Violet's POV

"who does Lana think she is? Moving into the Murder House? Has she ever heard the stories and the anger and the pain that we've all gone through here. I mean really, you would've thought that the parents might have done a bit of research on the house, I'm sure any research on this house would tell you the deaths that have taken place here. We're all trapped here, damned to spend an eternity in this fucking hell hole. Now she's taking Tate away from me, she won't. I won't let her take him away from me." Violet was mumbling to herself.

She grabbed a cigarette out of a pack she stole off Lana's father, I'm sure he won't mind anyway. She put the cigarette in her mouth and lit it, inhaling the beautiful smoke into her lungs and wishing it could do damage to her. She stopped for a second and admired the smoke pooling out of her mouth and disappearing into thin air. She decided that she'd try to talk some sense into Tate.

She got out of the attic and started for the basement, that's where he always is. She creaked open the basement door and carefully started walking down the stairs. The basement had always creeped her out, even when she was alive. But now that she's dead she pretty much is the danger here. She laughed at that.


No answer, just cold silence.

"Tate are you here?"

She heard the shuffling off feet and Tate walked out of the darkness off the basement.

"Hey Violet, where have you been lately? You haven't been talking to me lately, you've been distant…"

"Sorry about that, I've just been helping mum out with the baby."

She lied and he knew it.

"mm, okay. Well now that your here what's up?"

He awkwardly put his hands into the pockets of the faded jeans he wore, he was so cute.

"I've missed you Tate."

"What do you mean Vi?"

She smiled and walked closer to him and kissed him. It felt so fucking good. He kissed her back. This was bliss, this is how it's supposed to be. Lana's not winning this.

Tate moaned into the kiss and pulled her closer. After a few minutes of heavily making out she decided to try to step it up a bit.

"I know you want me Tate, I can see it."

He didn't say anything, before he could she grabbed him again and slowly made her way to his dick. he was hard, because of her.

She seductively took her top off and good thing she decided to wear her best bra and matching panties. He moaned as he looked at her body. She blushed and came closer to him, he smiled that devilish smile that made her so wet everytime he did it. She put her hands down his pants and started to move her hand up and down his length. It's been so long..

Tate's POV

He moaned at the sensation of her touching him. He missed this, but he knew it was wrong because he was falling for Lana. But his Violet has forgiven him for what he's done, and that was so brave of her. His brave Violet. He was close, she knew it. They were moaning into each other's mouths and Violet picked up her pace on him. He started to rub her and felt her wetness through her tights and panties. Tate cummed and he was in complete bliss, this was perfect. She was.

"I love you Violet" He blurred it out before he could stop himself.

"I know" She smirked and looked at her feet sadly.

He already knew she loved him, he didn't need her to say it. What was he going to do about Lana. He knew it was wrong for him to fall for Lana, she was alive… and he was dead, but she didn't know that.

"Halloween's coming up" Violet broke the silence first.

"Really? When?"

"A few days actually, I was thinking that maybe we should do something together, since it's the only day in the year that we can leave the house."

Tate was lost in his thought but knew what she said, he just wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do.

"Um, yeah ok"

Violet gave him a sad smile and walked away, disappearing into the darkness. He grunted and ran his fingers through his knotty blonde locks before cleaning himself up with a rag and went to find Lana.

He found Lana sitting in the gazebo looking up at the birds, she really took his breath away. He didn't want to disturb her peaceful state. He walked over and she looked at him and smiled.

"Oh, hey Tate, I didn't even see you walk in"

"Really, I just came in then because I wanted to see you"

She blushed but hid it with her hair as she turned to get up.

"Uh Tate, I was just wondering if you, I don't know, wanted to go out with me sometime."

He looked at her with disbelief and stood there emotionless.

"Shit, I'm sorry.. I'm so stupid. Forget about it"

She started to walk away in embarrassment when Tate stopped her.

"I'd love to Lana, what about halloween, I mean it's coming up in a few days"

"That would be wonderful Tate"

Tate pecked her on the cheek and she giggled. It sounded like bells and that drove him crazy.

He was so excited and couldn't wait to take her to his favourite beach. Which would soon be there favourite beach. He would make it perfect for her. He wouldn't fail this time. He'd make sure of it. No one would ruin this for him.