Thank You for the comments, I wrote Ch1 & 2 a while back and Ch 3 is a work in progress.

Just a note: Ch2 will seem to make a big jump into the story, I did this for a reason... I am writing this in the style of a book but I still want each chapter to seem like an episode of the show, therefor you'll get a build up to a climax rather than a drawn out boring story which I find a lot of authers do. I want this to be a story you can't stop reading until it's over.

Chapter 2: The first date

While Daniel was returning to the hotel and going through the last four days in his mind Betty was walking back to her office and dialing Hilda on her phone, "Hey Hilda guess what!" Betty said with excitement in her voice"

"What Betty, you sound so happy? Did you finish your first issue already?" Hilda responded with the same excitement.

"Daniel is here, we going out for dinner!" Betty said with a giggle.

"Oh my God Betty, I didn't think he would move that fast. I mean I knew he would but that didn't take long" Hilda returned Betty's excitement.

"I know I am just so excited he came to London. I just got back to the office though I'll call in the morning okay" Betty said. They said there goodbyes and hung up. Betty sat at her desk opened her laptop, but she just sat there with a smile on her face. She tried to think of the things she needed to get done, she did have a first issue to get finished after all. But still she could not concentrate, she could see his face like he was standing in front of her. She thought for sure he was going to kiss her but he had not. She decided to call Claire Meade back.

She told her of how he had stopped her in the square and about their conversation. Claire was happy that he had finally talked to Betty. She told Betty that she has never seen him so deeply in love and it may take him some time to figure out what he is suppose to do in a real relationship. Betty assured her that she would give him all the time he needed. Betty promised to call Claire in the morning all tell her how it went tonight.

Betty tried to get some work done but she still was unable to get Daniel out of her mind. She decided to leave for the day so she gathered a stack of papers and her laptop and placed them in her bag. She started down the hall to the lift when one of her co-workers chased her down to give her an envelope that had been dropped of for her. She continued walking while she opened the envelope which contained a note and a key. It was from the real estate agent she was using to find an apartment. The note said that her place had been cleaned, painted and ready to move in. Betty stepped in the lift and was on her way down, she was even happier she couldn't hold it in. She threw her arms up and screamed. She was so excited she hadn't noticed that she was not alone in the lift, she quickly settled down and apologized.

Betty took the underground back to the stop near the hotel, while walking down the street she decided to go in to a clothing store on the way. She went in and was looking around when a sales woman approached and asked if she could help her. Betty accepted her offer and told her that she was going on a first date tonight, the woman told her she knew exactly what to show her while she led her to another rack. The sales woman pulled a dark purple satin dress from the rack. Betty went to a fitting room to see how it looked. While she was changing the woman asked through the door her shoe size. When she was done Betty open the door and walked to the mirror, the dress hung down just past her knees and had one strap that went over her right shoulder. The sales woman walked up with a charcoal gray colored wrap and designer heals, she placed the wrap over Betty's shoulders and set the heals down in front of her. Betty slipped her right then left foot in to the shoes and looked back to the mirror.

The sales woman smiled and said, "You look gorgeous, my work is done. So would that be cash or charge?" as Betty looked at the price tags as the woman continued speaking, "It's a first date, don't let it be your last"

Betty looked in the mirror once more and said "Charge it!" She went back in the fitting room to change back into her clothes. The sales woman packaged the purchase and Betty was back on her way to the hotel. She was almost to the door when she saw Daniel getting out of a cab and walking in to his hotel. Now in her room, she took the dress out and hung it up in the closet. Then sat on the end of her bed she had butterflies in her belly but she had wanted this for so long that she wasn't nervous about it. She took the envelope out of her pocket, pulled the key out and held it smiling.

Daniel noticed the flowers sitting still wrapped in the plastic but placed in a vase of water to stay fresh. The bouquet was nice but not what he was thinking of but thinking back he had not been specific on what he told Andrew. The bouquet was a simple mix of a couple white roses and several colors of carnations. It wasn't bad he was just thinking of a bunch of red roses. He decided it was time to call Betty. He reached in his pocket took out his phone and dialed her number.

