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Chapter 4

I sat in Raven's car while he drove through the peaceful night; I looked up at the Full moon. I smiled, what a gorgeous sight, my heart fluttered in a burst of energy and power as I gazed up at it. It made me gasp and Raven turned to me eyeing me in curiosity once he came to a Stop light.

"Aisha you okay? Not getting car sick are you?" Raven said amusingly, I rolled my eyes, I didn't get sick before why would I be sick now. Stupid Boss how'd he become CEO of a major company I would NEVER know.

"I'm fine, just…" I gazed at the moon again and he followed my eye's gaze, he smiled at the moon but still seemed slightly curious of how it could've made me gasp like I did, I was actually slightly curious too, what was that burst of energy?

"It is beautiful, but something is wrong isn't it? You wouldn't gasp like that just because of how the Moon looked today." Jeez he was quick to analyze situations; I might as well tell him what's up.

"I felt a surge of power in my heart when I looked at it," I said in almost fading like voice, I was trapped by the light of the moon, I felt like I had some sort of connection to it. It was really weird how drawn I felt to it.

"Power? You're joking right?" he looked at me but it wasn't amusement in his eyes but straight curiosity, I simply shook my head to let him know I was clearly serious. He unlocked the car door and got out of the car and opened my door gesturing me to come out too.

"What's wrong Raven?" I looked up at him dumbfounded and he stared at me for awhile, he was staring in my eyes like I had grown a second head. What was wrong?

"Raven what's wrong?" I waved my hand in front of his face to snap him out of what seemed like a trance, he shook his head in disagreement letting me know he was still connected to this world.

"Your eyes are glowing a bright violet. It's just a tad weird." I raised a eyebrow in curiosity and he gestured me to look up at the moon again. I did so and a Power enveloped my body, I stood embraced by its glow and I felt my hair blowing around me, something was beginning to come out of my back, I felt myself rise slightly from the ground but then touch the ground quickly afterwards, I snapped out my trance.

"What….The hell just happened to me?" I looked at my hands and I glanced over my shoulder and almost fainted. I had wings! Bright purple wings! They seemed like a Fairy's wings in my opinion. The one's you would see in those magic games or animes.

"I have no idea, get in the car! If anyone sees you they may want to put you in the government's hands." I nodded quickly understanding and quickly hopped in Raven's car and some sort of magical dust left a trail behind me. The car glowed somewhat and I face palmed. Oh yeah this would be easy to hide me, especially when I'm radiating in fucking Magical and Fairy power!

"Aisha your making my car glow…" Raven said slightly amused, he hit the accelerator so hard I flew back in my seat and I swore I saw the speed meter hit over 70 miles per hour. It wasn't like I didn't know we were in a hurry. I didn't want to die just yet!

We arrived at my house in seconds and he grabbed me quickly and slamming his car doors shut and rushed up my doorsteps and I opened the door quickly letting both of us in. He shut the door with his foot and set me on the couch and then stared down on me with a knowing look. I raised an eyebrow.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that Raven?" He sighed and sat next to me, he touched my wings and I felt them twitch slightly under his touch and he caressed them softly not to hurt me. I could actually feel these wings? My lord this was actually happening.

"What are you…?" He said almost slipping out of his mind way, I looked to the side not wanting to meet his eyes, I didn't even know what I was, this was the first time I could remember this happening. Was I born with this and it was just now showing?

"I don't know…Raven, I gotta meet Elsword Rena and my Best Friend downtown in a few so let me get dressed okay?" I got up brushing him away not even waiting for his answer and went into my bathroom; I turned on the hot water getting ready to take a shower. I thought deeply trying to remember some ounce of my past that may have been related to this. But nothing came to mind, man I was getting no where.

I peeled off my clothes and almost growled in irritation at the situation. I just realized something as I began showering, Raven was here in my house, downstairs, waiting for me to come down, what if he had to use the bathroom? It was only one…SHIT!

I scrubbed as if I was trying to get tar off my skin and jumped out the shower, drying off and lotioning up as fast I could, brushing my teeth and re-doing my hair. I went into my bedroom and locked and shut the door, I let out a held breathed and sighed.

"Aisha don't be so dense next time…" I spoke to myself and looked in my dresser mirror, my wings still there faintly but fading away, I sighed in relief as I noticed this, at least they wouldn't freak out from this.

