Standing alone in his Navy white dress uniform with the black armband placed respectfully around the bicep of his left arm, Steve McGarrett stood silently on the grassy shore staring out over the grey ocean far below. The dark storm clouds that clung to the mountain peaks behind him seemed to mirror his somber mood as his thoughts wandered back to the brave men who would never return home. Brave men he had fought beside, men who had gone to war before him and the young men who now fought in Vietnam. Valiant men who should never be forgotten, courageous men who had given paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country… for him. He had honored them earlier in the Governor's led Remembrance ceremony but now it was time to pay his own private respects, time for him to pause and remember the heroic young men who had given their all. Raising his arm in a salute, he watched the sun slip slowly beneath the horizon casting its pastel hues against the clouds as he murmured, "Lest We Forget."