Betty still thinking about how everything was about to change for her and Daniel almost dropped her new key when her phone started to ring, "Hello" she said just after pressing answer.

"Hello Betty, its Daniel" he said nervously

"Hi Daniel" she responded

"I was just making sure you will still be available for dinner?" He asked

"Of course Daniel, in fact I am already at my hotel" she replied

"Are you okay, you aren't sick or anything are you?" he asked concerned

"I'm fine I just left a little early, had to get ready for tonight and all" she said with a little bit of a giggle in her voice.

"Alright as long as you're okay, is five o'clock good for you?" He asked

"Yes, that's fine. I'd better go get ready though" Betty said

Daniel said he would meet her in the lobby of her hotel at five and then they both hung up there phones. Daniel went to his closet and unzipped the bag his suit was brought back in. He then realized he had neglected to include a shirt to my pressed also he looked at the clothes in his suit case. Because he had stuffed his suitcase with out folding anything his shirts were as wrinkled as his suit had been. He decided to run down to the shop he had passed several times in the last few days just down the street. When he entered the little shop he walked towards the back where he could see men's clothing. He was looking at shirts when the same sales woman that helped Betty a while earlier walked up behind him and asked if he needed help.

He turned to say yes, with a surprised look on his face. "Don't I know you?" asked her.

She replied, "Yes, work in the café at the hotel in the in the mornings, so what can I help you find?"

He told her that he was taking a friend out on a first date and how he had forgot to include a shirt to be pressed. She told him not to worry and asked what color his suit was, he told her it was black. She asked the color of his neck tie to which he responded that he was not going to wear one. She picked up a black button down shirt and walked to a table full of folded neck ties and picked one up with out even asking him to look at them.

She had watched him in the café watching someone across the street, it made her curious so when she saw his eyes get big she looked out the window also and saw Betty. Then earlier today Betty came in to the shop and she helped her with a dress. So when she picked up a neck tie for Daniel it was the same purple satin material that Betty's dress was made of. Daniel said he didn't want one but she used the same line she did on Betty, "It's a first date, don't let it be your last" Daniel thought for a second and agreed to the tie.

Betty was dressed and fixing her hair, she couldn't believe she was getting ready for a date with Daniel. She had been places with him before for MODE but never an official date. She was delighted to be going out with him finally with out a business agenda and nothing to do with MODE magazine. She finished her hair and started to check her makeup. Daniel had returned to his room and was getting dressed, he to was happy about tonight and that it was about them not business. He had decided not to wear the tie and leave the top button undone, while he was at the sink rechecking his hair and putting on cologne he looked in the mirror he changed his mind. This may not be a first impression situation but it was there first date he thought to himself.

It was about fifteen minutes to five so Daniel picked up the flowers shook the extra water off and started on his way to Betty's hotel. Betty had finished touching up her makeup, had put her new shoes on and was putting the wrap over her shoulders. She checked herself in the mirror then put her purse under her arm and headed down to the lobby. Daniel entered the lobby but didn't see Betty yet, he turned towards a large fireplace with oversized couches surrounding it which gave it a cozy feeling. Betty exited the lift and walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder.

Daniel turned around and looked at her, he was speechless. She smiled and tilted her head down feeling a little embarrassed. He reached out and took her hand in his and said, "Betty you look beautiful, I got these for you" he said as he handed her the flowers.

"Thank you Daniel" she said as she slowly brought her head back up, "You are very handsome, and look we match. Oh wait" Betty pulled a purple carnation out of the bouquet and placed in his coat lapel.

"Dinner isn't until seven, but I thought we could maybe take a walk before. If that is okay with you" He said with a smile

"That would be nice" she replied

They turned and walked towards the door, Daniel took an extra large step to get to the door and open it for her, and she smiled and thanked him as she passed through. They walked down the street silent for a moment then Daniel broke the ice telling her that he was thankful for her agreeing to tonight. She said it didn't even cross her mind to decline the invitation. They talked about her family and how they were all trying to get used to her being in London. Hilda and Bobby were moving to the city and Justin was happy being there. Her father was living alone in their house he was happy, but he had to much quite time. He did miss having everyone there even though he wouldn't admit it.