I looked into my closet browsing my outfits and picking what to wear. I finally decided on putting on a dark purple dress that was knee-length, white lace decorating on the sides occasionally strapless and fit loosely and sleeves began on my forearms panning out around my hands and I put on white fingerless gloves, I pulled on white socks that came to the top of my thighs and ended with purple lace, the same purple lace decorating the sides, I put on purple dress shoes that buckled around my feet nicely. I put on a bust cut white jean jacket and buttoned it up half way. I put on a headband that had purple flowers on each end on top of my head and let my hair flow down gracefully. I looked in the mirror and did a twirl, I smiled and nodded assuring it was a perfect outfit.

I skipped down the hallway towards the living room ready to head out, it was rounding 6 o' clock and it took a while to get downtown so I didn't want to waste anytime, I always liked being early anyways so I wasn't rushing.

"Wow, Aisha you look amazing…" Raven said and immediately closed his mouth, I guessed that wasn't supposed to slip out his mind; I smiled and rolled my eyes as I kept a hand on the door handle.

"I'm going now, see ya later Raven Jana!" I was about to rush out the door but a hand clasped my arm and I looked back curious. Raven stared at me with pleadingly eyes and I tilted my head.

"Can I come with you if that's alright?" He wanted to come with me? Well, it could sort of be a double date…Something sort of like that, but me and Raven didn't have feelings for each other, we just kissed in the office, Yeah that didn't mean a damn thing.

"Uh sure, might as well take your car then." He nodded and smiled softly, he walked ahead of me and I followed with a bounce in my step, I felt incredibly happy for some reason. I swayed my hair and twirled around occasionally. Why was I so happy?

Raven turned and eyed me with an amused smile and I just smiled back cheerfully and skipped past him while I jumped into the passenger seat of his car and he hopped in with a roll of his eyes and started his engine.

"Central Park!" I point ahead grinning broadly and he gave me a salute with a 'Yes Ma'm' and hit the accelerator driving at a decent speed towards the downtown area, hitting the highway along the way, the drive almost made me sleepy because of how smooth the ride was on the highway.

It was hitting 6:50 by the time the park came into view and I swayed my legs back and forth happily eager to get out and move, I was just cheerful this night and I didn't have a clue why. But it felt amazing to be this happy that's all I could say.

Once we parked on the block of the park I hopped out of the car closing the door, I spun around several times until I reached the grass, not even dizzy doing a ballerina balance as a certain rhythm played in my head that kept me moving gracefully with the night wind, I turned around with a 180 and clasped my hands in front of me smiling at Raven and bowed. I turned around quickly and headed towards the fountain at the center of the park, I had caught a sight of Raven's blush and smiled bigger, I leaned forward on one foot as to fall but immediately spun upright and skipped the rest of the way.

I sat on the fountain ledge and gazed at the moon more and I felt the power surge through me once more, but I didn't take reaction this time, thank the gods for that.

I felt lips against me for a quick second and I immediately recognized the feel right away and grinned like an idiot. I opened my eyes to be met with Eve's large golden ones. I hugged her tightly and she laughed. Yeah sometimes me and Eve would kiss each other as a greeting. But hell we've been friends since practically birth! Call us sisters almost.

"Eva-Chan~ Elsword might get the wrong idea~ you're gonna go out with him remember?" I said with a sly smirk and she pouted. I scoffed and rolled my eyes. She clasped her hands in front of her face cheerfully and smiled.

"Don't worry he won't find out~!" She sent me a sly wink and I gasped in horror, jokingly of course. "Eva-Chan~! You're so dirty!" She laughed darkly and we both gave a high five. Raven was watching the whole situation with a dumbfounded and blush on his face from how close we were.

"Aisha-Chan who is that?" Eve pointed over cutely at Raven and I smiled awkwardly I forgot she never even met Raven, but she had surely heard all I had on my mind about him. I would tell Eve everything so, even though she may send him in the hospital in the next few seconds.

"That's erm, my boss, he dropped me off here." I rubbed the back of my nervously waiting for her to respond, but it never came, I looked up curiously, but I shouldn't have. Eve was radiating with dark energy, her hair was blowing up as if there was a breeze coming from under her and she was shaking in anger with her hands stiffened ready to aim. A Black aura was emitting and showing on her, which showed sharply against her white outfit appearance. She walked over to Raven quickly and raised her hand. Oh god…



Those were the only sounds I heard, when I opened my eyes, Raven was on the ground, disorientated from the devastating slap Eve just gave him. She brushed her hands together as if trying to get dust off her hands and walked back to me looking over her shoulder once in disgust at him.

