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Chapter 1

Pam sighed as she surveyed the paperwork spread across the bar. It was Monday night and Fangtasia was closed. She sorted through invoices, resumes and work orders, frustrated with what was in front of her. She loathed paperwork. She barely tolerated sharing the same room as the vermin that frequented Fangtasia on a nightly basis. This was too much. The task of handling the paperwork was not new to Pam. Even after a year she hated it. She sighed again, frustrated by the piles of paper spread in front of her and frustrated by the fact that she was sighing. It was so…human. Her beautiful face twisted with disgust and with one arm she swept the paper work off the bar, papers swirling on the floor. Sighing, she bent down and gathered them up. Sitting back at the bar she began again. As much as she didn't want to, she knew she had to get through this mess. She had no other choice. She couldn't ignore it if she tried.

When she was done she headed towards her master's office. It would always be his office. It was empty of course and that was exactly what she needed. She sat at the desk and thought of Eric. To say things have changed in the past year would be an understatement. Vampires are used to change. They have no choice in the matter. Adapt or else. You do what you need to do to survive. However it's rare when it is the vampire that changes, rather than the world around them. Pam had witnessed the world grow and develop over her 200 un-dead years. She only had one constant and that was Eric. And now her maker was so far away from the vampire he was just one year ago.

Her eyes surveyed his office which was bare, offering the standard desk and several office chairs. He rarely visited the bar as of late. He was using one of his residences as his base of operations. Pam's eyes settled on the photo frame sitting on his desk, the only item in the room of a personal nature. Sookie Stackhouse smiled at her from the frame. It was taken the first night she met Sookie when she came in with Bill Compton. She was young & innocent, smiling at someone in the foreground as she sat in her white dress covered with splashes of red. It seemed like a lifetime ago to Pam and in a way it was. It was before her maker lost touch with himself, with reality. Before he spent his time obsessed with a human. A beautiful, telepathic human-fairy hybrid, but a human nevertheless.

She could not understand the attraction, the need he seemed to have for her and the resistance Sookie gave him. The more Eric tried to win her, the more she spurned his advances. How could Sookie not see his devotion to her underneath his actions? She did not understand him. Yes, his absurd fixation on Sookie marked the beginning of Eric's change. He always warned Pam the dangers of forming an attachment to humans.

"Feed, fuck, glamour your way with them but that is all" he advised. "Never let a human come before yourself. It could be the death of you".

Pam eyed the photo and imagined throwing it across the room and the satisfaction she would feel as it shattered on the floor. Pam entertained the thought of what she would do to Sookie herself if she stood before her. But it was a pointless exercise. Pam would not get her wish. Sookie was gone. She disappeared from Bon Temps exactly one year from tonight.


One year earlier

Pam stood in front of the bathroom mirror, cursing Bill Compton for sending Ruben after her as she carefully ran a hair dryer through her long, blonde hair. She laughed out loud as she remembered Ruben's feeble attempt to take her down. He advanced on her face on, thinking he would best her. Before he could reach her she raised her leg and kicked Ruben square in the chest, staking him. She snapped the heel off her favourite pair of Louboutin pumps doing so. What a waste of a pair of shoes. Eric will pay for Compton's stupidity, I have zero patience for his shit she thought. Pam envisioned the shopping spree she would have at Eric's expense as she began to apply her make up with an expert hand. Eric would be out an assassin and a lot of money. Finished, she preened in front of the mirror for moment and turned to head to the bar floor. It was almost time to open and she was looking forward to finding a tasty treat this evening to play with after closing. As Pam walked across the dance floor she felt a wave of emotion so strong it brought her to her knees. She doubled over, clutching her chest. Fear, need, and rage pulsed though the child-maker bond she shared with Eric. Never, ever did she feel his emotion this intensely. It overpowered her mind and body; she was frozen to the spot as his feelings washed over her. Pam struggled to get up and run to her maker. How strange, she did not feel the pull of his call.

Does he not need me? What hurts him so, yet he does not call out for my aid? I have never felt anything like this! Pam knew what she was feeling from him was only a fraction of what he was feeling himself. She pulled herself to her feet and staggered towards his office, feeling the torrent of Eric's emotions as well as her own fear for him. She opened his office door and found him kneeling with his back to her.

"Eric!" she cried as she rounded on him, rushing to kneel. She gasped, taking in his appearance.

Blood poured down his face and chest. At first glance she thought Eric had been injured. As she stared into his face she realized the blood was his. Tears fell from his eyes, streaking down his cheeks. They dripped from his chin to pool on the exposed skin of his chest. Pam said nothing as she watched a sight she never thought she would witness: her maker crying tears of anguish. Her heart ached for him and the pain he was feeling. She was uncomfortable with the amount of emotions that were coursing though her. Eric's eyes focused on Pam's. Brilliant blue and as cold as ice. Instantly the emotion he was sending across the bond stopped. Pam exhaled loudly as she felt the bond snap shut.

"Master! What is it, what is happening? Tell me what is wrong and I can help you. I have never seen you like this Eric! Tell me who has done this to you so I can rip their fucking head off!" Pam cried as she reached for his hand. Eric hissed at her touch and was on his feet in a second.

"You will do nothing" he said flatly. He walked across the office to his closet and pulled out his leather jacket. Shrugging it on, he turned towards the door, not bothering to wipe his bloody tears away.