Daniel told her about his mother and how she had seemed too happy and proud of him for taking a huge step in his life, she didn't say it but he knew she was happy he was finally growing up. They talked about DJ and Alexis and that he wanted to go visit them, it was only a train ride away now instead of half way around the world. Daniel was finally getting use to talking to Betty again. They were talking about him coming to London, Betty asked why he choose to come here of all places, he said that someone he realized he loved moved here. He immediately was embarrassed and stopped talking. Betty smiled and slipped her hand around his arm and pulled him close as they continued walking and told him that she was happy that he was there too.

They walked for a little while with out saying anything, Betty hanging on to his arm smiling. Daniel stopped and turned to face her, "Betty I know we have known each other for four years, you know me better than anyone even better than I do and I know it was spontaneous to do everything I have done in the last few days" he continues "I knew you were there for me and I took you for granted. I didn't know what I was feeling until Hilda's wedding then you were leaving and I am sorry for acting like I did and avoiding you"

Betty smiled and responded "Daniel I have been and always will be here for you. A long time ago you went from being my boss to being my friend and eventually my best friend. I know it isn't like we hung out all the time but you were there when I needed you, you always have been and that is what a real friend does"

They continued walking, Betty still holding his arm. They were almost to the restaurant when Daniel stopped again and asked her if she was okay with them taking this step in there relationship. Betty reassured him that she was good with this and that she was ready for this step before she left New York. Daniel wrapped his arms around her for a hug and whispered to her that he was sorry for not doing this sooner. She put her arms around him and said it was okay, he wasn't ready to see it and now he was. They entered the restaurant hand in hand.

"Good evening, you have a reservation" the Maitre D said with his British accent.

"Two for Meade" Daniel replied

"Ah, right this way please" he said as he motioned for them to follow. He led them through the main dinning room, the walls and ceiling were dark so that all you could see were the tables that had white tablecloths and several candles on each with a single red rose in a small vase. He led them to a table in the far corner from the entrance which had curtains pulled back and attached to two pillars. Daniel pulled the chair out for Betty then waited for her to sit before moving to his chair.

The Maitre D told them the evening specials and then asked if they wanted wine. Daniel asked for a red cabernet and a starter salad for two. He hurried off to the kitchen with in a moment a waiter showed up with two glasses and a bottle in one and two salad plates in the other. He set the plates down then the glasses and poured a sample in Daniels glass. Daniel took a sip, swished it around his month for a second then nodded his head. The server filled both glasses about half way then set the bottle down on the table. He asked if they were ready to order or if they needed a moment. Daniel looked at Betty and she said she would have what ever he was having. Daniel told him they would have the Prime Roast Beef with vegetables and roasted potatoes. The waiter asked if they needed anything else, Daniel said no and the waiter disappeared in to the kitchen the Maitre D returned with a vase of water for Betty's flowers.

Betty thanked him, and set her bouquet in to the water. They started eating their salads while talking about her new magazine. She told him about the stories and the cover ideas. He could tell by the excitement in her voice that she loved her new job. He was happy for her but sad at the same time because he realized that if he was going to be with her they would have to stay in London for a while. Not that he was opposed to that he just had not thought that far in to the future. They were just taking the last bites when there dinner plates showed up.

Daniel smiled at her while the waiter was switching the salad plates for the dinner plates. Betty blushed and smiled back then Daniel refilled their glasses and they began to eat the main course. They were talking about Betty's goodbye party and laughing about some of the things that happen. He told her that they were still trying to get Halston out of the carpet. Betty almost choked on a piece of potato because she started laughing so hard. Daniel told her that he was there but could not bring himself to talk to her. I've said enough about that though I'm here with you now and that is all that matters. Betty put her arm out across the table and set it on his, and said that she was happy that he was there also.

