**Warning: This chapter is intended for MATURE audiences. Also, I want everyone to know that I didn't write this for the sake of including such scenes. It was included because it was necessary, nothing more. It was meant to be beautiful...

* Chapter 17 – Re-Union

"How are you princess?" Seiya drew near instantly the moment he saw Kaykyuu flutter open her eyes.

She blinked, then looked around. "Where am I?" she asked.

"Mr. Furuhata's, Makoto, Sailor Jupiter's husband's guest room." Yaten answered; he was sitting at one of the chairs by the princess's bedside.

"I meant what realm?" she clarified.

The three Star Lights looked at each other. "The real one, OUR realm…" Taiki offered hopefully.

"Prove it!" she challenged.

Her guardians looked at each other again; but Seiya's and Yaten's gazes stayed on Taiki afterwards, expecting him to answer their princess.

"How?" he asked nobody in general, it just sort of slipped.

Their princess won't look at their eyes, like she was afraid of them. "Tell me something unique about this realm." She ordered.

Taiki smiled, that's easy, he thought. "You brought the dresses that Yaten wore when Minako, or rather Sailor Venus, transformed into a guy and asked him to act as her girlfriend."

Kaykyuu finally looked up and then gazed at each of them; her eyes turning misty. "My Lights!" she exclaimed while throwing herself at Seiya who was nearest her. "Finally! I knew you'd find me…"

Seiya wiped her tears and calmed her. "It's all alright now princess, thanks to Sailor Moon and her senshi…"

"They're alive? All of them?" she asked, through tears of joy.

Seiya's eyebrows converged into a straight line. "Yes… Yes, they were the ones who found you. Don't you remember?"

The princess shook her head. "But if you're saying that Sailor Moon and everyone else are alive in this realm, then I would gladly live here whether or not this is where I started. Sorry, but I cannot distinguish any more…"

With that, her Lights gathered around her and cocooned her within their arms. "We're real princess, YOU are real, we belong here…" Yaten told her in behalf of everyone.


Zoisite held Ami's hand as soon as she went out of the lecture hall. She didn't mind, for he was always waiting for her so he could teleport her directly to the Furuhata residence. In fact, she was quite comfortable being with him; she knew he'll always try to keep her safe.

Umino was quick to notice and despite being a geek, cannot help himself when it comes to gossip. "Your new boyfriend?" he asked her, drawing attention to the fact that she was holding hands with the gorgeous guy who was always waiting for her for some time now.

"Yes, is he your new boyfriend?" A lower voice asked and she spun around at its source.

She smiled. "What are you doing here?" she asked while letting go of Zoisite's hand and then approached the taller guy.

His countenance dimmed, but despite that, followed Ami when she approached his nemesis.

"I came to fetch my girlfriend. I can't always lean on my sister to do that, can I?" Taiki answered, making sure that Umino heard.

The geek watched in amazement, like he found the whole exchange entertaining.

"Can you make her pass through those people (he jerked his head towards the media waiting outside) without being seen?" The general who was clothed like a normal citizen asked, to point out that this moment is intended for him.

Taiki stepped closer to Ami and took her hand. "Oh, I intend for us to be seen!" he remarked and his girlfriend looked up at him surprised.

Zoisite stepped closer also and held her other hand. "I wouldn't let you gamble her safety."

"I assure you Zoi, she's safe with me."

Ami looked from one guy to another. "Please Zoi, I'm coming with him." She decided and Taiki grinned widely.

"But you are mine to protect…" The blonde mumbled, sounding defeated. "I swore Princess; I swore that to the gods…"

Ami wriggled free from both their hands and then touched the general's cheeks. "You will know won't you? When I'm in danger? When I'm distressed?" she asked, as she looked deep into his eyes.

He nodded, but not before taking a hand and inhaling her scent. He then let go and then disappeared.

"Whoahh!' Umino shouted, totally shocked.

Ami and Taiki glanced at him and let out a giggle; but even before she finished her small laughter, Taiki suddenly scooped Ami up into a bridal position, eliciting a squeal of surprise.

"Get ready…" he warned, as he stepped up into the parapet.

Ami's eyes widened when she realized where Taiki was standing. "What are you…" but her question turned into a shriek as she felt them falling after he jumped.

