A week had passed, and Thor still hadn't recovered from the shock. How could he be human? He had never even considered the possibility. He had thought about what dying would be like, yes, but how could anyone ever prepare for this? What will Odin do when he finds out? What if the Avengers need Thor's help defeating an enemy, and he's not there? He can't be there. He's just a weak mortal.

Though he really wasn't. For a human he was actually quite buff. He was tall, and though he didn't have the muscles he used to, in no way was he a wuss. His biceps were large, he had some very nice abdominal muscles, and his chest was to die for. Bruce had examined him, and thankfully, he was not another hulk. His DNA was completely human, and he was about sixteen years old. He no longer spoke weirdly, or with an accent. He still had a very attractive face, with light stubble. He was very ahem, mature. Yeah. In conclusion, he was hot.

A few floors down, Tony and Captain America, lets call him Steve, cuz that's his name. Tony and Steve were having a very serious conversation.

"We need to come out," Steve tried to convince Tony. "Thor needs us to adopt him."

"Why?" objected Tony. "Why can't he just stay here?"

"Because he's never going to be an Asgardian again," replied Steve. "He's stuck as a human for the rest of his natural life. He can't just mope around forever. He needs to get his life started, and we have to help him. We are going to adopt him, and then send him to public school."

"But there is still the matter of us coming out. Why do we have to come out? I could just adopt him," said Tony.

"Maybe I want to. I love you, Tony, and I want to be with you forever. Please? Please, can we just admit to everyone that we are gay and in a relationship? They probably know anyway, and they haven't said anything because they don't want to wreck our denial. Please, Tony?" begged Steve.

Tony, for once in his life having no argument, pulled Steve into a kiss and agreed. After some nice agreement sex, they sent text messages to all the other Avengers telling them what was going on. Bruce thought he needed to talk to them in person, so he went to Tony's rooms and barged in without knocking. He was greeted by the sight of Tony and Steve having sex again, and he ran out of the room screaming about his eyes.