"Stop, thief," Emma drawls from the bedroom door, handcuffs dangling from one finger.

"What?" Regina snaps. "I came up here to change before I see Henry tonight, so if you'll excuse me, Sheriff..."

"Changing into more of my clothes?" Emma asks, strolling into the room like she has any right to be there. "Because I happened to go through my dresser just a little while ago."

"So?" Regina stalls, gripping the edge of her dressing table. She only sat down to fix her makeup, and now her one remaining sanctuary has been invaded. She won't show Emma that she's nervous now, she absolutely won't.

"So a shirt is one thing," Emma says, swinging the cuffs from side to side. Regina watches in the mirror as Emma stands behind her and it's almost hypnotic. "Although I'd say I look better in pale blue. Now the other shirt, admittedly, that was yours to begin with."

"What?" Regina demands, trying once more for snippy bewilderment, the way she always did as Mayor.

"Nice try," Emma says. "But I want my black suede boots back, Regina. And I want them now."

"Do you have a search warrant?" Regina asks, leaning on the table just a little to keep her steady as she rises to face Emma. When exactly did she get so close? Regina can't even take a step without them being practically nose-to-nose. Emma's nose, so very much like Henry's becomes the focal point of Regina's world for a moment.

"Do I need one?" Emma asks. Then the cuffs are on the floor, and Emma's fingers are tangled in Regina's hair at the base of her neck. "Do I?" She breathes, before pressing her lips against Regina's in a slightly frantic kiss that last longer than Regina intends.

"I've been wanting to do that since I got back," Emma confesses in a whisper. "But we couldn't get a moment alone."

"And you're ashamed of me, of what we did," Regina supplies, eyes downcast as she tries to turn out of Emma's clumsy embrace. But Emma holds on tight.

"No," Emma says. "I just don't want everyone in my business. It's weird enough having parents all of a sudden, but trust me after weeks camping and fighting with my Mom? I want a little space."

"Then I suppose I can give you your boots back," Regina says, and it only sounds a little sniffy.

"You missed me," Emma teases. "You wanted to be around my things, didn't you?"

"Technically I was checking them for magic traces," Regina lies, quite smoothly. "But tell your ego whatever it needs to hear, dear."

"All this talk of clothes," Emma whispers against Regina's ear, before nipping at the lobe. "Has made me really, really want to get you out of them," she finishes, before reaching for the zipper on Regina's pants.

"Well," Regina says, taking Emma's hand and guiding it down past the waistband. "I think you'll find there's one thing missing from your inventory of stolen goods."

"Regina!" Emma gasps as she comes into contact with the cotton. "Are these my boyshorts?" She looks down to confirm. "My iWonder Woman/i boyshorts?"

"Mmmhmm," Regina confirms, kissing softly at the base of Emma's throat. "I had no idea something so ugly could be so insanely comfortable."

"Oh you are taking those off right the hell now," Emma says, clearly annoyed. "You couldn't have taken the Batgirl ones?" And that's definitely an outright whine.

"If you want them back," Regina says, unbuttoning Emma's shirt. "Then I suggest you do something about it. Only," she adds, with a cheeky smirk. "I think I might already have soaked through them."

Emma lifts her then, stronger arms than ever rippling beneath the shirt sleeves in a way that makes Regina's mouth run dry, and drops Regina carelessly onto the bed.

"Thief," Emma growls, before burying her face in the cleavage exposed by Regina's silk top.

"Takes one to know one," Regina sighs in return. Oh yes, it's certainly worth having her nemesis back in the same world.