Her yell drew the attention of everyone; and when they finally landed right in front of the media people, all eyes and cameras were aimed at them.

Before she could comprehend and react to what had just happened though, she felt familiar lips pressing against her own as she was pulled higher by the arms clutching her. Her eyes widened and she could here whistles and see camera flashes coming from everywhere. Taiki finally let go of her lips and then smirked at all the media people who grew silent with his display.

"Senshi or not, I'm in love with this woman!" he shouted and then got ready to jump off again by bending his knees slightly.

Ami could feel her heart thumping as Taiki propelled them into the air once more, gracefully taking running leaps, bounding from one rooftop to another. She watched him carry her like a prized catch; a princess literally swept off her feet by his prince.

"Is this your way of telling them that you're not human also?" she asked after a while.

He shook his head. "No, this is how I show the universe I'm breaking their rules! Neither Einstein or Newton will keep me away from you." He answered as he took her with him into air.


"Mina, you here? Can I come in?" Yaten peered inside the dark room. He heard operatic music playing as soon as he opened the door.

"Yes, by the couch…" a voice answered, and Yaten had to use his Star Light powers to see her star seed and pinpoint where exactly is she sitting. He approached carefully and felt his way through furnitures.

"Hey…" she said, when she felt the cushions beside her sink.

Yaten looked around as his eyes grew accustomed to the dark. He saw the curtains sway because of the open balcony door; he saw the study table on the other side of the room stocked high with books; he saw the queen sized bed right in the middle of the space; and when he turned, he saw her: eyes closed, head relaxed against the backrest and knees bent in front of her. "Hey… What are you doing in the dark?" he asked; this is one of the least settings he imagined her to be in. Minako Aino, sitting alone in the dark, listening to operatic music and apparently relaxing? That just doesn't sound right to him.

"Homework…" she answered casually with a wave of the hand towards the CD player.

He smiled, of course, she wouldn't do this voluntarily.

"Miss Saigon?" he asked further, as he listened and caught the lyrics.

The blonde nodded, and he was left wondering if she knew he could see her because it would really be very difficult for a normal person to see anything at the state of darkness that the room was in.

She reached down and held a remote when her hand surfaced again. She hit the pause button and the music stopped. Minako Aino then opened her eyes and turned to the green ones that were watching her every movement. "Your turn to answer, what are you doing here?"

"Can we open the lights first?" he asked.



"Because it'd blind me! I have been in this room for a while and I don't want to strain my eyes unless necessary." She answered.

He wasn't able to hold the snort that came out; he just finds her reasoning absurd sometimes!

"If you came here to make fun of me, you can leave." She told him, while crossing her arms on her chest. "And I asked you, what are you doing here?"

His conceited nature took over. "I wanted to spend some time with my girlfriend, is that wrong?" he asked then stood up, acting as if to leave her if that's what she wanted.

He hasn't taken a step though when he felt himself flying and landing against the couch due to her hand that pulled him very abruptly and forcefully. He rubbed the back of his head that landed on the arm rest.

"Sorry…" she said, when she saw him splayed oddly when he lost his balance.

He straightened out in his seat. "Can you be a bit more gentle next time?" he asked irritated.

"I can…" she whispered as she drew nearer.

He felt her move and invade his personal bubble, and he didn't care; he likes this when she is this close. "You can continue with your school work, I just wanted to be near you…" he paused as he looked at her. "I missed you." He told directly to her eyes.

The blue eyes twinkled, and it appeared to be growing bigger as it got nearer. "You were never good with words you know, so why don't you show me?" she asked, and then he felt it, her lips against his; her eyes boring into green ones, searching if the desired reaction will take effect.

She succeeded of course, for Yaten's eyelids half-closed seconds after she kissed him; but he won't have any of her teasing, he wanted control. He pushed her downwards and pressed her against the couch, all the while his lips never separating with hers.

When their lips parted, their eyes locked, and the unsaid words overflowed. This is Kou Yaten and Sailor Star Healer as one claiming territory and taking over; this is Minako Aino and Sailor Venus surrendering everything once more.

He dipped his head again and claimed her lips; he licked them and pushed them open, his tongue searched through the familiar region and she responded. Their tongues touched and danced while their bodies stilled against each other.

Finally rising for air, he broke the kiss again and looked at her intently. He saw that he had made her flush, and her chest was rising up and down rapidly. "I love you…" she said, as she saw him gazing at her.