"Eric! What are you doing?" Pam asked, getting up to follow him. "Will you not explain to me what happened? I have never felt anything like this from you before. Please, talk to me! Tell me what is going on. You can't just walk out!"

Eric stopped, looking at Pam over his shoulder. "Sookie Stackhouse walks this world no more" he stated. Pam's head swam with confusion that quickly turned to hatred. Sookie Stackhouse? The white trash waitress from Bon Temps caused my maker this suffering? I'll drain the little blonde bitch! she fumed.

Sensing Pam's venomous thoughts towards his bonded, Eric flew across the room wrapping his massive hand around Pam's throat. He raised her off the floor, holding her inches from his face. His eyes bored into her and she could not look away.

"As your maker, I command you to never cause to harm Sookie Stackhouse, directly or indirectly. You will do everything in your power to protect her should the need ever arise." Eric's face betrayed no emotion whatsoever and Pam felt nothing from him through the bond. She stiffened as she felt her maker's command and the truth in his words. She would do as he commanded. And she would hate it. It had been 140 years since Eric had placed a maker's command upon her. She resented the knowledge she would protect the one that caused him pain. She glared at Eric, her anger at him growing stronger than her sympathy for his pain.

"Sookie Stackhouse! A human! Eric, what is happening to you? You have always taught me to put myself first, above all humans. I felt your suffering Eric and I don't understand why a human is the cause of this. You of all vampires cannot be at the mercy of some fucking breather!"

Eric flung her across the room in one swift motion. Pam slammed against the wall, shattering it to pieces as she crumpled to the ground. She was stunned, not with the force of the attack but the fact it was done by Eric's hands.

He stared daggers at her as she lay twisted on the floor. "Know your place Pamela!" he barked. "Take care of Fangtasia; it is your responsibility while I am gone. You will run it in my absence"

"Master, where are you going?"

"I am going to get Sookie."

"How do you know you can find her? You said she no longer walks this world. So she lives but walks in another realm? Either way you can't get to her. You don't even know for sure what happened, you could be walking into a trap!" Pam remained on the floor. She knew she could do nothing to stop him from leaving.

"I will not stand by and do nothing! I will not give up on her! I can no longer feel her through the bond. She lives but is not in our world. I know I would feel it if she died. It is not much of a connection, but is it enough. I will find her. You will run the bar until I come back."

"And when do you expect that to be?"

"However long it takes for me to find her. I start now. And you will aid in any way I require. If you speak one more ill word again Sookie I will punish you Pam. And you will not enjoy it, for many years. This is your only warning."

He walked towards the door and turned to leave. "I will do nothing but search until I find her. Accept this Pam. Do not fight me." And with that he was gone.

Silence filled the room and Pam sat completely still as cold tears of blood ran down her face. The realization of what just happened hit her. Her master was off to rescue Sookie from the complete unknown. He was running after a human that did nothing but reject him from the beginning. She looked around the office and twisted to see the damaged wall behind her. She sighed as thought about what kind of night it was turning out to be. And the coming nights ahead did not look promising.

"Fucking Sookie Stackhouse!" she hissed. "She is going to be the death of all of us!"


Sitting in Eric's chair, Pam thought of the year since Sookie disappeared. Eric left Fangtasia that night and immediately organized a full-scale search. He called in Jackson Herveaux's debt to Alcide and had the Shreveport pack assisting for Sookie's scent. Eric put out alerts through all his contacts and networks for any hint of a blonde, telepathic fairy. All of her friends and family were monitored and followed. He combed the entire state of Louisiana, seeking out information and speaking to Supes of all kinds for any shred of information pertaining to Sookie. As the days turned to weeks and then months, Eric widened his search area, desperate for a sign of her. He turned up nothing.

The night she left he followed her scent from her farmhouse to her grandmother's gravestone in Tall Pines cemetery. It ended there and Eric came back many nights to this spot. Thinking and plotting, using all of his one thousand years experience to find his bonded. Desperately hoping she would return to the same spot she vanished from. This location also provided an advantage. The cemetery was next to the old Compton house. Eric kept a close eye on the activities at the royal residence.

He frequently clashed with the King. Although he had no evidence against him despite all his investigations, he did not trust him to have nothing to do with Sookie's disappearance. Pam was worried that Bill would see that his obsession with finding Sookie as a weakness and move against Eric. But the King had tolerated his outbursts and has done nothing so far. It was almost as if Bill was hoping Eric would find her. Pam snorted in disgust. She could not understand the power this girl had over male vampires.

Fangtasia was just getting by. Business was okay but not great. The Sheriff's presence drew his nightly fan club which accounted for a great deal of revenue for the club. Pam could not recall the last time he sat on his throne. Eric Northman was the big draw of Fangtasia and the vampire all the fangbangers wanted. Without his beautiful face and body to bring in the crowds, the clientele was made up a group of pathetic regulars and a few tourists. This meant less money coming in.

Pam rose from her chair, done for the night. She planned to visit one of her pets before she died for the day for a quick feed and fuck in no particular order. She no longer checked in with Eric any more. She has not heard from him in 2 weeks. She has not felt anything through their bond since the night he completely closed her off. She thought of how much she missed her maker and the life they shared, not that long ago.

All I know is if he doesn't find Sookie, may he at least find peace. She placed the frame holding Sookie's photo face down on the desk before she walked out. She left Fangtasia missing Eric and sending him comfort despite their bond being closed. She did not have to feel his pain to know he was suffering on this night.