Title: Treason

Rating: T

Disclaimer: No they are still not mine. But if they were, I would be willing to share. So, I hope CBS and whoever owns the rights to Five-0 doesn't mind too much me playing around with them. I promise to put them back when I'm done.

Summary: Lieutenant Smag turns to Steve and tells him with equal parts disdain and disgust in his voice, "Lieutenant Commander McGarrett, you are under arrest for espionage and treason."

A/N: This story has some graphic descriptions of violence, and other disturbing images. You will read about situations that most people would find 'uncomfortable'. If you like to have injuries, abuse, torture and the repercussions of violent and sexual acts sugar-coated… then this story is NOT for you. I don't look at people through rose tinted glasses, they have flaws, they curse and they make mistakes. If that is not your thing… well, you have been warned.

Please don't think too much about the timeline of this story. Some of it happened seven months ago, shortly before 2x22. The lapsed time after the finale and before season three was not explained on the show, and I'm not even trying to do so. Just assume 3x05 is about seven months later, like right now. That is where this story is set.

Thank you: The biggest and loudest shout-out to the two best betas anyone could hope for. Cokie316 and Sherry57!

You two are the best thing that happened to me this year. And you know I'm not talking about your incredible beta work. Thank you, my friends.

Treason – Chapter 01 – Teaser

Five-0 Headquarter, Monday 1100 hours

"Steven! So nice of you to grace us with your presence. Where the hell have you been?" Detective Danny Williams calls out to his partner as soon as Steve walks through the double glass doors of their office space.

"What do you mean?" Steve looks in irritation at his friend and can see that Chin and Kono have the same question on their lips. "I told you I would be a little late today."

"A little late? This is not a little late, Steven. And where the heck have you been all weekend? I called you at least ten times and I didn't even get your voice-mail." It doesn't appear that Danny will slow down with his interrogation any time soon. "I was this close to sending out the search party," Danny tells him.

"Aw, Danny, so good to know you care," Steve tells his friend with a roll of his eyes. "We had the weekend off, remember? I took a little vacation."

"Vacation? You? And what, it was a secret, you couldn't tell us before you vanished?"

"What's the matter with you Danny? We all took off early on Friday; you didn't tell me what you were planning for the weekend either. I can't take a couple of days off without telling you about how I plan to spend every minute?" Steve shakes his head at his second in command, smiling, but thinks that he will need to be more careful in the future.

"Okay, fine. So what did you do?" Danny wasn't giving up.

"What is this? Twenty questions? If you must know, I took a trip. I went camping."


"Yes, Danny, alone. Just me, a sleeping bag and the wild. Anything else you'd like to know?"

Kono can't quite suppress a little giggle, imagining her boss traipsing through the jungle and loving every second of it. Even Chin has to smile, but more about Danny's look of horror at the prospect of someone choosing to hike through the jungle. For fun. Chin almost laughs out loud when Danny shudders just a little.

"You are nuts. This seals the deal. What person in his right mind wanders through the jungle…"

"Hey, brah, think before you keep talking," Kono warns him.

One look at her shows Danny that she would have gladly gone on that hike through the jungle. "You are both nuts," Danny mutters under his breath, but smiles at their collective laughter.

Their friendly banter is interrupted by six armed men entering the bullpen. Five of them are obviously some kind of military police, they are big guys and they don't look like they are here to talk. The one leading them is a lieutenant, and he's the one who speaks.

"Lieutenant Commander Steven McGarrett?" He addresses Steve and stops a couple of feet in front of him, while the others take position to the side and behind Steve. Effectively separating him from his teammates.

"Yes. What's this about?"

"Commander, you are under arrest," the lieutenant tells Steve and the shocked team.

Before anyone can even react, Steve is grabbed and pushed into the table. His arms are twisted behind his back and he can't quite keep the groan in when the edge of the table presses painfully into a rather sensitive spot of his lower body while his head connects not so gently with the table surface.

Steve is disarmed and handcuffed in seconds, but they make no move to release him from this very uncomfortable position. On the contrary, one of them pushes a little harder, eliciting another groan from Steve.

"Hey!" Danny calls out and steps closer to his friend, who is obviously hurting. "Let him go!"

He comes face to face with one of the MAs and is stopped from getting any closer to Steve.

"Detective, stay back. All of you. The commander is under arrest and will be taken into custody," Lt. Smag tells them and tries to keep control over the situation. He doesn't like the rough handling of the commander, but he also knows that he's a dangerous man. Still, he prefers to handle every prisoner with respect and not hurt them. "Help the commander up," he orders his men to get Steve up from his painful position.

Steve breathes a sigh of relief when the almost unbearable pressure on his lower belly lessens once he's upright again. He tries to ignore the beginning headache and throbbing below his belt. Steve is sure that he will have a bruise on his left temple where he connected with the table. He looks down and is amazed that the screen doesn't have a crack in it.

"Are you alright?" Danny has stepped back but looks at his friend with a critical eye.

"I'm good, Danny."

"Sure, you're good." Now it's Danny's turn to roll his eyes. He turns to the Lieutenant. "Why is he being arrested?"

"I'm not at liberty to tell."

"Commander McGarrett has the right to know what he's accused of. Even you Navy guys should know that," Danny can't help himself, even though he knows he's probably not doing his friend any favors by getting aggressive.

Lieutenant Smag looks at Danny and obviously comes to a conclusion. "Fine." He then turns to Steve and tells him with equal parts disdain and disgust in his voice, "Lieutenant Commander McGarrett, you are under arrest for espionage and treason."

Steve looks at his teammates and can see that they are stunned into silence. He knew that it was just a matter of time before this happened. He just wishes his friends weren't witness to it. He tries to smile at them, but it is more of a grimace, fueled by the situation and the pain that is now hammering in his head.

"It will be alright, Danny. I don't know when I'll be allowed to have contact again. Please inform the Governor. Chin, you're in command, but I know you will work together." Steve looks at Danny, his 'unofficial' second in command, but since Chin outranks him, he will be the 'outward' leader during his absence.

"Of course, Steve," Chin assures him. They will work as a team, just like always.

Kono hasn't said a word yet, she still seems to be in shock.

They all watch in silence as Steve is escorted out of headquarters to be transported to the Naval Brig at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

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