Instead of responding, he bent down again and aimed at her neck. He let his teeth dug a little while his hand was unbuttoning her pajama shirt. She let out a little moan when his palm brushed against her chest and her hands travelled to his hair. He knew what was coming even before she did it; she pulled at his ponytail so that her hands could get tangled in the silvery mess.

"One of these days, I'm going to get that cut so that you won't be able to do that anymore…" he teased as he stopped to gently lift her arms to fully unclothe her upper half. Afterwards, he removed his own shirt so that they were now both half-naked.

"No talking…" she answered as he went back to kissing and slightly nipping her bare shoulders.

Her hands travelled to his strong back, tracing the muscles and slightly scratching when his mouth travelled to her breast. He licked her aureole while a finger was tracing the same area on the other, eliciting a shudder on the woman underneath him. He took that as a sign to continue so opened his mouth and took in her nipple completely; he sucked on it while the hand that was on her other breast started pinching.

She moaned heavily with the pleasure she was receiving. "Yaten…" she breathed out and he looked up, he then saw the fire dancing on her eyes.

He travelled lower and pulled at her pajama and then disposed of it on the floor. "god, you're beautiful!" he exclaimed as his eyes travelled at her naked body that was covered only at her most private part. He cannot take any more and his hands had to touch, had to caress, had to feel. He let a hand travel to her navel while the other supports him so that he won't crush her.

He resumed kissing her but suddenly looked down when he felt her hands unbuckling his belt. With fingers that were expertly trained by movie directors, Minako was able to remove all fastenings of his pants quite quickly and was tugging it lower with the use of her foot that she had lifted. Yaten found it sexy and arousing even, so lifted one knee so that she could slip his garment off of him.

This was a mistake on his part though, for as soon as his knee left the couch and her foot tugged on, they lost their balance, rolled off accidentally and they fell on the floor on his back with a loud thump; her landing on top of him. They laughed with their silliness but abruptly stopped; someone had just landed on the balcony and senshi senses kicked in.

He sat upright so suddenly and took her with him and placed a hand over her mouth to muffle any sound she might make. He squinted and looked intently at the shadows on the curtains.

"You're crazy…" Ami mumbled at the laughing Taiki as he put her down on her feet.

The couple lurking behind the darkness relaxed when they recognized the voices but their eyes widened as they looked at each other; please, don't let them turn on the lights! They prayed.

However, the shadows had gone silent, because the couple on the balcony was staring at each other, sending messages through their minds while their symbols shone brightly on their foreheads.

"Geeks…" Minako whispered at the ear very near her.

"Sshhh…" Yaten silenced her as he had no idea what was going on outside except for the couple's display of ability.

And then, they saw the star come very near the mercury sign. Outside, Taiki bent down to kiss Ami passionately and she responded equally. They began moving clumsily towards the room and the curtains parted for them with a blow from the night wind. Their lips were welded together while they were pushing each other as both were fighting intensely for control; Ami bumped against the cabinet; Taiki bumped against her table making some of her books fall; but he was quick to retaliate and pushed her against the wall; she fought back and he was slammed against the rack where the CD player was perched, violating the earlier pause of the operatic music.

You are here like a mystery
I'm from a world that's so different
From all that you are
How in the light of one night
Did we come so far?

The other couple gazed on, quite disbelieving at how rough the other couple were towards each other. These after all were the meekest among them…

Ami reached down to her boots without breaking their kiss; she removed both of them and tossed them aside carelessly. Taiki on the other hand was removing his sneakers with the use of his own feet, one pushing at the ankle of the other until both were rid of him.

The stars shine too

My hands still shake

I reach for you

And we meet in the sky!

They straightened and her hands travelled now underneath his shirt on his back, she was edging it higher; but he pushed her again and her back landed against her desktop table that swayed. She must have realized where she knocked against for she spun around so suddenly and held a counter to stable it. When the computer set stopped swaying, she spun again to him and gave a scowl. He shrugged his shoulders in response and then dipped again into her lips.

Ami's turn to push, and he landed on the glass window that shook. He gave her the same scowl and she also shrugged the same way he did. She undid her own top in front of him as if to pacify his mild aggravation, which actually did more than pacify him. He stared hungrily at the exposed pale skin, and then took off his own shirt before melding their lips once more. One practiced move, and Ami's bra joined their tops on the floor.

