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Araco Saro Clantheo paced down the hall ways towards the hanger room. Prince Erogo Strato valgo had ordered a complete attack on the incoming yeerk blade ship in the sector All warriors head towards your fighters. was all he said when the blade ship opened fire on the dome ship Heatflare.

Araco got into his fighter and quickly followed the andalite fighters into battle .This is red leader standing by all fighters get into delta fighters quickly split into groups of 2 and let the bug fighters passed between their ranks, those yeerks would be incinerated by the dome ship's shredder fighters began fire their own burst of shredder fighter after bug fighter exploded when the beams hit their ships, Araco knew that if he managed to get a clear shot at the blade ships fuel cells, they would explode and render the ship motionless Evero im going to attack the ships fuel cells and I need you to draw their fire away from me he said to his quickly dipped his fighters nose and quickly fire a burst of shredder beams at the blade ships bridge. The dracon beam turrents followed the fighter while Araco went to the engines and fired a shredder beam at a fuel was a huge explosion as the dome ship began to slow bug fighters had been finish of and the dome ship Heatflare fired its powerful shredder beams at the blade minutes the yeerk vessel was nothing but a huge hunk of junk.