Chapter one

The smell of fresh water orchids filled my nose. In a place like slam the only smells are sweat and fear. Which means either a well-kept merc or doctor.

Not like I care either way; it'll be some cock tease in a pencil skirt thinking I can't smell that wet spot in her panties whenever I'm in the room. Wonder if her husband lays it right. Probably not.

Riddick was pulled out of his thoughts when his cell was opened and a young was pushed in. She fell to the ground in a heap and didn't get up. Riddick just stared at her taking in her small frame.

Malnourished, bad for someone in this hell hole. Smells of blood, burnt skin, fear and- Riddick sniffed the air again. Torn hymen. Fuck! Why my cell?

Riddick crouched beside the young girl and gently pushed her on her back to inspect the damage, noticing that she couldn't be no more than fifteen and wondered how the fuck did a fifteen year old kid end up in this hell hole. Riddick knelt by the young girl and pushed her on her back to inspect the damage.

As soon as he touched her she jumped and scurried into the corner. Smart kid He thought, then he goes for the canteen and some extra cloth. He walked back over to the frightened girl, though this set off a defensive reaction as she got into attack mode and began growling; baring her teeth at him.

Not threatened in the least Riddick only raised his eyebrow at the feral creature, kneeling down and placing the canteen and cloth on the cold wet ground. He lifted his goggles up to rest on his forehead, looking directly into the young girls uniquely strange colored eyes, he noticed that they were the color of blood-red, though he couldn't see colors vividly; they glowed a deep pink color.

Come near me and I'll bite your face off...fucker

She thought growling at the impossibly tall muscular male as he stared down at her, looking more amused than threatened. Crouching down to her level and placing the canteen and cloth on the ground, he placed his goggles on his revealing his eyes which were liquid pools that had a mirror effect as he gazed at her closely she noticed that his eyes revealed irises with no pupils just glowing silver orbs. He admired her eyes as he stared into them

"Your eyes...interesting..." he said

' Like your eyes are normal. ' She thought mentally rolling her eyes.

She slowly rose to her feet, which was a bad move on her part as she felt the hard pang of pain shooting from between her legs up to her entire body. She cried out as she fell to the floor again. Riddick growled as he clenched his jaw, knowing that he couldn't let the kid die from any growing infection the injuries that the sick fucks inflicted on her, so coming to a decision he turned to the kid

"Gonna have to check those" he said as she turned to him

"That or dying from infection...your choice kid" he finished. Coming to the realization that the man was right, Alcee nodded in defeat, allowing him to pick her up and lying her down on his bunk bed, surprised at how gentle he was with her for such a brute size of a man.

"Those have to come off..." He added as she stared into his eyes, swallowing hard she nodded slowly.

Riddick pulled her pants down slowly in one swift move while she tried to keep her breathing at a steady pace. Once they were off Riddick took a look at the damage, clenching his jaw and suppressing a growl as he inspected the damage.

Her lower region was burned badly and he thought he'd seen some sick things, but this by far was the sickest thing he'd ever had to witness, especially done to kid. Alcee lied still as she watched as the tall male walked away from her and over to the cell door.

"Old man...have anything for burns?" his deep voice had a roughness at the edges as he growled in the silence of the cell.

The old man stared at him for a moment and then went under his lumpy mattress, coming back with a tube. Without another word Riddick took the ointment from the old man's hand and walked back to Alcee

"Hey I want that back ya hear!?" the old man said at his retreating form.

Making it back to the kid, he handed her the ointment

"This'll help heal the burns" he said as she gingerly took the ointment from his large hand, looking up at him with her red eyes. Turning away to give her some privacy Riddick walked back to the cell door and examined his surroundings of the prison

"Gotta name kid?" he asked as he heard painful groans coming from the kid as she tended to her wounds

"Alcee..." she answered as he had his back to her

' Genetically altered...talks, acts as if she's been here for years...made her into an animal, though it was involuntarily. ' Riddick thought as he turned to look at her only to see that she had fallen asleep, somewhat peacefully.

As peaceful as one could in slam. Riddick wondered what a kid like her did to deserve slam life and at that moment he considered taking the kid with him. Walking over to the other side of the cell, Riddick sat down on the ground and watched the girl sleep as his thoughts drifted him off to sleep

Wonder if the Conner will take her in...