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You are now Detective Mal Fallon

Natara left the office about an hour ago, finishing your pile of the paperwork, it's nearing 9 at night, and you can barely keep your eyes open. You decide that this is going to be your last case report to finish before you head back to Natara's. Still not having found a place to live, the only thing about the explosion that you find fantastic is that it was all Sandra's stuff, except for the bed, and the flat screen. You really are going to miss the flat screen.

You flick off your desk lamp and head out the office doors, walking down the precinct stairs, heading towards your car, your jacket swinging over your shoulder.


You are now Natara Williams

You sit on your couch, reading your book when your phone buzzes:

From: Mal Fallon

Just leaving now, be there soon.

You type back a 'k' then lock your phone screen, dropping it back on the cushion next to you. You fall on your side, squishing your phone, you don't care though, you can't keep your eyes open any longer, worse comes to worse, Mal kicks the door in. You inhale deeply, smelling Mal in the pillows, you smile, before falling into a deep sleep.


You rush into the hospital doors, Blaise keeping up with you,

"You sure this is the right hospital?" you ask her, considering this is the third one you've entered, looking for Mal.

"It better be, this is the last one left within a 5 mile radius of the airport." She spits out, irritated.

You roll your eyes as you both make your way over to the desk.

"Hi, we're looking for a patient, Malachi Fallon." Blaise states out of breath.

"Yes, he was just brought in, are you family?" the nurse asks, a forced smile on her face.

"I'm his partner, she's his sister." You say, indicating towards you and Blaise.

"What?" Blaise asks, to no one in particular, you stamp on her foot under the desk, indicating that she shouldn't say anything else. She lets out an un-ladylike noise, but smiles through it, obviously freaking out the triage nurse.

"He's in surgery at the moment, but you're welcomed to go up to his room and wait." She smiles at you, though its more frightened then polite.

"Thanks very much." You nod sweetly.

When you get out of earshot from the nurse, Blaise turns to you, her eyes are wild looking, "what the bloody hell was that?"

"One of us had to be a family member, otherwise we'd still be out there arguing with her." You state like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Why couldn't you be his sister then?" she asks.

"If I knew it was going to bother you so much, then I would have."

"It isn't bothering me."

"Clearly it is."






"We're here." You inform her, bringing your argument to an end as you stop outside Mal's room.

"Think he's in there yet?" she asks you.

"Let's see." You open the door into his room, he's lying awake, watching the TV.

"Mal!" Blaise exclaims, running to his bedside.

"Hey" he smiles at her, he reaches one arm out and wraps it around her waist, you can't help the pang of jealously that rushes through you as he does this. It goes as quickly as it came as his eyes find yours and his smile gets larger.


End of Flashback

"Natara? Natara? Come on, get up." Mal's shaking you awake, you moan groggily and go to roll over when you remember that you fell asleep on the couch. Mal pulls you up into a sitting position as you adjust your eyes to the light of the living room.

"How long have I been asleep?" you ask.

"About 15 minutes, half an hour, why don't you go to bed?" he asks you.

"Come with me?" you mumble.

He smiles down at you and nods, helping you up to your feet. You stand in front of each other for a few long seconds, before he kisses you on the forehead then leads you towards the bedroom.


You are now Detective Mal Fallon

You lead Natara into her bedroom, pull back the covers then gently help her down onto the bed, you put the covers back over her, then go the move around to get in the other side before her hand reaches out and latches onto the front of your shirt,

"Where're you going?" she asks groggily.

"I'm just going around to get into my side, I'm not leaving you Nat." you smile at her.

Reluctantly she lets go, you walk around the bed and pull back the covers, getting in, when you roll over, Natara's places her arm around your waste and buried her head into your shoulder. You smile into her hair as you kiss the top of her head.

"G'night." You mumble into her hairline.

"Mmm nigh." She sighs, not bothering to finish the sentence before she drifts of to sleep.

You wrap an arm around her, pulling her impossibly closer, before being able to fall into a peaceful sleep. Peaceful, for the first time you got back from San Trobida, you get to use that word peaceful. You also can't help but feel safer with her in your arms. You close your eyes, not bothering to control the smile that spreads across your face, before finally, drifting off into a peaceful sleep.


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