Minako and Yaten bit their lips as they guessed where the other couple was heading; but she raised a hand to cover his eyes when Ami's bra was undone, exposing herself to the other people in the room that they most probably don't know were there. He pushed her hand and then held her exposed breast, as if saying 'what's the point? I have a pair over here'. She got his message but shook her head so as to warn him to not ogle at her friend's body. He rolled his eyes at her pointedly but nodded anyway.

Tomorrow will be the full moon
I can bring friends to bless our room
With paper unicorns and perfume
If you want me to.

They heard the CD change tracks, but no one cared, for they were so absorbed in their own little worlds. Taiki's hands travelled to Ami's back and unfastened her skirt that easily fell off of her. He pushed her again but her foot got tangled on her skirt by the floor and she let out a yelp as they fell downwards.

Her hand had instinctively reached on the curtain near her and it ripped along the stitches but it cushioned their fall. "You are so dead when Makoto sees that…" he teased and the other couple's ears perked upon hearing that the other two are vocal once more.

"It's your fault! You pushed me!" she answered and defended herself; but she was silenced once more with his lips claiming hers.

I have found you
In a world that's moving too fast
In a world where nothing can last
I will hold you

She fought one last time and flipped him over and crawled on top of him. "I am so not giving up yet…" And she began trailing kisses from his chest down to his abdomen.

Minako cannot believe the strength that her friend was exhibiting, considering of course that this was the tallest guy among their group; she had always tagged her as the petite one and never envisioned her domineering at anything. But one thing that she cannot deny though, she cannot believe how arousing Ami looked right now as she crawled on all four downwards Taiki while she removed his pants; her free breasts going with her body movements, her hip a bit lowered, and her eyes burning with desire. Yaten must have felt aroused also for Minako felt herself being lowered against the carpet once more and her lover had claimed her lips again while one hand carefully slid down and removed her last garment.

On the other side of the earth
There's a place where life still has worth
I will take you
I'll go with you

A moan had suddenly made Ami stop and turn; that's when she saw them, the other couple making love on the floor like them, not quite far from where they fell. Minako had also looked; shocked that she had made a noise as Yaten was sucking intently her nipples. The two Earth senshis locked eyes and deep blue met cerulean ones, both aflame, both needing, and definitely both understanding each other. Taiki broke their eye contact as he rolled Ami so that he could undress her fully.

Now fully naked, Ami didn't fight for control anymore. She let him wander beyond her waist, the part of her body that was so sensitive she squirmed when his fingers travelled across her skin. He felt her moisture when his fingers travelled even lower, pressing her most sensitive part, making her arch her back.

they were all I ever knew
you won't need when I'm through

On the other part of the room, Minako had flipped Yaten over and was already lowering herself on his throbbing member. She let out a sigh as she was trying to get used again to him being inside her. Them senshis heal, thus their canals would always feel tight no matter how many times they do this. Luckily though, their bodies don't try to build the natural barrier or each time would have been agonizing. Yaten was rapt and looking at her, he let his hands clung at her love handles and he bent his knees a bit, all to make it easier for her.

She started moving up and down on him; taking him hard, taking him shallow, it's all up to her. Her breathe was so labored she wondered if she would collapse, she doesn't care, she knows he'll catch her. But before she lost all her senses, she heard a sharp gasp from the other woman in the room.

So stay with me
and hold me tight
and dance
like it's the last night of the world

Taiki had entered Ami fully so abruptly that she felt stretched even though she was already so wet and her legs were parted widely. Her breath had caught up in her throat. "Sorry… I…" he apologized and he stopped moving, waiting for her to nod or show consent.

The permission came after a while and he started slipping in and out of her, making the full length of his member fill her and then leave her. Her body trembled as the sensations he's causing bombard her senses. "Faster…" she demanded quietly and he willingly obliged.

I am happy today
For I know what to do
And my heart is not torn
Spirits know when to fly
When it's time
There's no reason to mourn

Minako had moved faster against Yaten also, her thighs tightening around him as her inner muscles became more and more stressed. She pounded on his shaft like her life depended on it; and then she stilled, her inner walls spastic, opening and closing against his member still inside of her. He saw her scrunch up her facial features and her lips parted while she reveled in her peak. He just loves her face this way, for he knows he's the only one that can elicit that reaction from her. He felt her juice flow from her but he was not about to come yet so he didn't pull out. She did collapse on his chest but she was not unconscious and a smile was tugging at her lips for she knows that this night is far from over.

