Chapter twenty six

A few days later Harry and Charlie were getting ready for work. Harry could tell Charlie was a little anxious for them to be apart, but he could understand.

'Charlie love,' Harry took his hand and kissed his palm, 'Everything is different now, we're both safe, she's gone.'

'I know, it's just that I'm not going to see you for hours after all this time of being constantly together, I'm just having a hard time thinking of being apart.'

'I feel the same Charlie, it'll take a few days before we can get back into our routine. Now even though I'd love to stay here alone with you, it's impossible, now come on, we can't be late on our first day back.'

'No, we can't,' Charlie sighed, kissed Harry's hand before they headed downstairs and outside, 'I love you, please be careful.'

'I love you too, and I'm always careful,' Harry stretched up and kissed Charlie, 'See you later,' he caressed Charlie's face before apparating away. He didn't want to leave Charlie standing there, but if he didn't leave then, they never would. Harry walked quickly through the atrium, and made his way up to his office, 'Hey, I'm back,' he grinned.

'About time you stopped lazing about with Charlie,' Scott grinned then everyone greeted Harry.

'We did more than laze around, even found a nice secluded spot on an Australia beach and shagged each other silly,' Harry chuckled making everyone laugh.

'Good news Harry, dad said the builder is going to start at the end of the week and he can't thank you enough for the use of the flat, it's been really quiet.' Ron said.

'I'm just glad they don't have to put up with that anymore. How's Ginny, haven't see her since the day after we got back.'

'Good, always snogging Seamus, their worse then you two used to be and I think more has started as well.' Harry chuckled and sat at his desk but kept his face averted, 'What, you know something, come on Harry, as you mate, you have to tell me.'

Harry rolled his eyes, 'Fine, Ginny asked Hermione about sex, everything about sex including what we did. She went right into details on what we did, so Ginny was dying to try out her knew skills on Seamus. I told your dad and Charlie that Seamus is in for a good time.'

'Oh gross Harry,' Ron grimaced, 'Even though I know you did, I don't want to hear it. But look at the situation, you're gay, you've slept with two girls, Hermione and Ginny, now Charlie. I'm straight and only slept with Hermione and it was before I knew all this stuff was normal.'

'First Ron, it was a lot more than two girls, I was sleeping with a lot of woman before I got together with Charlie. We'd been going to clubs, and I found I had a better time with him than the woman even though there was no sex with Charlie at the time. But you Ron, it'll happen, but a bit of advice, talk to your brothers or me if you want about to know all that stuff. I was told by Sirius, so I knew what to do and it's fun Ron, really fun.'

'Not you, it would make me think of you and my sister or you and Hermione, or you and Charlie. So I'll talk to Bill, he's easy going about sex, so is Fleur.'

'Good, but I should get stuck into all this work on my desk but it looks like I've been away for months, not just one month.'

'Yep, you've got a lot to do, but Gawain's not in today, having the day off since he knew you would be back, so a full office. So you get to listen to Maureen today.'

Harry glanced at Maureen, 'Okay, that's easy, Maureen usually takes it easy on us.'

'Ah, but that was just when I was senior auror, not the boss, which today I am.'

'Oh shit, that's all I need and there goes my stress relief.'

Over the next couple of weeks, everyone went to the Burrow to see how the house was coming along. Arthur had designed a nice four bedroom home with two bathrooms and an extra toilet downstairs. The house was over on the other side of the orchard, so far enough away from the old house that no one ever had to see it. On weekends Arthur with the help from all the boys made a new pathway to the new house, they also put pavers for a nice outdoor setting so they could sit outside and watch the sunset or if anyone was swimming in the pond.

When the house was ready, everyone turned up and helped Arthur take furniture from the house, but not one thing of Molly's was touched. She of course yelled and screeched out insults but not one person took any notice of her. Arthur had also bought all new kitchen ware because the old stuff would keep reminding him of Molly. On the last trip to the old house, Arthur told her he hoped she liked what her life was going to be now, alone with none of her family ever going to talk or think about her again. Once they had everything out, Arthur nodded to Ron and Harry, who as aurors knew stronger and more advanced sealing charms, so they performed their spells together while everyone watched. Once it was done, they all went down to the new house ready to have a fun and enjoyable dinner, Andromeda and Teddy joining them who arrived not long after everyone helped prepare the food. Harry went straight to Teddy who turned his hair black to match his godfather.

'Harry,' Charlie nodded and they moved aside, 'Have a look at dad and Andromeda, they look very cosy.'

'Kiss,' Teddy said.

'What mate, who kisses?'

Teddy pointed at Andromeda and Arthur, 'Grandma.'

'Your grandma and Uncle Arthur snog?' Harry asked quietly and the boy nodded, 'Well, looks like your dad's in for a bit of fun if he isn't already.'

'Harry,' Charlie's eyes widened.

'What are you two whispering about?' Bill asked as he walked over to join them.

'Andromeda and your dad, they've been snogging, so Teddy told us.'

'Oh, so that's what's going on with them, we've seen the odd look, wasn't sure if it meant anything or not.'

'Yeah, I just said to Charlie that your dad's about to have some fun unless he already is.'

'Harry,' Bill's eyes widened making Harry laugh which made Teddy giggle.

'Blimey you two are alike, but you might have to get used to owling before dropping in. I don't think any of you are ready to see your dad's naked arse on top of Andromeda,' Harry tried to hold his face but ended up bursting with laughter which made Teddy giggle again.

'Charlie, bloody control him will you, I don't want to hear it, now I've got that blasted picture stuck in my head.' Bill grimaced making Harry laugh louder.

'Hey, I could tell your dad about being tied up,' again Harry burst out laughing, 'Okay, I'll stop.'

'Good idea or I'll do more than tie you up, I'll gag you as well.'

'You could try love, unless you use,' Harry brushed his hand against Charlie's groin. Harry smirked, kissed Charlie's lips then walked away from the brothers so they could discuss what their father might get up to.

For the rest of the day, it was carefree, relaxed and enjoyable. Everyone sitting around the long table could talk about anything including sex and no one seemed to mind what was being said.

'There's something I would like to say to my family,' Arthur said as he stood up and picked up his glass, 'We've finally got the family we deserve, we're all together and happy, living the life we all should. This is how a family should be, comfortable with each other so they could talk no matter what the subject, we have that now. I also want to say that I have asked Andromeda to marry me and she has said yes,' Arthur took Andromeda's hand, she stood up and they snogged right there in front of everyone. After they finally stopped kissing, everyone congratulated them with lots of hugs and kisses. Teddy had no idea what was going on, but Harry realised that their family were about to be joined in more ways than before and he also knew this family, his family would get a lot bigger over the next few years. They all had what they want, even Hermione who was laughing with Ron, so just maybe that old relationship hadn't completely died out after all. Harry sat there with Teddy on his lap staring around at everyone and he felt it, right to his very core, they were all going to be okay.

The end: