Both girls should've expected this happen. In fact, it seemed almost too predictable. They really didn't have anyone to blame but themselves. Not that either was complaining, in the end.


Santana's uncle Luca, and his wife of two years, Caroline, arrive halfway through the next day. Caroline is a lot like Brittany; blonde, bubbly, tall, with the perfect amount of nonchalance to play off the quirkiness. She's practically Brittany, Santana realises, watching as the two hug fiercely at the bottom of the stairs. The Latina lets her eyes wash over the pair, and if her mother is any type of indication to how the younger blonde will age, well, Brittany can count herself lucky.

Santana wonders if she's ever going to see that: a matured Brittany. She quickly shakes that thought off because Brittany and that thing they did last night is not something she's willing to take seriously.

"Santana, I assume?" Caroline asks after Luca decides to take his turn hugging Brittany. Santana nods, smiling weakly. The older blonde grasps both her shoulders, sky blue eyes inspecting every inch of her face, finally coming to a conclusion "Aren't you just beautiful"

The Latina is abruptly pulled into a tight hug, the air pushed from her lungs. She awkwardly brings her arms up to pat Caroline's back, meeting Brittany's stare over her shoulder. The blonde has that same affectionate coat in her eyes from the night before. Only this time, it doesn't feel all that calming; it actually makes her throat tight and her head queasy.

Pulling away from the embrace, Santana keeps her eyes lowered, refusing to meet either shade of blue eyes. "Uh, thank you. It was nice to meet you" she coughs, quickly turning and scurrying back up the stairs. Leaving Brittany with the reuniting adults.


Santana's mother decides that they should take the two blondes out on a tour of Lima, giving the two Lopez brothers some, quote: 'Man-time'.

Santana huffs "Ma, this is Lima. As in Lima, Ohio. What is there to even see here?"

Mrs Lopez gives her a look "I'm sure we'll find something. Now go put some real clothes on, it's all well and good for you to prance around in denim underwear with your friends, but I will not be seen out with my daughter in those"

Santana looks down at her legs, her face scrunching up in confusion and hands fidgeting with the cuffs of her pants "Denim under- These are shorts"

"I'm sure you think so" the older woman dismisses

"I think they look cute" Brittany chirps from her spot on the couch.

Santana avoids looking directly at her, that queasy feeling lingering on the edges of her mind. She's extremely aware that neither of them has talked since waking up this morning. Or really, Santana has evaded any situation that would result in a conversation.

"I think so too, Britt. But I don't think that counts right now" Caroline comments, winking playfully at her daughter "Gotta do what's right"

That advice seems to smack Santana like an internal stack of bricks. Her breathing picks up. 'Do what's right'. It's such a contrast from Brittany's 'If you want'. She still doesn't know what she wants. On one hand, there's everything she's ever known, and on the other there's-

"You alright, San?" Brittany's voice sounds distant. The girl nods, her head too occupied for a real response.

"Hurry Santana," Mrs Lopez urges "Real clothes. Now please"

"Actually Ma, I won't be able to make it. I forgot I had plans with Quinn today" Santana lies

"Can you not reschedule?" both adults ask hopefully

"Afraid not. Quinn needs help with this thing she's got"

Brittany looks suspicious "I don't remember her mentioning anything"

Santana tries not to sound too snappy "She mustn't have told you then"

Brittany practically snorts at the suggestion but Santana cuts over her before she speaks again. Her most sincere tone comes out to play as she addresses both mothers. "I'm really sorry. I'd completely forgotten and I would love to come with, but Quinn would kill me if I ditched"

"Another time then" both women accept, already halfway out the door "See you later"

"Yeah, I'll be seeing you later, Santana" Brittany states. Santana cannot ignore the finality in that promise.

She tries to shrug indifferently "Maybe"

As soon as the door closes behind the blonde Santana is pulling out her phone. She sends a quick text to Quinn, and searches for a particular number in her contacts, hitting call. "Hey, can we talk?"

Santana has decided that what she wants is to do the right thing.


Quinn, of course, takes a liking to Caroline just as quickly as she had Brittany. She already knows uncle Luca from that last time he visited (three years before he'd remarried) and really, Quinn may as well call herself a Lopez from the amount of time she spends with the family.

"So what was this 'thing' that I had?" Quinn asks as she helps Santana in the kitchen a few days later.

"Just a thing that you needed help with, I dunno make it up" Santana tells her, her hands picking at the food she's preparing.

"And why am I lying?"

"Because sometimes best friends lie for each other" Santana suggests

"Okay. Another question: why are you in here when everyone else is out there" she juts her chin toward the window where everyone is outside in the backyard "You hate cooking"

"I'm deciding to like it. Christ Quinn, what's with the 20 Questions?"

"Fine. You want a statement instead?" Quinn glares "You're hiding"


Quinn leans her hip against the counter, her body propped up and facing Santana's profile "Did you have sex with Brittany?"

"What? No!" Santana splutters

"Well, you did something. Really though, I don't know why you're trying to fight it. You and Brittany practically belong together"

"Don't say things like that" Santana snaps.

"Why not?" Quinn raises an eyebrow

"Because it's wrong" she snarls. Hearing Quinn sigh, Santana softens her tone "Look Q, I don't know what it exactly was that we did. I just know that I'm going to handle it the way I want to"

"You better not be doing something stupid" Quinn says accusingly, dark eyes turn to look at her "I mean it, San. I love you, but I really like Brittany"

"I'm not. It's just- I think it's the right thing for me to do" Santana tells her wearily knowing full well that Quinn can hear the doubt in her words.

"Let's hope so" Quinn remarks. The blonde grips her forearm in soft hands, shooting Santana one final look before twirling on her heel and heading back out to the barbeque.

Santana hopes so too.


"Be good girls" Mrs Lopez says, placing a kiss to Santana's temple.

"Not too good though" tio Luca winks cheekily, earning himself a light slap in the arm, Caroline ushering him out the door with a parting smile.

"I left money on the counter, call in some take-out. We'll be home late. Don't burn the house down please girls" Mr Lopez pleads. Santana rolls her eyes but lifts up on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek.

"Have fun everybody" Brittany grins, waving from the open doorway.

The car beeps twice as they drive away and Brittany is now closing the front door. Santana stands by the entry to the lounge, her hands clasped tightly as she watches the afternoon sun gleam over Brittany's bikini-clad body. She pinches the inside of her palm, cutting off that thought before it has a chance to grow.

Brittany finally turns around, her hands resting on golden hips and an apprehensive smile playing at her mouth. Santana gulps. "I guess it's just us tonight. It's been so crazy these past few days, I haven't really had a chance to talk to yo-"

"I called Puck"


"I called Puck the other day. He's coming over tonight" Santana breathes out as steadily as she can.

Brittany stares, motionless "When you say 'the other day', when exactly was that, Santana?"

The Latina tries to hold Brittany's glare with her own, knowing that there's really no heart behind it but trying anyway. She clears the tightness in her throat "The day uncle Luca and your mother arrived"

Brittany's mouth twitches. It looks almost like a smirk but seems too angry for that "You mean the day after you and I-"

"Yes that's what I mean!" Santana grumbles, not wanting to hear the end of her sentence.

Brittany growls "Do not cut me off Santana"

They stare at each other intensely, each girl growing increasingly irate as the second passes. Finally, realising that this was going nowhere, Santana shrugs stiff shoulders "Well, he's coming. And that's all I have to say"

Strutting past a frozen Brittany, Santana climbs the stairs towards her room. From the top of the landing she can hear Brittany's mutter of 'Fuck's sake' and then the poolside sliding door slam shut a moment later.


Quinn Fabray: Finn called me. Puck? Really S. I thought I told you not to do anything stupid.

Santana chucks her phone to the couch across her room, not bothering to answer Quinn's text.


Brittany is fuming. Puck? As in the sleazy jerk with the over-eager hands? She doesn't know what the hell Santana's sees in him. With a bitter chuckle she notes that all Santana likes in Puck is the fact that he isn't her. And apparently, that's enough for the girl.

The girl who isn't her girl. Brittany doubts Santana has ever been anybody's girl.

Flopping down on the tanning bed, the blonde contemplates ripping her hair out. Why did she have to like the closeted gay? Why did Santana have to be so deliciously and obliviously unsatisfied? Brittany could solve that for her, if she was just given a damn chance. She was so close too.

"Ugh" Brittany grunts audibly, flipping over to bury her face in the chair cushion. She shouldn't have left it. She'd thought it was a good idea, leaving Santana to stew in the wake of what they'd done. As if that would have her craving more.

And it had. More than once Brittany had caught Santana's eyes burning holes into her body. White teeth chewing on full lips as she unknowingly clenched her thighs. It was exhilarating, knowing that Santana couldn't stop looking at her even if she tried. That the Latina would be growing increasingly more frustrated until finally she'd cave and tell Brittany that she is exactly what she wants.

Apparently, it hadn't quite worked out that way. Santana's doubts kicked in and now an idiot with a stupid Mohawk was coming over. No doubt to get himself some undeserved Santana-sex. And probably on the bed that Brittany would have to sleep in later tonight.

"You've got to be kidding me" Brittany groans, each thought getting much worse than the last. Pushing away from the tanning bed, Brittany throws herself into the pool. Praying that the cool water will calm her.

It does no such thing, and soon she's back to alternating between pacing the warm concrete and flopping lifelessly onto the bed. Her phone goes off on the ground beside her limp hand. The sound jolts her and she flicks it open with irritated hands.

Quinn Fabray: Hey B. Just heard. You wanna stay at mine tonight? x

She audibly growls at the text. Snapping it shut, she discards the phone on the ground. Her body is too restless, much too full of pent up energy to just sit around. Standing up in one fluid motion, Brittany saunters back into the house. A smirk already pulling at her lips.


Santana is getting ready. It's been damn near silent in her house in the past hour since everyone went out for dinner. Santana had seen Brittany lying out beside the pool, stubbornly pulling her eyes away before they lingered for too long. She focuses her attention on the foundation in her hands, mindlessly applying it to her face and hating how her tight dress rides up.

She can't help it; the way her gaze drags back to the window and out to the backyard. She's been watching Brittany out there for a good portion of the last hour, and she can't help but feel guilty.

"This isn't about her. It's about me" Santana mumbles to herself.

This time when she looks out though, Brittany isn't there. With a suddenly racing heart, Santana searches harder but comes up with nothing. Leaning up on her toes, using the ensuite counter as leverage, Santana wonders where the fuck Brittany got to.

"My, my. Don't you look all dressed up" a smoky voice suddenly sounds from behind.

Snapping back, the Latina sees Brittany in the reflection of the mirror as she leans against the doorway. She stops herself from rolling her eyes because of course Brittany is in the fucking house, obviously. She also doesn't answer, going back to lightly dragging the brush along her face and ignoring the purr in Brittany's voice.

"Is that all for Puck?" Brittany asks, Santana flinching at the bitterness in the question.

The blonde tilts her head, taking in Santana's ridged muscles and too-straight posture. She feels a twisted smile tug the corners of her mouth. "Am I getting the silent treatment now, Santana? No problem, I'll have you screaming out my name in no time"

"Brittany, what the hell?"

"Call him and cancel" Brittany supplies suddenly

Santana puts down the foundation brush "What would I do that for?"

"Because you don't want him, obviously" Brittany rolls her eyes

"Yes, I do"

Brittany clicks her tongue "You don't. And I'm tired of all these games"

Santana turns around, leaning back against the counter and crossing her arms over her chest "Oh, really? Well, you are the one who started them"

Brittany takes a step forward, nodding "Mm, I was. But now I'm tired of us pretending we don't want each other. Especially when you're standing there looking like that"

Santana flushes at the throaty suggestion, unconsciously reaching to pull the hem of her dress down again. Brittany takes another step toward the Latina, finding progress in the fact that Santana hadn't exactly denied wanting her. They're in each other's space now, almost sharing the same breath.

Boldly, Brittany cranes down to ghost the skin behind Santana's ear "Come on, San." She's barely grazing a tanned neck with her lips and Santana shivers "Cancel him"

"Uh" Santana groans when Brittany takes a broad swipe of her skin with her tongue. Clenching her fist on the marble counter Santana grits her teeth "And if I don't?"

Brittany's teeth sink down into soft flesh making the Latina cry out. "I want you to be mine. Just mine"

"Britt, stop, we shouldn't" Santana pleads despite her body betraying her and reaching out for Brittany's hips.

The blonde has just finished tugging at Santana's earlobe "Tell me why. Prove to me that you don't want me"

Santana stutters for a moment, finally whimpering out "I don't"

"I know you do. I can feel it every time you look at me. And I want you too, San. Fuck, I do. So bad" Brittany takes a deep breath, clearing the haze in her mind "So tell me. Tell me that you don't think of what we'd be like together. Tell me that Puckerman makes you feel better than I could" she grasps the Latina's waist, pulling her closer and meeting her eyes "Tell me that you aren't wet right now"

"Christ B" Santana grunts, shifting uneasily in her place.

Brittany notes the clenching and unclenching of the Latina's thighs. It's pitiful, really, that Santana even bothers denying herself. It's clear through the darkness of her eyes and the near painful grip she has on Brittany's hips that she's struggling not to give in. Suddenly, Brittany decides to offer some sort of relief, slipping her thigh in between both of Santana's.

Santana can't help it, it's as if she has no control over her body whatsoever as it pulls Brittany harder against her and she grinds down on the blonde's leg. "Ugh. Fuck"

There's a pleased hum sounding from the blonde's throat, Santana knows she's smirking too but she's taken to nestling her head against Brittany's chest as she rocks against her. Words are spoken lowly into her ear "You drive me crazy, San. How can you not see that?"

"Britt- B, I want it" Santana relents. Brittany pulls back, hardly believing what she'd heard. She sees how the girls eyes are practically black, deep, lidded and somewhat crazed. She gulps.

She grasps Santana's hips tighter, momentarily patting the sink "Up here" she whispers, pulling the girl up to sit on the bench. Santana has gone back to rubbing her thighs together, giving Brittany the chance to softly part them with tender hands.

Santana, after very long moments, grows impatient with Brittany's staring and tightly grasps her wrist, bring her hand down roughly against her clothed centre. "B, touch me already"

Growling approvingly at the demand, Brittany jets in for a needy kiss at the same time that she yanks Santana's panties away. Her tongue has commanded entrance into Santana's mouth and both girls moan at the intrusion. Brittany glides her fingers through wet heat, careful to bypass anything too sensitive.

"You're so warm. I can't wait to be in you" Brittany reveals

Santana gasps, jerking her hips against teasing fingers "So do it"

The blonde shakes her head, refusing. "Not yet" she says in a husky voice, her free hand going up to Santana's covered breast "No bra? You were really trying to prove a point tonight, weren't you Tana"

"Shut up" the girl replies, a blush blooming in her cheeks.

Brittany chuckles, managing to flick Santana's nipple through the material. Santana gasps again so she pulls it between two fingers and pinches, always remembering to keep her other hand at a delicate touch.

Santana whimpers against her lips "Brittany, stop teasing"

"Soon baby" Brittany promises with a kiss to her lips. Teasing Santana has become one of her favourite pastimes. But this isn't necessarily about that; really, what she wants is a beyond desperate Santana.

The raven haired girl has taken to grinding herself against Brittany's hand, pushing her tongue into Brittany's mouth, letting it lick up the roof of her mouth in hopes of enticing a reaction. Brittany exhales heavily, roughly groping Santana's breasts in response. "Britt-Britt" Santana says in a voice too sugary sweet for her current state "Don't you want to make me feel good?"

The blonde dips the tips two fingers into tight heat, further proving that making Santana feel good is all she wants. "Wrap your legs around me" Brittany growls onto full lips. Her girl is quick to comply, locking her ankles to pull Brittany closer.

"Oh wow" Santana moans as the movement has Brittany's fingers sinking further into her.

Brittany is equally as captivated. Santana is everything, and so much more, than what she'd frequently imagined. She's tight, and warm, and clenching, and so incredibly wet. She rubs the pads of her fingers against Santana's walls, revelling in the tightness.

A high pitched groan tumbles from Santana's lips as Brittany starts moving in and out. "Fuck, harder"

Brittany obeys, moving her fingers at a faster pace. She looks over Santana's form, absolutely mesmerized; she's got her head tossed back, black hair falling messily around her shoulders, her chest heaving, her hands fumbling and gripping onto anything stable, and her face. Her face is –wow.

"Fuck, baby, look at you. You're so beautiful" Brittany admires, her throat tight with emotion.

"Uh. Britt. More, you feel so good. More" Santana pants choppily, crying out when Brittany slides in a third finger.

The two of them are moving at an insane pace. Brittany thrusting so fast, and Santana lifting her hips to meet every frantic movement. She can barely breathe, what with each thrust stealing the breath from her lungs. This moment is unlike anything she'd known before, and she practically wants to kick herself for not doing this sooner.

"God, fuck" Santana feels herself getting closer. Brittany can feel it too, her walls clenching so tight that it's difficult to keep up the speed of her fingers. Each time, it feels as if Santana's walls are trying to suck her in further, for her to reach as deep as she can.

Brittany decides that this is it. Bringing her other hand down, she rubs tight circles on Santana's clit, her knees going weak at the pained cry tearing from Santana's throat. She would be worried, and truthfully almost pulls away thinking she'd hurt her, but Santana clasps her back, scraping her nails down in pleasure.

"I'm so close Britt" Santana gasps out in an almost silent breath

Brittany nods, knowing it already. And all of a sudden, Brittany is curling her fingers, pressing down hard on her clit and watching how Santana's face contorts as she arches up, screaming out "Brittany!"

Santana doesn't think she's ever come so hard in her life.


The girls are panting against each other when the doorbell rings. Brittany disappointedly pulls her fingers out, pecking Santana's lips when she whines at the loss. Not bothering to offer back her panties, Brittany slides Santana's dress down and affectionately taps her side.

"Go answer the door baby" Brittany coos in a gentle voice

Santana stands on extremely wobbly legs, looking up at Brittany through long lashes. The blonde steps back, regarding her with a proud grin. "But, what about you?" Santana asks

Brittany steps aside "We can keep going once you've sent the dog away" winking cheekily at the Latina and flouncing out, knowing that her girl would follow behind.


When the front door opens the first thing Puck registers is Santana. But this is definitely not what he'd expected. She's got messy hair, her dress is askew, she's sweaty, out of breath and she smells like pure sex. Basically, Santana looks like she's been thoroughly fucked.

"You can go home now, Puckerman" Santana snaps irritably.

The last thing Puck registers before the door slams shut in his face is Brittany walking past the scene. A smirk on her lips, she tosses Puck a filthy wink and brings her fingers up to her mouth.


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