Now, it was usually just BJ, Charles, Radar, Klinger, and Hawkeye. Sometimes Potter as well if he got out of his tent in time. This time, though, it was only BJ, Charles, Radar, and Klinger. Fewer bodies meant less heat.

"Where's the Captain?" Klinger asked BJ, shivering while he tried warming up his toes underneath his blanket.

Charles scoffed before BJ could even open his mouth. "Guess."

Hawkeye was in a tent with none other than Lucy herself. She asked him to stay, as she couldn't very well go into the Swamp with them (even if it meant a much warmer night, what with all those bodies and body warmth being the best kind of warmth); she'd feel like the odd one out because she wasn't a man… Or a human, for that matter. So there they were, bundled up on her bed, talking through the cold, blizzarding night. If Frank were still there, they would certainly get into trouble.

"How long do you think this storm will stay?"

"Not sure. They usually pass in the morning." Hawkeye mentioned, being an expert at these.

While both were tangled in the sheets together and had all four limbs entwined with each other's, they were still just that bit cold. It was biting them both on the ass. Again, if anyone from outside of the 4077th saw them like this, they'd have thought that they were boyfriend/girlfriend. Official, as someone once said to the Captain and Lieutenant.

They weren't.

As if it were any possible to have the man closer against her body, she tightened her arms around him, rubbing her hands up and down his back, just as he was doing to hers. She had drank ten bags of blood before this, so she knew she would be just fine, so long as he didn't start doing anything stupid.. Listening to his heartbeat, she found that each time she did, the burning urge to rip it out, cut his throat and hang him dry became less and less. She was building up a sort of tolerance, you could say and it built her courage.

Both of them were staring into the eyes of each other, listening to the screeches of the wind outside and the shifting tent. She counted the laugh lines around his eyes, on each, one having three major ones, one having two. She noted his cheekbones when he smiled and how he would get scruffy when he hadn't shaved in two days. She saw how chapped his lips when he licked them constantly, and how smooth they were when he left them alone. Her intake of breath allowed her to commit to memory his distinct smell of fresh linen and a tint of cologne (which she really didn't mind).

Hawkeye, on the other hand, was just so entranced by her sky blue eyes and how they lit up even still in the dim candlelight. He could never take his eyes off of hers once they found their way there. Hers always seemed more different than anyone else's, too. It was something about how her pupils dilated when they did.

A thought crossed Lucy's mind. Did she love him? Of course she did. But why was it so hard to say? Maybe it was because she was afraid of the commitment. Of unveiling her secret to him. She knew he loved her, he had already said it. What if he was getting tired of waiting for her to say it back to him? No, no. She couldn't think like this. She wouldn't. Right now, she'd just enjoy the moment of their unusual friendship. But another thought came across her mind and this one, she acted upon without really thinking twice about what she was doing.

Hawkeye found her lips suddenly on his. His heart flipped and went on a race, but before he could really register what she had done—and mostly why—it was over. She was just looking at him with sly smile and half lidded eyes. Great, the first time she kisses him, he barely has enough time to enjoy it. He decided to return the favour though and gently pressed his lips upon her, pulling back after two seconds just like she did. Lucy chuckled and tucked her head right beneath his neck (which probably wasn't a very good idea, to be honest) to hide the blushing. His lips were chapped, but it was all right.

Waiting for her to say something, he soon realized that she wouldn't, so he just tightened his arms around her and closed his eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep.

God only knew what time it really was when the both of them woke up, still cold. Lucy woke up first, which was a real blessing. She woke him up with a soft kiss, knowing he wouldn't know what it was, which was another blessing. She couldn't wait to truly kiss the Captain, when she really knew that she could handle herself around him.

"Wake up, sleepy head," she whispered, tracing ancient symbols on his chest out of habit. He stirred, raising his arm over his face.

"Nnh. What time is it?"

Lucy listened to the sounds outside of her tent, the shuffle of feet, the clinking of trays. It was either breakfast or lunch. "Ten? Eleven?" Lucy shrugged, happy and content with where she was at right now.

"Must have been a long night." Suddenly, he remembered the kiss they shared, even if it was brief. Hawkeye smiled at her, pushing some of her hair back away from her face. He liked it better that way.

Lucy nodded, eyes glazed over. "Mm. Stormy night. 's still cold."

Hawkeye rubbed both of her arms underneath the blankets, asking if it was better. She said yes and curled up again beside him. "Much. Thank you."

There was a knock on the door. Both of them groaned.

"Uh, Hawkeye?" It was Radar.

Hawkeye looked at Lucy, asking her with his eyes what he should do. She made a face and leaned up on her elbow to answer him through the door.

"What is it, Radar?"

"Uh—Wait, when did you ch-change your voice?"

"Radar, you can come in," knowing that it was probably still probably in the single digits outside. Hawkeye protested, whispering how he was still in her bed, but she just pushed him back down, whispering back that it wouldn't really matter as they were both fully clothed anyway. And indeed it was still in the single digits, for when Radar opened the door, the cold wind rushed in and light spewed onto the both of them in bed, making Lucy hiss and cover her head with the blanket.

Radar noticed both of them after he had closed the door and gasped. "O-oh. Uhm. If you want, I can come back another time—" He was turning to go, but Hawkeye stopped him.

"Radar, it's fine. We're both fully clothed. We aren't that crazy."

Lucy chuckled and uncovered her face again. "Morning, Radar. How'd you know where to find him?"

His cheeks flushed redder than they were because of the cold, smiled and shrugged. "Doesn't take a scientist to figure it out, ma'am."

Of course it would be obvious. She should have known better that people would talk about her asking Hawkeye to stay with her the night.

"What d'you need, Radar?"

"Oh! You're needed in post-op. The Colonel was asking for you."

"Can't he wait? I'm trying to get some snuggles from one of the most amazing surgeons, aside from myself, here."

"He said it was urgent, Hawk."

Hawkeye groaned, turning his head towards Lucy's. She laughed at his pout and pushed his face away. "Go, Hawkeye! Before I push you out without your coat and everything else."

He stuck his tongue out and swung the blankets off, making sure to uncover her some as well. It was even more freezing now because all of the warmth had just been sucked away, so Hawkeye threw everything on quickly while Lucy lay there in her bed, watching with a smirk. Radar was shivering as well, albeit not as bad as Hawk.

"Alright, let's go, escort." Radar nodded and waved a hand to the Lieutenant. "Goodbye, Radar."

But before Hawkeye left, he hovered over Lucy, holding himself up by the wall next to her bed. "I'm going to get you for this." Lucy laughed even more, covering her huge cheek-to-cheek grin.

"Whatever you say, Hawkeye. Now get out of here!" She pushed him away, giggling like a lunatic. Her head hit her pillow again. While it was freezing, and while she was cold, she couldn't feel it like the others did. She didn't feel the chill to the bone. It was strange, and she still hadn't gotten used to the feeling, but she found herself rather glad about it. If there was one thing she didn't miss about being human, it was being hot and being cold.

Hawkeye walked to post-op in a sort of daze—still tired from the night, but feeling as if he was on a cloud because of the beautiful surgeon that seemed to be all his. If he was lucky, she would ask him to stay with her again, but he wouldn't count on it. He hadn't even heard from her the three words he wanted to hear most. If it took this long to hear them from her, then so be it. He would wait. He would take it slow and steady for the one woman who could make him want to change himself.

[Author's note: Mary; thanks a bunch! What you said just made my day, when I read it. And thank you to all who read this and keep up with it! Bless you, you make my nights/mornings. 3]