"Serves him right, You hurt my Aisha-Chan EVER again I will kill you without hesitation you vermin!" She spat at him and sat next to me crossing her legs, I did a anime-sweat drop as I stared at Raven still on the ground trying to collect his self from the brutal strike he had just taken.

"Eve your slaps are god like…Thank the Gods that I have not received one from you." I said with a relieved sigh and she gave me a saddened expression. "Aisha-Chan if I ever hurt you I wouldn't be able to live with myself." I smiled brightly at her and gave her a crushing hug. She returned it with no problem.

When we broke apart we was met with Elsword staring down at us waiting patiently for us to finish while crossing his arms looking the other direction with a bored expression, Oh so he's going to act all cool now since he's in front of Eve. How cute he really wants to impress her.

Elsword was wearing a black leather long sleeved jacket that caped out at the end slightly and a black V-cut like tank top that exposed the top part of his chest with baggy jeans with several buckles on them, majorly white but occasional black spots. He wore regular street shoes and had the long portions of his hair tied up. He wore black fingerless gloves. Jeez, I would fall for him if he dressed like this everyday. He would be what people would call 'Smexy."

I turned to Eve and she was drooling slightly, Elsword looked down smirking and a slight seductive like look in his eyes. Oh boy this was going to be interesting. I pulled out a handkerchief and wiped away the little bit of drool she let come out and I rolled my eyes. She snapped out her trance and blushed harshly.

She pulled my head close and moved her mouth to my ear. "Aisha I didn't know he was this hot! Why haven't you gone after him? Wait never mind I would probably go crazy if you did. Arigatou for saving him for me Aisha-Chan!" She rushed in my ear and I laughed nervously. She stood up and smiled at him.

"My name is Eve Mamiko, nice to meet you Elsword…" She stared into his Fiery red eyes and the blush was becoming harsher on her face and I wanted to giggle, Elsword kept his posture and the smirk turned into a Sly grin.

"Elsword Suzumura," he grabbed Eve's hand and bowed down slightly and kissed the top of her hand ever so gently. He had became so princely, wow no wonder so many girls, and guys fall for you Els! Just look at you!

"You look like a queen Eve; it's an honor to meet you." Oh my god, Eve is going to die of a love rush. This was the EXACT way Eve liked to be treated by a guy, and not only was he being the exact way he was dressed so good that she would've fallen for his looks already!

"Y-Y-You're…so…polite." Eve breathed out from her shock she stared at him with the upmost attention and he kept his grin. He was an all out playboy no questions at. He already knew what she liked from first glance.

He swooped down gracefully and put Eve on his back and grabbed her legs so she wouldn't fall off, she gasped from the sudden movement and held onto him automatically. I stared at him shocked from his aggressive moves.

"Shall we go?" He asked with only awaiting the confirmation of the 'Queen' she smirked at him for how he treated her like a Queen. She enjoyed that absolutely the most and that's what she desired most from a guy, and Elsword was giving it to her from the get go.

"Yes we shall." She said slyly, Elsword took off into a sprint and went into the shadows of the night carrying Eve on his back, She let out a yell of excitement and happiness and I rolled my eyes. I walked over to Raven picking him up, he was just now recovering from Eve's slap, which was still brightly known on his face.

"Raven stop being lazy and get up." He growled slightly and got up begrudgingly and I rolled my eyes in amusement. I helped him up slightly. He looked at me with a look of anger and hurt. I looked away nervously putting a finger to my chin tapping it slightly. He just sighed in frustration. He grabbed my arm and pulled me along through the park.

"H-hey Raven! What are you doing?" I pulled back reluctantly but he kept pulling forward, where the hell was he taking me? Eventually I gave up and walked fast to keep up with his long strides. I sighed in frustration at Raven; he was giving me the silent treatment it seemed.

Eventually we arrived at the shore of the city where the moon glistened on the water brightly and shone brilliantly in a beautiful way that warmed my heart. I immediately fell to the ground and stared at it. I was so embraced by its beauty that I didn't feel the power surge through me again. I began pulsing, I felt my entire body pulsing like a heartbeat and I stood up.

My wings shot out immediately and I took flight with speed and soared through the sky over the ocean with a bright smile on my face, feeling the night wind and light of the moon in all of the darkness that shone brilliantly. I stopped in the middle of the air eventually and stared up at the sky, I held my arms out as to hug something, I let the moon's light pour into me and I relaxed. Letting it flow. I flew back to the shore and landing gracefully on one foot before putting my other one down.

