It's certainly not the most ridiculous thing he's ever done to his cousin, but that doesn't stop Luke from laughing at him. The spleenful glare Bo is giving him only makes the situation even more comical, at this rate he might just bust a lung because of how hard he's laughing. Convenient mud pools are nice to have around when your pretty cousin gets a little top heavy, take him down a notch or two.

"What you go and do that for?" Blue eyes squinting at him through drying mud, lips pressed flat and chest puffed out, a reminder of who's the bigger one. Doesn't deter Luke one bit. And then Bo is stepping closer to him, so close that their chests brush together and Luke has to crane his neck to look him in the eye, the blonde is waiting for him to quail, which they both know is never going to happen, he could flatten his cousin to the ground in a matter of seconds if he wanted to.

"No reason." The mud seeping through his shirt is cold and he can only begin to imagine how Bo must feel, suddenly the situation isn't all that funny anymore. He'd never forgive himself if his cousin got sick because of him.

Keeps ignoring the glare that he's getting when he pulls the tall kid with him over to the General to dig around in the trunk on a hunt to find their canteens. Pulls his own shirt out of his pants to make use on the tails to wipe Bo's face off, makes him feel a little better when he can see his cousin's expression more clearly. It's that pouty look he gets when things don't work out for him, used to be that look earned him an extra cookie from the jar, but that was when he was ten years younger and Aunt Lavinia was still around. Jesse's given into that face a few times too, but it takes a bit more to turn the old timer, then there's Daisy who does the opposite and gives him one cookie less. Luke's given into it a few times himself, only those times cookies weren't the matter at hand, girls happened to be it most of the time.

Un buttons his baby cousin's shirt too, primrose stained with brown, (sincerely hopes that it's not ruined seeing as it's his favourite shirt of Bo's, apart from when the brat steals one of Luke's that is. They always smell like him when he gets them back.) and throws it into the back seat. Takes off his old denim jacket and wraps it over broad shoulders, it an apology of some sort and the fact that Bo accepts it means that he's forgiven