Ami allowed her hands to trail up and down Taiki's back; she can feel it, her own build-up about to be released. "Taiki…" she moaned his name as she held herself against him, slightly rising from the floor as he rocked their worlds together to a rhythm way faster than their background music. Her arms clutched him tightly to stop him from moving, but more than that, her lower muscles had also tightened around him stopping movement altogether. Her toes curled and fluids seeped out from her and it felt like lubricant to him that had mainly paused in what he was doing. He let her catch her breath and let her back touch the floor once more.

You will be who you want to be - you
Can choose whatever heaven grants
As long as you can have your chance
I swear I'll give my life for you

"My turn?" Yaten asked, and when Minako nodded, he lifted her up and placed her on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off the edge. He entered her again, but this time, it was on his own pace. Her breath hitched as she bit her lower lip; she let him have fun. He pushed in, and then pulled out, only to go inside again and pull out. He was slow; too slow she thinks that she began to wonder if he really wanted to come. But when he bent down and fondled her breasts again with his lips, she understood: he wants her to ride high with him. And he was doing great actually, for a wave was coming at her again.

When Ami finally settled down and her inner muscles allowed movement, Taiki lifted both of her feet on his shoulders and pressed on, making his entry way deeper. She sighed again, but this time, because his already coated member had started to pump in and out of her being again; making her a paved path to ecstasy once more.

Soon, the rhythms increased and everyone tensed. The sound of gunfire resounded from the CD player but the room was bathed more in the sounds of people crying out the names of their lovers. They settled as the music was no more, cuddling against the warmth of the bodies pressed against them.


"Ami… Ami… Come on, wake up…" The blonde nudged the blue-haired girl beside her.

She shook her friend once more, and stronger this time.

"Hmmm?" Blue eyes fluttered open. "Good morning…" she mumbled while stifling a yawn.

The blonde giggled. "Had a really nice dream?"

Ami nodded. "Yeah… You wouldn't believe…" she trailed off.

"Let me guess, something wild and involving two couples?"

The first woman creased up her eyebrows together.

"I also thought it was just a dream when I woke up." The other woman furthered enthusiastically, and then pulled the sheet up for her friend. "See?" she motioned her to look down at herself.

Blue irises widened. "It uhmmm… It was… but… but…" she stuttered while blushing, and then stared at her friend.

"They must have left early and laid us on our bed…" Minako explained.

"So… it… did happen…" The blue haired one stated very slowly.

Minako pointed at one of the windows. "Look over there, that's proof enough…"

Ami saw that a portion of the curtains was missing, allowing the rays of the sun to enter their room. She blushed even further.

"Yes, you were clumsy." The blonde laughed as she saw the look on her friend's face.

"And you were noisy…" she shot back at her after getting over her shock.

Blonde eyebrows rose; but her eyes creased into a smile afterwards. "I never thought that of all people, it would be with you who I would be doing what we did last night…"

"Please, don't make it sound like… Like you know…" Ami pleaded.

"I never phrased it like that, it was your term!" Minako teased further, feigning innocence; but when she saw her friend was serious, sobered up also. "Look, I only meant that we are now weaved together through events that neither of us foresee coming; but I am genuinely glad it was you who was with me."

Ami looked confused, because she wasn't really the one that Minako turns to most of the time. Her friend saw her expression and explained.

"I know that whatever we got ourselves into this time is a lot more complicated than defeating some enemy or shooting attacks at some monster. We are fighting against the sons of our husbands or wives or whatever for crying out loud! But the point is, YOU could tell me when to stop using my heart and I could stop you from turning so cold."

Her friend nodded, smiled, and then sat up. "We should get dressed… Your entourage will pick you up soon." She suggested.

Minako's eyes widened. "The concert!" she screamed as she remembered; and then she shot out of the bed, unmindful of her nakedness and went straight to the bath.

Ami rolled her eyes and shook her head slightly in amusement as her eyes followed her friend; trust Minako to forget her own big show, she thought.