On an extremely slow afternoon, boredom found its way to a certain girl named Kula Diamond.

She looked around. Diana and Foxy had gone out someplace (where was it again? ..ah, the new nail-art salon Benimaru had opened recently). Whip was visiting Leona and the other Ikari people. Maxima was watching TV in the den while stuffing Reese's Pieces into his mouth. K' was also there, but from the way he was slouched all over the easy chair, he seemed to be sleeping. Or bored out of his mind, as she was.

She sighed. She wanted K' to notice her, but if she tried to pester him, he'd just make a scary face at her and tell her to buzz off. Maybe if she lured
him with sticks of beef jerky?...no, she hated the taste.

But maybe...

Kula held the box of Pocky in her hands with a certain reverence. This could work. She'd seen it being used in the shoujo manga Maxima had in his room. It always worked.

Taking out a stick, she put one end into her mouth.

Now, all she had to do was wait.

"Need more sweets.." Maxima rumbled, as he stepped into the kitchen. He was on his way to the pantry when he spotted Kula sitting at the kitchen counter with her eyes closed. "Hm?"

He was about to ask her what she was doing when he noticed the familiar red box out of the corner of his eye. All thoughts of asking Kula flew out of his mind as a big smile lit his face. "Sweets~"

He made his way over to her silently. Now he was leaning over her. Closer and closer...and then he grabbed the box of Pocky. With his mouth.

Flushed with success, he slowly retreated to the den, crooning "...got it! I got it!"

From his place, K' raised an eyebrow. For someone as big and rough-looking as Maxima, he could be a total idiot when it came to sweets. Speaking of idiots loving sweets...

Arms folded, an incredulous look on his face, K' studied the motionless girl before him. Just what on earth was she doing?

"You...are really an idiot," he muttered under his breath.

Furtively, he looked this way and that. No one was around except the two of them. Good.

Gingerly, he leaned over and opened his mouth.

"K', wanna have some Pocky?"

K' turned his head away. "I don't like Pocky."

Maxima huffed. "As insufferable as always, I see. But when it comes to Kula, you-"

"Shut it," K' barked.

Sighing happily, Kula relaxed in her room. As expected, the plan worked.

...but she didn't expect that he would close the gap between them in just one bite, though.