I don't know if I get all of the story straight, because where I am, I'm still watching episode eight. So. Yeah. Enjoy. I own nothing but ideas.

we're a pretty, pretty pair
(all of king's horses, all of his mean, couldn't tear us apart)



They're kinda the same

(in a way).

He's like a wild fire, catching on everything and hot and a mess, and even though you are fascinate by him sometimes, you're just going to end up getting burn.

And she's like this soft flame that lighten everything up, and makes you see things in a very new way, and when you come closer you're not going to get burn, you just glow.

But either way- they're illuminating each other.

Maybe it's the way he is, that makes her excited and thrilled and adrenaline rushed and instead of getting burn like everyone expects them to be, she just burns brighter. And it's the way she is, that makes him calmer and steadier and maybe even smarter at some aspects, because whenever she smiles for or because of him, he feel himself shining.

And it's amazing, and great, and maybe intimidating because nobody likes a big fire.

But they do, and even though a lot obstacles come to extinguish both of them, he still has her, and she still has him.

(and they love&love&love each other so much, sometimes it actually hurts)

But when their daughter came into the world, with that cheeky smile from him and red-headed like her, it's a whole new kind of fire which mesmerized both of them and set them crying just at the first sight of her. And he looks at his family with another type of roaring fire dancing behind his eyes, and she watches him and their daughter and thought that maybe, instead of damaging things like a real fire would, they're just here to create sparks- and oh how beautiful that spark is.

Especially if it's shown whenever their daughter smiles at both of them.

And they're all kinda the same

(but in a very pretty, pretty way).