Count Dracula's Tradition

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Chapter 6: Costume in Disguise

Daniel and Claire got some lunch and went to the park close to their hotel for a while until they had to get ready for the party. Daniel was sitting at a table bench his chin resting on his fist as he practically stared at the small black box in front of him. That's all he did for the past hour while his mother went to MODE UK to pay a visit. He let out a breath and fingered the edges of the box. The more time passed the more Daniel became nervous. He felt like he couldn't breathe. He had to remind himself to stay strong and positive. His heart would race at the thought of seeing Betty again. He wasn't sure if he'd be able to contain himself. He closed his eyes trying to calm his nerves. He felt a blow in his ear. "I miss you" her voice came out soft next to his ear. He felt his heart race all over again.

Her arms came around his neck and she brought her face next to his. "Remember all the fun we used to have? I miss that." He felt her lips touch his cheek softly and then the 'wind' again. Daniel swallowed hard and opened his eyes and saw the opened box. His finger traced the edges of it.

"It's very beautiful"


"No Daniel, it's your mother" she said with an amused tone. Daniel sighed and looked up at his mom. "Sorry"

She came around and sat next to him. He closed the box and looked at her. She smiled. "Shall we go?"

He nodded and took a deep breath. "Now or never" he said before he got up. She got up and they made their way to the hotel to get ready.

It was now 6pm and Betty had to be leaving soon. She was tired and really didn't want to go to this stupid party. She was only going for Abbey. If she had a choice she would just stay home and eat ice cream. Betty sighed and opened her drawer picking up the crinkled paper. She felt her heart break even more. She stared at his note, the last three words plaguing her mind.

"I miss you, too, Daniel." She said quietly to herself knowing she was betraying herself by admitting that. "Betty" at the sound of Abbey's voice Betty jumped dropping the note on the floor.


Abbey looked at her curiously for a moment, but then shrugged it off. "Ready to go, luv?"

"I guess..." Betty said half-heartedly. Abbey came up to her and put an arm around "oh come now, Betty, cheer up, huh?"

Betty smiled as much as she could despite how she felt inside. She wasn't sure if this pain would ever go away. "I'll come by and pick you up and we can go together." Abbey said excitedly.

Betty smiled with a nod. They both got their things and made their way to get ready for the party.

Daniel was putting on his costume feeling his body go numb just thinking about all the fun times he had with Betty while wearing it. He looked at himself in the mirror; his black pants went just below his waist, the red brocade vest outside of the long sleeve white shirt.

He began to bring the cape around him and was about to hook the chain together when he was stopped by a pair of soft hands. His breath caught seeing the beauty before him. Her chocolate brown eyes looked into his "I can help with that" her voice came out quiet and playful. He was caught in a daze unable to look away from her as she began to hook the chain of his cape together. As soon as the chain was clipped, her hands slid down his vest smoothing out the wrinkles and folds. He felt a surge of heat through his body as her delicate hands touched his body. Her hands slowly came back up around his cape fixing the collar so it lay just right around his neck. Her eyes never left her task. He watched her hands, her face, and her eyes. He was transfixed by her. Her closeness was sending shudders through his body. Her scent...god, he missed her scent.

She slowly got close to him so her body was pressed against his just enough to send a wave of tingles through him; her lips stopped right by his ear. "I love you" her voice came out in a whisper just before she placed a kiss to his cheek and vanished before him. Daniel's phone went off snapping him back to reality.

He could still feel her warmth and smell her perfume. How was that not real? She felt so real. He'd daydreamed of Betty a lot, ever since Hilda's wedding, but the ones he had in London were so real. He'd never felt her touch or smell her sweet scent so vividly before today. Daniel ran his hand over his face letting out a frustrated breath. He stood there trying to get the feel of her hands along his body out of his mind. She wasn't real. He really hoped Betty would forgive him. He didn't know what he would do if she didn't. He would surely die if he had to live another day without her. He couldn't do it anymore.

"Daniel, sweetheart, can you help me with this?" his mother came out of the restroom holding a rather glamorous necklace. Daniel saw her reflection in the mirror and turned "Wow, mom, you look beautiful" he said admiring the beautiful mask she was wearing. The gold sparkled designs around that decorated it were so intricate and detailed; there were gold chains that hung below the rim of the mask. The mask went along with her long elegant black dress that was accented by gold beads around the neckline.

"Thank you, dear. You look rather charming yourself. I figured I should be more in disguise so Betty shouldn't notice me and suspect anything" she said walking up to him. She handed him the gold necklace and turned around. He fastened it and she turned back to face him smoothing his shirt. "That's a good idea. Thanks" he said gratefully. She smiled looking up at him. "I love you, son."

Daniel smiled "love you, too, mom." He said feeling his eyes sting. He looked down and she placed a hand to his face. "I have something for you" he looked up and saw her holding up a black mask. "Wow, that's cool" he said taking it in his hand looking at it for a minute. On one side there were silver swirls that decorated it and the other had a single shiny red swirl that went across.