They both were stuffed and could not eat anymore, the waiter brought their check and took there plates. Daniel pulled out his wallet and placed a credit card with the ticket. While they waited for the waiter to return Betty told Daniel that she wanted to show him something if he was up for another walk. Daniel said yes excitedly, the waiter returned with there left-over's all bagged up and took the ticket and credit card then returned a moment later. They stood up and walked back across the restaurant to the doors, they exited and started walking down the street. Mr. Meade they heard from behind them, it was the waiter running up to them with Betty's flowers. They thanked him and continued walking.

They were walking side by side and Daniel had his arm behind her with his hand on her side when he noticed she was shivering in the cool night air. He stopped and took his coat off and said "Here your freezing" as he placed it around her. She thanked him and leaned up to him and gave a small kiss on his cheek. Daniel was happy and put his arm back around her as they continued walking. He asked were they were going, you'll see is all she said.

They walked for a few blocks then turned a corner and she said right here. They were standing in front a beautiful stone brick building. She grabbed his hand and said" Come on". They walked in to the little lobby which held four mailboxes and a bulletin board on one side, a hall way down the middle and a staircase on the other side. He followed her up the stairs then to a door marked with a number 3. He asked who lived here, as she pulled her new key out of her little purse she said "I do!" with a smiling face she put the key in the lock and opened the door.

They entered the living room which was pretty big for an apartment or flat as it was called here. She found the light switch and they looked around the furniture was less than fashionable. It had hardwood flooring and smelled of fresh paint. They went into the kitchen which had a new stove and fridge. Daniel said oh good as he opened the fridge and placed there doggie bag in it. Standing next to her he put his arm behind her to her shoulder and congratulated her for getting a nice apartment. She said they weren't done yet led him into a small hallway to the master bedroom which was large and had a set of French doors that opened to a balcony that overlooked a park behind the building. Then showed him two more bedrooms, he asked who those were for. She said she was going to have one as an office slash guest room. He asked about the other, she said maybe a roommate or another guest room.

"It would make a great second guest room" Daniel said with a smirk on his face.

"Why not a roommate?" she asked

"I don't know, a guest room just sounds better to me" he responded

"Oh, does it really Daniel" she said sarcastically as she moved closer to him "and let me guess, you'd be my first guest" she said as she put her arms up around his neck. She moved her lips close to his and he leaned his head closer to her until their lips touched. They began to kiss softly at first then Betty tilted her head just a little and Daniel reacted by tilting his the other way. It seemed to last for several minutes then they slowed and looked at each other in the eyes for even longer just holding each other. After several minutes they sat on the counter in the kitchen and talked about what they were going to do tomorrow.

Daniel of course had no where to go but Betty had to work it was going to be Friday and she had to finish the Cover for Mr. Dunne before Monday morning. Daniel told her she should take leave early and they look for decor for her new flat, then he could help her finish the cover over the weekend. She hesitated then agreed and gave him a big hug. It was getting late so they decided to walk back to their hotels. They had a great walk back holding hands, laughing and giggling. Every time there eyes met.

They made it to Betty's hotel and Daniel walked her to the lift then down the hall to her room. She opened the door and he said with a teenage boy goofy voice "good night Betty Suarez" as he stepped towards her and leaned his head to kiss her on the cheek. Betty apparently wasn't okay with this because she put her hands on his cheeks and turned his face to hers and kissed him on the lips again. Daniel didn't disagree to this and returned the kiss. Daniel didn't want things to get messed up so he slowed the kissing down then gave her a couple small kisses and then said "as much as I" he kissed her again, "don't want to stop" and again, "we need to say good night" then kissed her once more.

"Alright, alright" Betty replied and laid her head against his chest.

"I will see you at lunch, what time should I meet you?" he asked

"Noon" Betty said

"Okay noon, I will see then. I had a great time tonight, Good night Betty" He said and gave her one more small kiss on her lips.

"I had a wonderful time too Daniel, good night" She said and watched him walk back down the hall to the lift. When he turned to enter the lift he gave her a smile as he stepped in to the lift then Betty closed her door.