Warning: gay sex, detailed sex scenes and strong language.

Chapter one

After finishing their seventh and final year at Hogwarts, Harry Potter bought himself a flat while Ginny stayed at Burrow along with Ron at their parent's insistence. Hermione went back to her parent's home to spend time with them before she started her working life. The two couples where hardly ever apart, so this was going to be knew for all of them, but they also knew they would learn to cope with not being together all the time. Harry never told his friends or girlfriend, but he was looking forward to some time alone.

Ginny got spotted by quidditch scouts from three different teams, but Ginny always wanted to be a Harpie. So that was the try out she organised and she hoped that she wouldn't need to try out for the other teams.

Harry started the auror training with Ron and even though they knew it was going to be hard work and long hours, both still wanted to do everything they could to keep the wizarding world safe.

Hermione originally was going to work for the department for the regulation and control of magical creatures. She ended up working for the magical law enforcement squad. She wanted to help get rid of bad laws but also help bring in new good laws.

Ginny got a position on the reserve team for the Holyhead Harpies, so one of her dreams was coming true. But she also told her parents that she decided to share a flat with Hermione because it would be easier for her to live close to the Harpies stadium. Her parents weren't very happy about it, especially her mother. After promising that nothing would happen until she was married, her mother relented and the only reason she did relent was Molly realised her daughter was sharing with another girl. She finally she gave in but like always, she would keep an eye on her daughter.

Harry and Ron decided to share Harry's flat until Ron could afford his own, which should be after the first year of auror training, which they were both now doing. Harry did offer to set up a flat for Ron, but like always, he refused because he felt uncomfortable when Harry bought things for him. Harry didn't mind sharing with Ron, especially now as Ron decided to help with the housework.

Hermione found she loved working in magical law and enjoyed living with Ginny. There were the odd times when Ginny would go to Harry's flat to have some private time with him, while Ron would come to Hermione's so they could have some private time. Neither couple had taken their relationship to the next level. Ginny and Ron said they wanted to be normal young couples for a while and date like normal couples do. All of them said they were getting their careers sorted out and they also worked long hours, so Hermione and Harry ended up agreeing with their partners. The two couples got together during a very intense time, a war, so they never really got a chance to get to know each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. They wanted to make sure they were really suited to each other before going any further. Harry thought this was the best plan because he didn't want to get that serious if it wasn't going to work.

Two years after the battle of Hogwarts, Harry and Ron past their training and were now known as junior aurors and were proven to be good at the job and also great partners. Ginny had finally made it to the main team and was a proper Harpie. Hermione had already started to make an impression in her office, with two new laws that had proven to be just what the wizarding world needed.

Harry decided to plan a romantic night with Ginny. He was worried what Ron would say when he suggested leaving him alone with his sister for a romantic night because the most the couples spent alone were an hour or so, not much longer. So he decided to mention it to Hermione, so she could suggest a night with Ron at their place.

So Harry left the auror office ten minutes before lunch and headed down the long corridor until he came to the magical law enforcement office. He stepped inside and all eyes turned to him, but he ignored everyone and made his way over to Hermione.

'Hi, have you got a couple of minutes Hermione?'

'Yes, sure, let's go into the conference room,' Hermione led the way through the desk and through a door, 'What's up Harry?'

'I thought of having a night alone with Ginny. I was hoping you would suggest the same with Ron so he doesn't start with the questions about why I want to be alone with his sister for longer than normal.'

Hermione snickered, 'Sure Harry, Ron will definitely asked why you want to be alone with Ginny. Have you asked her yet?'

'Yeah, but I said I'd send an owl once I spoke with you.'

'Go do that now and I'll talk to Ron while he's still eating lunch,' Hermione and Harry left the room.

'Thanks Hermione, you're a good friend and a life saver,' Harry kissed her cheek then left.

Hermione noticed every one of her work colleagues looking at her, 'What?'

'Are you Harry Potter's girlfriend?' Sally the woman that sat opposite her asked.