"I thought you could use that" she said. He smiled and nodded "ya...thanks." he looked at the mirror and put the mask on, covering the top half of his face. He wondered if Betty was to see him would she recognize his eyes. He did look a little different. The only thing that he could tell would give him away would be his eyes, but he figured he would just see it out. He took a deep breath and looked at his mom.

"Ready to go?" she asked looking at him. He took another deep breath. "I don't know." He shrugged "let's go" he said wanting to face his biggest fear. Hoping Betty would forgive him for his stupidity.

Daniel held his hand out. Claire smiled and took his hand.

He smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

Betty took a deep breath and opened the box she hadn't looked at it in months since she moved to London. She hated herself for keeping it all. She knew she should get rid of it. He basically got rid of her. Why shouldn't she get rid of him? But she just couldn't find herself doing that. Every time she was close to burning everything in it, she would open the box and look inside and find herself unable to do it. She hated that she couldn't do it. She hated that she couldn't breathe just thinking about him. Just thinking about those eyes the mesmerized her. Just thinking about how much she missed him. Just thinking about how much she wished she did things differently. Just thinking about how even though he hurt her so badly she still thought of him as her best friend.

She took another deep breath fighting back tears and picked up the pink scarf. She hated herself for keeping it. She hated herself for wanting to wear it, but she couldn't find herself not wearing it. Especially today. It was tradition. She found it strange that the other Americans at her work wanted to throw a Halloween party. She closed the box and pushed it back in the closet. She stood in front of the mirror assessing her flowy purple dress. She smoothed out the purple and gold-trimmed scarf around her waist that complimented the light purple and gold embroidery on the white blouse she wore. She started to tie the pink scarf in her hair.

"I can help with that" his voice made her heart race as his hands held hers taking the scarf. Betty felt her skin tingle as his hands made their way through her hair. His body was close to hers, she could feel his warmth. "I'm sorry, Esmerelda" he whispered close to her ear slipping the scarf around her hair his knuckles barely brushing her neck but made her feel like a herd of butterflies flew over her skin.

"You will always be my best friend, my Esmerelda, my Betty..." he kissed her cheek as he tied the scarf below her hair. He ran his hands down her arms softly pulling her closer to his body. "You don't hate me." He said in barely a whisper and kissed her cheek again.

The tears welled up in her eyes as she looked in the mirror, her imagination getting the better of her. She fell to the ground, her face in her knees starting to cry. The door opened and Abbey walked in with a smile "Betty!" her face instantly fell when she saw Betty on the floor crying. She quickly went over coming down next to her. "Betty..."

"Abbey, please go to the party. I, I, can't, hh, come. I...I just...I really can't" she mumbled through her sobs, her face still in her knees.

"Betty, you have to go! I won't have you sitting here crying all night." She pulled her up. "Listen to me, Betty." she held her face wiping her tears "You have to go. I promise...things will be better." Abbey said feeling her own eyes sting at the sight of her friend. She knew she needed to get Betty there so she could see Daniel again. He was the only one that could fix Betty's broken heart.

Betty looked at her eyes, hers getting blurry.

"I promise. Trust me." Abbey looked at her moving the hair from her face. "Okay?" She looked into her eyes. Betty nodded and hugged her. Abbey rubbed her back comfortingly. "I promise" she whispered running her hand through her hair hugging her for a while until she felt she was calm enough and her crying stopped.

When Abbey moved back to see her face, she smiled.

"I'm sorry" Betty said apologetically for her haywire emotions. Abbey moved the hair away from her face. "It's okay, Betty. I may be your assistant, but I'm your friend, too. I hate seeing you like this. It hurts me, too. Now, come on, let's go to this party" she said pulling Betty up from the floor. "I promised you lots of fun. I'm not losing my Christmas bonus. If I do, you won't get such a nice gift" she teased making Betty laugh despite her wet cheeks.

"Let's clean you up a little" Abbey took her to the bathroom and cleaned her face from the running make up and reapplied it. "You look so pretty, Betty. I love seeing you without glasses."

Betty smiled. "You look great, too, Abbey. I love your costume" she said thinking she looked so cool as Superwoman. God knew she came to Betty's rescue on more than one occasion, especially today. "Thanks, I like it too. I had to order it online." She looked at herself in the mirror loving the blue and red combination. She smoothed the fabric against her half-covered midriff. She fixed the red skirt so it hung just above her hips. "Alright, let's go."

Betty smiled. They both made their way. Daniel texted Abbey letting her know that he and his mother were on the way. She felt butterflies herself. She couldn't breathe just thinking about them meeting again. She hoped things would go well. She wasn't sure if Betty would go off on him or be happy to see him. She just hoped they could sort everything out.

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