Derek was freaking out, he couldn't find Isaac he had turned the whole Hale house upside down looking for the young wolf, he shouted at the young wolf and he ran off and when he tried to grab him he panic and bit Derek on the hand and then fled, he stopped and thought where would he ago and it dawned on him to go to Stiles house, it where all the pup's go when they need their pack mum, he left the house and got into his car and headed to Stiles' home.

The rain hammered down as Derek parked his car the sheriff was out on call tonight, getting out of his car he ran to the porch and took the key Stiles gave, he wiggled it in the door and then walked inside, becoming a regular face at the breakfast table, toeing off his shoe and taking his wet jacket off he headed towards Stiles room, where he heard two heart beats, he walked up the stairs and stood at the bed room door and before he could knock he heard "Come on in Derek." Stiles said, opening the door he saw Stiles sat on his bed with a sleeping Isaac on his side, his head in Stiles lap as Stiles ran his hand thought the young wolf's golden hair "I heard about what happen." He said

"I didn't mean to snap at him." He said

"You know he has trust issues." Stiles said

"I know I know, I been …"

"Moody." The room remind silent, both Derek and Stiles looked at each, Derek knowing that Stiles is not scared to look at him right in the eyes "Come and sit." He said and Derek know never to defy his mate as he moves over to the bed and sits down close to him "What is going on in that alpha head of yours." He smiled Derek growled at him, Isaac whimpered him sleep and nuzzled closer to Stiles "Don't growl at me Derek!" Stiles said frowning at him "What made you snap at my pup!"

"Want to mate full moon two days away and need you and knot everything happy!" he said in one breath, Stiles smiled at him and shook his head,

"Oh I see all this angry brooding alpha wants to consummate our bond." He smiled, Derek nodded "Ummm well you say you're sorry to Isaac and I will let you complete our bond." He said

Isaac woke up and looked at Derek and whimpered trying to hide himself behind Stiles "Well go on say sorry to our pup or no nookie?" He said, Derek looked at Isaac and the young pup looked back up at him and whined at him, Derek made the noise back and they Isaac licked Derek's hand where he had bit but the skin had heal ages ago, but licked it just the same,

"I'm sorry pup."

"I'm sorry for biting you." the blonde said

"Good now Derek put those PJ bottoms on and crawls in and sleep."