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Dimension Witch~Aisha

Wind Sneaker~Rena

Rune Slayer~Elsword

Veteran Commander~Raven

Code: Electra~Eve (I think Eve looks better and more full of life in this class, I like it better than Battle Seraph honestly. Battle Seraph fits the emotionless title. Which is the opposite of what I want kiddies!)

Tactical Trooper~Chung (When he appears)


Ugh, damn boss again. I swear that damn Raven Miyano gets more bothersome EVERYDAY! Just because I'm the head secretary doesn't mean he has to bother me all damn day! I already got enough assignments on my hands!

He barged into my office with his shirt inside out. I face palmed, and sighed he had his coffee in hand and his blazer over his shoulder. Someone rushed to work again.

"Miyano you look a mess, your not 4, learn to dress yourself!" I said on the edge of snapping. I grinded on my teeth as he just stared at me with some sort of dumbfounded expression.

"Whatever Aisha. Fix me up would ya? I got a meeting in fifteen." I stood up growling and set his coffee down on the nearby stand. I unbuttoned his shirt fast and flipped it the right way buttoning it back up and through his blazer on. Adjusted it properly and placed his coffee back in his hands.

"Done, now would you go! I'm overloaded with the work you gave me and other issues because of some mistakes the damn staff made!" I hissed under my breath and he looked at me with a amused smirk and humorous eyes. Oh I could slap him right now.

"Someone needs a chill pill; jeez stop being so uptight woman." He spoke jokingly. I was a toothpick away from losing my job for murder of the 3rd degree. He toyed with me TO MUCH! This isn't fucking funny!

"YOU CAN'T TALK YOU'RE THE ONE WHO THREW ALL OF YOUR WORK ON ME JACKASS!" I spat, in a second the secretary under me who stood at the intercom, Rena was looking at me with a raised eyebrow and it seemed a smile was working it was onto her face.

"Whoa, chill kitty!" Raven joked again. I wanted to rip him apart I swear! If I didn't need this forsaken job I would've been gone the first week!

"NOT FUNNY! NOW GO TO YOUR DAMN MEETING!" I yelled, pushed him out the door and slammed which shook the floor. I could hear the awkward silence from that outburst I had. I sighed and sat back at my computer. Typing ferociously at the file I needed to have done by 2 o' clock sharp. God I hate my line of work.

I felt the vibration of my cell phone and picked up. I twirled my curly ponytail around my fingers as I waited for a voice.

"Aisha Kugimiya speaking how may I help you?" I spoke professionally. I just heard laughter from the other end as soon as I finished my statement. Who was this?

"Aww, my heart aches. How dare you not recognize my number Ms. Kugimiya?" Eve cried on the other end and my eyes widened. Oh how she got to me with that fake plea of hers.

"Sorry Eve! I was so concentrated on this work I.." I sighed in frustration and rubbed a hand through my hair. "I just didn't look. Sorry." She laughed heartily on the other end.

"Whatever, bet its about Raven."

"Yep, can you believe this jackass?! He overloaded me with work AGAIN and had the nerve to distract me and then joke around when I said I was busy! Then tell me to calm down! The little fucker I swear I'll-"

"Aisha, Aisha.." Eve interrupted


"Your PMSing big time woman."

"OH SHUT UP EVE!" Boisterous laughter was heard on the other end and I smiled, man she loved to piss me off.

"Remind me why we're best friends again?" I spoke hopelessly

"Because you think I'm drop dead gorgeous and you're totally obsessed with me." She said the roll in her eyes almost spoken.

"Pffft~ please it's so totally the other way around!"

"I know right~?! I love you!" She sang. We both erupted in laughter.

"Hit up the Spa after work? I'll pick you up." She suddenly spoke out of her laughter.

"Well bend me over and fuck me... When did you get us reservations for a spa?" I said jokingly.

"When I heard you ranting about your jackass of a boss." Eve mused; I rolled my eyes and sighed amusedly.

"Wow I'm soooo~ glad you cared to listen to me." Sarcasm dripping off my tongue.

"If objects could go threw phones I'd throw a pillow at you right now." She said almost in a whiny tone.

"Glad you consider it necessary to give me so much of your attention."

"Whatever missy! Get back to work!" She yelled jokingly.

