Chapter 2

When they got to Bonnie's house, they were met by Adrain Monk and his assistant Natalie Teeger.

"Bonnie, this is Adrain Monk and his assistant Natalie." Randy said as they walked up to the door.

Bonnie walked over to Monk and Natalie and said "Thank you for coming, Mr. Monk. I really appreciate it." She said as she started to shake their hands.

Monk shook Bonnie's hand and then reached towards Natalie who gave him a anti-bacterial wipe. "It's not you Bonnie. Mr. Monk has an obsessive-compulsive disorder." Natalie said as shook Bonnie's hand.

"It's ok. I understand." Bonnie said as she unlocked the front door.

All five of them walked into the living room where Bonnie's mom's body was laying on the couch. Bonnie stayed back while Monk, Randy and Captain Stottlemeyer examined the body.

While they were doing that, Natalie kept her eyes on Bonnie who was trying hard not to cry. She walked over to her and put her arm around her shoulders. "Why don't you and I go outside. I don't think that you really need to watch this. They'll come out to us if they need you to answer any questions."

Bonnie nodded and the two of them went outside to the front lawn and waited until they were ready to talk to Bonnie.