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Chapter ten

Alcee felt drained. Life was so much simpler before he came back into her life. She doesn't regret it, but something was gonna have to give if he expected her to stay. She lived six years without him already. Give him some time to miss her.

' Hahaha like he wouldn't track your ass down within hours and drag you back kicking and screaming. ' Alcees animal laughed. This bitch was really starting to get annoying.

After she left him in the bar, she found her own spot to have a drink. She got a beer and looked around to find that there was an empty pool table with her name on it. She racked em up and started playing by herself. After a couple of hours she noticed a few men by the bar looking at her.

Having three shots of tequila in her, she was starting to get paranoid. Like she used to be when she was in slam. Knowing that Riddick was already having a feral fit because she still wasn't at the ship, Alcee decided to head back. She picked up the gift bag and made her way to the exit feeling for her shiv. The men made no attempt to follow so she hurried out.

Alcee let out a sigh of relief when she finally made it to the docking port. Getting to the ship she opened the hatch and walked up the ramp. She let out another sigh of relief and just stood there for a few seconds trying to calm herself down. She had never been one to drink hard liquor, but she needed something strong after what had happened.

The next thing she knew, she was being thrown against the closed hatch hard. A shiv slide across her throat, dangerously close to her neck. The lights were off and his silver orbs shined brilliantly.

" Where. The. Fuck. Have. You. Been? " He asked in the most dangerous tone Alcee had ever heard, freezing her where she stood.

He sniffed the air finding that his mate had gotten drunk while he was pacing the ship for two hours. Without saying anything, he hoisted Alcee over his shoulder and carried her to the guest room she'd been sleeping in. He threw her in the room and the air tight door slid shut. He overrode the pass codes so that he was the only one that could unlock it.

He went straight into the cockpit and started pacing again. He couldn't believe she would stay out that late. She could have been doing anything and his imagination was running wild. Why did that blonde have to walk up to him of all people?

' You really fucked up now Dick. What did you think, she was gonna just forgive you for touching another woman? And you know she couldn't have done what you think she did. ' His animal said pacing rite along with Riddick. In the mental sense that is. Riddick growled knowing that he was rite.

He walked in the direction of their rooms and saw that Dahl was sitting in front of Alcees door. He went to unlock it for her, but when he came close Dahl growled and stood up in the attack position. Her fur sticking straight up and turning red.

He sighed and walked to his room. The damned woman even turned his pet against him. Riddick fell on his back onto his bed, draping an arm over his face. Sleep didn't come easy that night.


It had been two days and Riddick had only let Alcee out of her room to take off, and then it was rite back. She tried fighting him at first in vain. She even tried talking to him. He just ignored her. She had really pissed him off and now there was no reasoning with him.

' Fuck this! ' Her animal yelled in frustration. Alcee never liked being caged and here she was, caged. She had paced the small room at least then thousand times since being pushed in.

She heard the hiss of the door opening and looked to her right. He was rite in the doorway staring her down behind his goggles. She looked at the ground in a submissive way. She new if she ever wanted to leave this room she had to get back on his good side, then she'd fuck him up.

" You have an hour to shower and get dressed. You will meet me in the galley for dinner. Do not make me drag you there. " He growled and left, leaving the door open.

Alcee was confused. First he didn't want to be anywhere near her, now he wants to have dinner with her?

' If you two don't hash things out tonight, then I'm afraid things will only get worse. Play nice! ' Her animal growled at her.

Alcee rolled her eyes and went across the hall to the bathroom to shower.


When she walked into the galley, she was surprised to see a candle lit spaghetti dinner set out on the table. Riddick was Sitting in the booth eyeing her. The lights were dimmed so his goggles were off making his eyes shine in the candle light.

Alcee sat down across from him, thoroughly confused. The man locked her up for days on end and now he was being romantic? Something was very fishy about this. Ignoring her confused look, Riddick poured her a glass of red wine.

She sipped it and then looked up at him. His eyes never left her. While she was in the shower she had an epiphany. Why should she be nice? Screw being locked up for the rest of her life. He fucked up and now he was trying to punish her for it and it was so not going down on her watch.

She ate her meal quickly and them stood up. He looked at her as if to say " What are you doing? " To which she responded with, " I did what was required of me now I'm going to bed.

She got to her room and literally ran to her desk and grabbed her roll of special tape. She tore a piece off and went to the door. Sticking the tape rite on the sensor, she ran to her vanity and started brushing her hair.

Just as she thought, he was in her doorway in seconds. Instead of standing there, he came in and sat on the bed.

" All of this would have never happened if you hadn't have made a mountain out of a molehill. " he said further pissing her off.

She turned to face him and said " All you had to do was answer two simple questions. Oh yeah and not feel on whores. "

He narrowed his eyes at her before standing up. They were close and he was towering over her trying to intimidate her. " You wouldn't let me touch you for weeks. If you won't please your man someone else will. " He said coldly.

One minute she was sitting down, the next she was standing and her hand was stinging. Her hand flew to her mouth. She couldn't believe she had slapped her mate. He didn't even flinch.

" I'm sorry that I hit you, but you deserved it. You're not going to blame me for your bad behavior. You touched that skank because you wanted to. And you refused to even be in the same room with me! How dare you!? Do you have any idea how badly it hurt to walk into that bar and seeing that not only was a blonde whore feeling on something that belongs to me, but that my mate was feeling on her too? I can't believe you! " She said breaking down into tears.

In that moment Riddicks bravado came crashing down. She was in his arms in seconds. He carried her to the bed and laid them both down. She cried into his chest and all the pain she was feeling came at him in sharp thrusts. He had never felt pain like this before... Emotional. He didn't like it. He hated that his mate felt like this and he was the reason.


Pilot Bay

Roe sat in his quarters reading a book when Jack emerged from the bathroom wearing dish washing gloves. He had made her clean all the bathrooms on the residential floors and now she was done.

" I'm never doing that again. " She said throwing the gloves in the trash and falling face first on the couch.

Roe looked up from the book and grinned. " It's not fun being punished is it? " He asked nonchalantly.

Jack bit back her response in fear of having to clean more toilets. She opted to just stay silent and rest. Besides he was actually fair about everything. Not to mention how hot he was. She even found herself forgetting all about Riddick leaving her... Almost. The long day she had was getting to her. The couch was comfy and after a few minutes she was snoring softly.

Roe had never been one to get mushy and have crushes, but he had never met a woman like Jack. She was rough, tough, and beautiful. Alcee was all those things and more, but he felt nothing but a fatherly love towards her. Jack on the other hand... She was different.

He felt his eyes starting to droop so he put the book down and stood up. Too tired to take Jack to her room, he picked her up and took her into his room. His bed was big enough for both of them to sleep comfortably so he layed her down on one side and climbed in on the other. Soon he was sleeping peacefully.

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