I stared over at the sky again and felt a overwhelming joy. I spun around what felt like forever, seeing a magical world where it was warm and accepting, what seemed to be beyond Time and space, stars and endless sky everywhere.

When I stopped I was in Raven's arms. I stared into his eyes deeply with a smile embedded on my face and my eyes glowing brightly with the Moon's purifying light. I felt like I should be always be with him. What was I thinking though? Did I?

"It seems like you get some sort of special power from the Moon Aisha. That's interesting; I always knew something was different about you, you're always that shining light in the sea of darkness that I'm in, the guiding light that shows the way." I soaked in his words and my eyes widened in realization, was that it? Is that why I was so special? I'm the light in darkness…I always shine brightly in dark situations and help people in their times of need… That could be it.

"You know Raven, I think your right." I smiled and rested my head against his chest, he gasped in shock and I giggled. He was so adorable sometimes doubt his hard appearance, I gripped his long hair and brushed my fingers gently through it feeling how soft it was. I sighed. I ended up spending the night with Raven, at the lake of our town. It felt unreal though, it didn't seem real but it was.

"Aisha, can I show you something?" I looked up with curiosity, what could he possibly show me? Was he hiding something that I couldn't know about? I shrugged and nodded.

"Alright, what is it?" I said looking at him to maybe find it. But to no avail I didn't see a thing. What the hell was it?

"Don't be scared of it…" Okay now I was starting to mentally freak out, He took off his blazer and he revealed a mechanic arm, a Nasod arm, it was attached and it seemed like from where it started his original arm was already gone. What happened to him?!

"Raven what happened to you?" I spoke cautiously, he sighed and looked away in almost a shameful way, he didn't want to look at me but I grabbed his face and turned him towards me so he could be met with my eyes.

"It happened long ago, I used to be what you would call Mercenary, in a fight one time, and my arm was hacked off." I winced at the sight and the pain you would feel from having your arm cut off in a battle. "I passed out from blood lost, some Robots or something, they took me and replaced my arm with this, though at first it heavily controlled me and I caused a lot of murders… this thing is evil…I wanted to let you know this because I felt like you had a right to." I nodded and touched his arm lightly, it was actually warm and felt like it was pulsing a separate heartbeat like it had a mind of it's own.

I hugged him tightly in a reassuring way, I felt bad for him, and he had to go through something like that. I had no idea he went through something like that.

"My Fiancée had left me to ensure her own safety, we're no longer engaged because of that, but this thing ruined a thing that I would've considered the best thing that happened to me. I don't blame her for leaving though, I might've killed her, and that would've been worse." My eyes widened in shock and my heart pulsed with a sharp pain. I felt a lump in my throat that was pushing me on the verge of tears and I had to refrain from doing so.

He lost something so dear to him because of that arm, "I still remember her last words, 'Stay far away from me!' She had said to quit being a mercenary but I didn't listen…I should've listened. 'I told you should've stopped!' she continued on with it and I felt more and more hurt, 'We're now enemies…If I see you again I'll kill you!' She spat at me, my world crashed that second and I could've killed myself. She had flipped so easily I wondered if it was even love." I held onto him tightly and I struggled not to cry, she had snapped so easily, she left him alone in his time of need, sure he made a mistake but no one is perfect!

"Raven, I won't leave you, I'll stay by your side." He gave a gasp of shock and I smiled and looked up into his eyes. My eyes still beaming brightly with the purifying light of the moon, the Bright shining light in the darkness. "I won't leave you, your not alone. You understand Raven?" He nodded and hugged me tightly.

"I need you Aisha, that's why I always been after you so much, I needed someone like you, but I'm afraid you may leave me." He said almost in a heartbroken voice. I rubbed his back and pulled away to smile at him.

"I promise I won't Raven. I promise." I held out my hand and he stared at it curiously. I beamed a bright grin at him filled with nothing but pure happiness and joy.

"A Promise to be Friends," I spoke in a soft voice. "Friends who have each other back and are there for each other, so stop isolating yourself and shake my hand dummy!" I shouted happily and he widened his eyes but smiled and nodded.

He shook my hand firmly and gave me what seemed like a Pure smile, happiness and joy for what I seemed to see in his eyes for the first time and it made me happy.

A Vow of Friendship….For now – Raven

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