'No, I'm his friend, don't say you believed the bullshit that Skeeter wrote.' Hermione picked up a picture off her desk, and showed everyone, 'This is my boyfriend, Ron, and as you can see, Harry's girlfriend is Ron's sister Ginny, who plays for the Holyhead Harpies.'

'We just wondered why he kissed you?' Steven a young man asked.

'We're friends and I was able to do him a favour.' Hermione shook her head and went back to her desk before heading out to find Ron who was still eating his lunch.

That night, Harry tried to act normally until Ron left. The moment he did, Harry lit a few candles, had some soft music playing in the background and setting the table with flowers. When he finished, he looked around and hoped Ginny liked it as she wasn't one for anything to fancy. So he hoped he didn't go overboard. As he was looking around, Ginny stepped out of the fireplace and stopped dead, staring around.

'What's all this Harry?'

'Nothing, I just wanted a nice romantic dinner, just the two of us. We don't get a lot of time alone lately.'

Ginny nodded, 'No, we don't, so it's very nice. Not something I would expect from you though. I never knew you could be so romantic,' she stepped over to him and slipped her arms around Harry and they instantly snogged.

As soon as they pulled apart, Harry smiled, 'I just never had the chance before, so not too much.'

'No, it's really nice.'

'Why don't you sit and I'll get our dinner,' Harry went into his kitchen, then floated the food to the table then sat down. He dished them both up some food, then started to eat. 'So is it alright, I know I'm getting better, but it's nothing on your mum's cooking.'

'It's really good, but you didn't have to go to so much trouble.'

'I know, but I wanted to do something special for a change. So how are the girls?'

'Good, Alice and Victoria just got engaged. Myrtle told Gwenog that she's planning on getting pregnant, so it might be time to train the reserve beater ready to take over on the main team.'

'Sounds like a lot's happening.'

'Yeah, but what about you aurors, doing anything exciting?'

'Ron and I go out a lot, follow up on information that has been owled about people using dark magic. We actually arrested one witch, I can't say what she did wrong, but she tried to curse us when we confiscated her things.'

'You didn't get hurt did you Harry?'

'No, she didn't really know what she was doing, so we were perfectly safe.'

'I suppose I'll have to get used to hearing things like that.'

'You know what aurors do Gin, so it's not unexpected.'

'I know, it's just now you are an auror even if you're a junior auror. I finally realise how much danger you'll be in.'

'We are trained for this, but of course there's always danger, we are careful though.'

'I'll get used to it. There is something I want to tell you. I'm not supposed to say anything, but I figured you're used to keeping secrets and you're an auror, so you wouldn't say anything.'

'If you want me to keep anything to myself, you know I will.'

'Okay, well Gwenog told us all that the international quidditch commission are talking. Their going to organise for the world cup to take place next year or early the following year. Only all the teams know so we can get ready for the competition and hopefully be selected for the teams.'

Harry grinned, 'You're good Gin, you've got a great shot at making the team for England. But I already know about it. The aurors of every country also have to be ready. Even if the match isn't held here, we will be escorting the teams to those last few games and the one for the cup if it's a team from this country.'

'So you might be with our team, well if I make the team. But that's another thing, we're going to be training a lot more. So we're not going to get a lot of time, especially through the week.'

'I get it and you need to, it's always been your dream to play professionally which means playing for your country as well, then leading to the cup. But it shows everyone is finally moving on and their feeling safe. See that's why the aurors are going to be there. Not just to keep the players safe, but after what happened at the last cup, their not taking any chances.'

'So even though he's gone, they just want to make sure no one causes trouble, meaning the death eaters that escaped.'

'They are the ones we're worried about. So even if it's say held in France, there will be aurors from every country there. Not all of us of course, some need to stay here. That will get sorted when it's closer. But enough about all that,' Harry took Ginny's hand and went into the living room, 'I want to ask you something.'

Ginny sat down but noticed Harry didn't. She gasped loudly as he knelt in front of her and held out a small ring box with a large diamond ring sitting in the centre of it.