Gray Pools 4

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After hours of prodding, brushing, pulling, manhandling, and all the adjectives you could've thought of related to the torture I have endured.

God. Who needs that much prepping for such a silly little ball?!

Of course, if you just happened to be best friends of Roxanne, who is a self-confessed perfectionist and shop-a-holic when it comes to make-up and all that girly stuff, you obviously have to be with her when it comes to the sessions of blush on, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer and all that jazz.

"You look absolutely perfect!" Roxanne shrieked.

I winced at the shrill intonation of her voice. I struggled to open my eyes which felt quite heavy due to the mountains of make-up that Roxanne had applied.

Or maybe I just wasn't used to it. But I was just glad it was FINALLY done.

I was on the verge of tears since she had began smothering me with eyeliner and the like. At last, I composed myself and got a proper look at myself with the help of the huge mirror that had appeared in front of me.

I was taken aback when I saw the person staring back at me.

That isn't me. Can't be.

"Woah," I managed to squeak out.

Fortunate thing I was sitting or else I would have faltered and fell at the utter absurdity of my transformation.

The girl staring back at me had her auburn hair in a up-do, half done, with a simple floweresque style at the back of her head with curls that curved at the bottom. The rest of the sections of her hair had been softly curled at the ends, to rest comfortably at her shoulders. The girl's stellar hair had only been the start.

Her eyes also had been layered with eyeliner that made her eyes pop. A tad of green eyeshadow was to be seen shrouding her eyelids whilst her eyebrows had been plucked and prodded with makeup to look perfect. Her eyelashes were curled and laced with sheet of mascara, making them even longer as they already were. Her lips, meanwhile, had been a shade of ruby red that emphasized their fullness and plumpness as well as complementing her eyes that completed the ensemble.

"You're just.." Ellie trailed off, her mouth agape.

"Every boy would just be fawning and drooling at you, I'm just sure." Roxanne assured.

I allowed a small smile to grace my lips as I looked at my transformed appearance.

"If they don't go for you first," I scoffed.

I took in Ellie's appearance and she looked absolutely breathtaking.

There really wasn't much to do with Ellie as she was naturally beautiful. All the boys would be after her if only she wasn't that much of an introvert.

A light dusting of face powder had been applied together with a tint of light pink lipstick that accented her full lips and fair skin. Matching her dress, azure eyeshadow had covered up her eyelids and gave her blue eyes more appeal and allure. A layer of brown mascara swept up her lashes in a coy curl. She had her hair in a classic bun but added a twist and coiled a braid around the loop, giving her an orthodox look that had a swivel. Astray and amiss pieces of hair were curled and left to tousle about on her face.

"Ellie.." She had rendered me speechless.

She hung her head in mortification.

"You just look beautiful. Enough said."

"Thanks," she mumbled.

She raised her head so that our eyes met. I gave her a small albeit meaningful smile that seemed to boost her confidence.

"If every man doesn't fall in love with you, I'm no judge in beauty."

She grinned as she caught the refernce.

Roxanne remained, obviously, oblivious to our inside joke.

Roxanne, as always, looked stunning. She paired up a brown-infused lipstick with smoky eyeshadow that stood out on the tanned girl's face. Thick mascara on her lashes emphasized them very well together with average layer of eyeliner around her eyes. Soft browns swept their way on her cheeks, which stressed her high cheekbones. Her dark brown hair had been set into beach waves that made their way to her shoulder blades.

I wolf-whistled at Roxanne quite mockingly. She rolled her eyes at my utter childish behavior.

"So, what time is it?" Roxanne queried.

Ellie glimsped at her Muggle watch.

"Quarter to five."

"Oh goodness! The ball starts at six! So much to do, so little time left!" Roxanne fretted.

"Chill. We have.. what.. two hours? We're done with make-up. Just a couple of things left on our checklist," I said calmly.

"But-" she insisted.

"We have time. Don't you worry." Ellie comforted.

I stood up and let Roxanne sit and massage her temples at her obvious - and unneeded - stress.

"If you don't mind, I'll be changing into my dress."

I picked up one of the bags that we had brought. I scanned it to see if it was the one carrying my dress. It was. I walked to the dressing rooms and locked the door shortly after closing it.

I stripped the matching bathrobes that we wore and proceeded to don the dress. After a few minutes of fumbling with the piece of clothing, I managed to wear it properly and zipped it up.

Opening the door, I noticed that Ellie and Roxanne had already changed into their dresses.

Oh, so I must've taken longer than I thought.

Roxanne's dress reached up to mid-thigh. Both sides of the body-hugging dress were embellished with gold sequins that looked as if they were to rain down on the dance floor. The tight dress accented her bust and curvy figure.

"On the sexy side now, are we, Roxanne?"

She winked provocatively in response. A throng of laughter followed as she had performed her gesture.

Ellie on the other hand, chose a more conservative dress compared to Roxanne's. At an azure shade, was a floor length dress that showcased a sweetheart neckline togther with an encrusted bust covered with sparkling beads and stones.

There wasn't much to the bodice as it daringly showed most of her back. After a pleated waistband, came the accordion pleats that swished as she nervously shufffled her feet.

"Daring, little Lily. What will the others say that their innocent darling Lily has switched to the Slytherin side!"

"Yeah, yeah," I rolled my eyes.

In all honesty, the dress had caught my eye, not fully registering the coloring of it. It just begged to be bought, I guess.

"What shoes will I wear?" Ellie spoke up.

Roxanne rushed over to the plethora of shoes and set aside a pair of red pumps. She looked still and clutched a pair of silver heels.


"As for you Lily, this will do you good."

A pair of gold pumps were thrust at I. Roxanne was muttering to herself and I caught the words "matching" and "jewelry". So, I surmised another hunt for Madam Roxanne's Prepping.

She rushed to the many bags she had brought and pulled out a wide silver bangle that had an intricate deisgn to it and a matching ring and earrings. Next, a pair of heart-shaped golden earrings. Subsequently, silver choker with engraved filigree was seen and a pair of teardrop dangling earrings.

She gave the golden heart earrjngs to me and I hastily wore them. She handed kver the choker and earrings to Ellie who was dumbfounded on how she was to wear it.

After, all the preparations had been done, the pumps and hells slipped on and checked to fit perfectly, they were set to go.

"Oh shit!"

Ellie winced at the expletive and asked why she had to do such thing.

"I almost forgot!"

She reached into one of the many bags and pulled out two wax sealed envelopes.

"I don't have yours, Ellie, since you aren't a Gryffindor. But we can easily pick that up later."

Roxanne handed me the letter and I opened it. It said:


Headmistress: Minerva McGonagall

[achievements of Headmistress McGonagall]

Dear Ms. Potter,

Here enclosed is the conjuring spell that you will use to attain your mask. The spell is different for every person and is designed to match your chosen outfit four this evening. The mask, when conjured, has already been charmed with a concealing charm that will render you unrecognizable by anyone, unless of course you reveal your identity by lifting your mask. The charm will last until twelfth of midnight.

Conjuring Spell for Lily Luna Potter: "Coniuro pro larva Lilium Philoponus Potter"

Yours sincerely,

[signature of Headmistress McGonagall]

Headmistress Minerva McGonagall


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Lily - conjure mask for Lily Luna Potter

Roxanne - conjure mask for Roxanne Weasley

Ellie - conjure mask for Ellie Bellefonte

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