"You called me!"

"Whatever! Bye~!" She hung up and I rolled my eyes. Putting my phone away I went back to typing. Ah, I was looking forward for work to end, a Spa night with Eve; thank the gods for showering me with their elegance of blessing. I stretched out in my seat as I finished my file on this guy we were currently focusing on. Wally? Some sort of old tyrant lord. Jeez, couldn't stand those types.

I walked out of my office and Rena smiled up at me. Those green eyes of her we're always welcoming and sweet, they fit her perfectly.

"You and Mister Miyano having issues again I see?" I bounced over to her desk and sat on it crossing a leg, rather tightening on my white pencil skirt that went to just about my white alabaster legs.

"Tell me something I don't know. I can't stand him! You're a secretary too! Why doesn't he bother you?!" I shouted hopelessly and she laughed softly. I pouted at her.

"Ah Ah Ah~!" She waved a finger in my face and I reached over to bite it playfully but she moved away fast enough and giggled.

"You are HEAD Secretary. His more should I say quote on quote." She gestured with two fingers on each of her hands waving in the airs and I had to roll my eyes. "Personal secretary missy."

"Oh great, why not add the Hurr hurr hurr at the end of that Miss Yui." I dripped out bitterly but jokingly and she nearly keeled over laughing.

"Never a dull day with you around huh? I LOVE this job!" she threw her head back as she emphasized the word 'LOVE'. I sighed.

"I'm so ecstatic that you get a joy out of seeing me running around the office like a chicken with his head cut off and a banshee screaming at Mister Jackass in his office." I jerked a finger towards Raven's office.

"But ol' wise one how shall you banshee scream at the Lord when your sacred head it missing Milady." I stared at her before I fell off the desk laughing at her medieval tone of voice. Oh boy I loved Eve and Rena; I'm such a two-timing whore.

"Don't tell Eve this but I love you!" I said amusingly through my laugh bursts. Oh my lord the love between best friends is a mystery.

"Oh my! Switching from a Nasod and a Elf! Such a whore Miss Kugimiya!" She sounded so shocked and desperate it was almost real as she cracked under her acting into her own uncontrollable laughter.

"Oh please don't make me feel worse than I already do." I said with a roll of my eyes adjusting my Violet blouse and making sure my white pencil skirt was adjusted right.

"Whatever Aisha!" Rena said jokingly with a roll of her eyes. Just then, Elsword walked over with curiosity embedded in his eyes and I raised a eyebrow at him. How dare he intrude on such a sacred girl talk?

"How dare thee intrude on sacred speaking between thus goddesses?! Thou shall be punished!" I spoke in a strong British accent and Elsword almost turned the same color as his eyes from the laughter emitted from him.

"Oh my god I love you guys! It makes working for Raven so bearable and worth it!" Elsword shouted as he rolled on the floor clutching his stomach trying to regain control of his laughter.

"I know huh~!" Both I and Rena sang and we both erupted in laughter.

"Remind me, what do I pay you for again?" Raven's voice intruded in our laughter and we all went silent and it was almost comical how fast we stopped laughing. We all stood up and bowed.

"We are all sincerely sorry for goofing off on the Job Mister Miyano we promise it will NOT happen again, I see it is time for our lunch break I will see you in a hour sir." I said professionally and I almost cracked at the amused look in the eyes of Elsword and Rena. Damn those two, don't make me laugh or I swear I'll scorch you both! Literally...

"Forgiven. Now stand up damn it!" He roared and I stood up quickly staring into his golden eyes. I felt anger bubble up in my stomach staring at him. I knew he was going to load more work on me I felt it. Or he was just going to piss me off or something.

"Oh yes, Miss Kugimiya, that file on Wally, I actually need that now. I hope it is done, though its only 1." He spoke slyly and I smirked. I knew he was going to pull some bullshit like that. Glad I finished that file early.

"I have it ready for you already Mister Miyano." I said trying to cover the smug victorious grin that was threatening to surface as his face was filled with shock. I walked into my office and gave him the file. His jaw was slightly slack; Oh man please let me not die of laughter afterwards I live for moments like these.

