Count Dracula's Tradition

Daniel has a very special Halloween tradition being Count Dracula. The only thing missing is his Esmerelda. This story is in accordance to Count Dracula's Apology. Count Dracula has to do some major apologizing again.

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Chapter 1: Tight-Slap

Daniel and Claire walked off the plane getting their bags. It was a foggy day in London and Daniel was already having his doubts about being here. He couldn't believe how incredibly stupid he'd been these past 6 months. He basically shut out the only person in the world that ever gave up everything for him. How he did that, he would never understand. He really hoped that he could fix that broken tie that was making his life absolutely miserable. He knew it was a long time. He wasn't sure why he took so long to come to his senses and actually make that jump he should have made when she left. "Mom, do you think she'll forgive me?" Daniel said already feeling the air in his lungs getting tighter.

"Daniel, I've been telling you every day to come here, son. I don't know if she'll forgive you, but you owe it to both of you to at least apologize. To be honest, I want to slap you for taking so long to listen to me, but I think you punished yourself by shutting her out."

Daniel let out a big sigh looking down. He couldn't say anything back because she was absolutely right. If Betty was smart SHE would slap him for making her seem like she wasn't the most important person to him. He sighed again. As soon as they got in the town car waiting for them, Daniel closed his eyes and tried to push away the tears he felt threatening to form in his eyes.

Claire shook her head and placed her hand on his arm. "You both are so incredibly stubborn. I think you both need a tight slap."

Daniel honestly couldn't help but laugh at that. It was the first time he laughed in months. "I know I deserve it" he mumbled not opening his eyes. "Did you remember to bring it?" she asked looking at him. "I never leave anywhere without it." he said unable to keep a tear from escaping the corner of his shut eyes.

"Now, tell me again why you have had it for 6 months and never did anything until now?" she couldn't understand what went through that brain of his sometimes. He was infuriating. She wondered sometimes. Betty brought out the brightness in him. Without her he was as good as a lost cause. He let out another deep sigh. "Mom, I don't know. I'm an idiot, okay. I know that. I don't even know why I'm really here anyways. I'm sure she'll hate me for having the audacity to come here after 6 months."

Claire looked at her son sympathetically. "Now, Daniel, I know how much Betty cares about you. The poor girl made her life revolve around you, she cared so much. How do you expect her to feel after the only person that she thought would be there for her and support her didn't even bother to wish her well and say good bye."

Daniel finally opened his eyes and looked at her, his eyes blurry. "Mom, don't you think I know that? I know how incredibly selfish I was, but..." he sighed placing his face in his hands. "Mom, all I wanted for Betty was for her to be happy. I didn't want to ruin anything." He said, his voice getting hoarse. He sighed. Claire rubbed his back knowing that he was probably close to breaking down. She didn't want to push him further.

"I know that, dear. You two both have horrible communication when it comes to telling each other how you feel. Don't worry, son. If I know Betty...just don't blow it!" she said wanting him to figure things out. She knew she could probably put her 2 cents in, but she figured he needed to experience this for himself. Betty did. If it wasn't for her coming often having lunch with her, she knew Betty would lose herself completely. She didn't want that to happen. That girl had become such a powerful force in their lives; she owed it to her to be there for her as someone she could talk to.

Daniel took a deep breath and sat up. He wasn't going to give up yet. He already was acting like someone who lost a fight before even putting on his armor. He knew he couldn't be anywhere else. He had to see her today. It was their tradition. He knew he was crazy, but he had to try.

"Mom, you said you have the address for where she'll be tonight, right?"

"Yes, son." She pulled out a piece of paper from her bag and handed it to him. "Thanks mom. I love you. I promise I won't screw this up."

"You better not!"

He looked at the piece of paper in his hand and encased it in his palm. "Oh, I have something else you should see." she opened her bag.

Daniel looked at her curiously as she pulled out a magazine from her bag and handed it to him. "This was Betty's last issue. I thought you'd like to see it."

Daniel looked at the cover and opened it to where her name was printed. 'Betty Suarez, Editor in Chief'

He smiled looking at her name, feeling that tightening in his chest again. He wished he wasn't so stupid in how he acted about everything.

He felt such pride in her. He knew he made at least one right decision and that was letting her go. Maybe not how he let her go. That was stupid. So incredibly stupid. He looked up at his mom "thanks...did you talk to her recently?" he asked curiously.

She smiled. "I always talk to her."

He took a deep breath. "How is she?" he asked not sure what he wanted to hear as a response. "How are you, dear?" she came back. His eyes met hers and all she did was nod very slightly with that look in her eyes...that look like she knew everything. He looked at Betty's printed name again and smiled. He felt some ounce of hope.

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