"You finished it already…?" It sounded like he hadn't meant to let that sentence slip and my smirk was giving the Cheshire Cat a run for his money at the moment and I could see Rena and Elsword shaking violently with laughter.

"Yes Mister Miyano. I took the assignment home as soon as you gave it to me before I left last night and pulled a all-nighter so I would have time this morning to finish it up. I hope it is to your liking." I said yawning adding a touch to the 'all-nighter' which I really did do. God working overtime for so many days straight was taking a toll on me. I was feeling really tired…

"I'm impressed. I want all of your other assignments finished by today, stay overtime if needed." He waved off with a smirk evident on his features as he left. I started fuming before I fell to the ground and started flailing around like a 3-year old having a tantrum over something he/she couldn't have.

"IT'S NOT FAIR! IT'S NOT FAIR!" I cried out desperately as I threw up my Lavender blazer in the air in it softly fell to my face and tears pricked my eyes.

"Its just normal overtime like he usually makes you do right?" Elsword asked cautiously as he put a hand on my shoulder carefully. Hesitant that I might snap at him. Oh Elsword I wouldn't snap at you.

"NO! Me and Eve had a Spa night planned today!" I cried out in a shriek and I could FEEL the wince from Rena and Elsword.

"Ouch, Spa…Lady Luck must be frowning on you right now." Rena said sadly, I stared up at her fire in ice daggers in my orbs and she was instantly coated in a sheet of sweat from my glare. Dark features were quite scary on me.

"Okay Aisha put the hell eyes away I'm not your enemy!" She put her hands up defensively and looked away. I sat up and sighed. Now gloomy, damn that Raven liked to play dirty. That wasn't fair at all!

I pulled out my phone and dialed Eve's phone number and I heard the click of someone answering two rings later.

"Yooo~ Aisha it's not like you to call me when your at work. The hell happened?"

I sighed amusedly at Eve's joking demeanor always like her to be such a comedian.

"Eve, about the Spa, I may not be able to go because Mister Donkey ass wants to rush my work and have it done by today, So I'm going to need to stay overtime." I said sighing. I had to pull away at the scream on the other end and honestly Rena and Elsword winced slightly.


"Eve, Eve..."


"You're PMSing" I laughed as Eve went into another rant saying how you dare use my words against me.

"Anyways, think maybe you could reschedule to the weekend Hun? I'll appreciate it if you can~!" I sang desperately.

"Of course," Eve breathed out with a desperate sigh. "Honestly I'm worried about your health. You've been overworking yourself ya know?" She said softly.

"I thought you weren't supposed to have emotions," I spoke with a roll of my eyes.


I threw my head back and laughed. "But your right Eve, but hell what choice do I have? It's my first job and I need at least a good reference if I plan on quitting hmm? Knowing why I would quit from head secretary of one of the top Electronic companies on the face of the damn planet."

"Okay point taken, but try to relax as much as you can alright?"

I nodded but I knew she knew I did. I could laugh at that thought. "I will, Thanks babe," I did an 'mwha' for a kiss and hung up. Rena and Elsword staring at me with undivided attention. It almost creeped me out.

"What?" I said with a nervous laugh when I stared at them both confusion evident on my face.

"Are you a Lesbian?" They both spoke in unison and I almost did a anime K.O. out of my chair. Almost.

"NO! I and Eve been best friends since we we're ya big." I gave a representation of about one-foot off the ground to give notice that me and Eve have been friends since we were babies.

"Oh okay." Rena said with a nod. Understanding why we sounded so close. She pouted and almost seemed jealous. I laughed.

"Don't be jealous Rena, come on we're friends too!" I sang out and she pouted more but smiled. "But we'll never be as close as you and Eve are. AH! I always wanted a childhood friend since I was a baby! It sounds so nice and so relaxing to have a friend like that who's like a sister but isn't!"

I laughed at her explanation and she smiled softly at me rubbing my hair.

"So yeah Aisha, about that overtime?" Elsword suddenly interrupted and I could've killed him then and there.

"So Raven wants to play dirty huh?" An evil gleam sparked into my eyes and so did flames of burning desire. "Wanna Fight Fire with Fire? Bring it on! Play with fire and your asking to be burned!"

"Oh this is going to be one helluva year." Rena spoke jokingly.

"Yep yep."

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