When Derek saw Stiles in his work clothes, he felt his jean's become too tight "What are you wearing?" he growled as he started to circle the teen

"I got a job, I need the money if my Jeep keeps get the raw end of the of a bashing." He said as Derek circled him once again "Will stop that!" Stiles yelled looked at Derek, who gave the wide eye trying to look innocent look


"Circling me, you acting like I am your neck meal." The teen said giving his own human growl that sent all the right shivers down Derek's back, the wolf didn't say anything as they stood in front yard of teen's home "Look your Royal creepiness I'm going to work your more than welcome to come and see me when I am home." he said as he slipped into his Jeep and drove off not missing the look on alpha's face.

Derek pace the floor over and over, Peter thought he was going to wear a hole in the wooden floors "Has that kid really got you all riddled off?" He smirked at him,

"He hasn't." Derek growled at him

"You know I hear these waiters nower days do a lot more than waiting for a bit of extra chase." He said as he looked at his nails


"You know what I mean Derek don't be so dense, I can imagine his pretty mouth warped around…"

"STOP STOP STOP!" Derek shouted grabbing his jacket and ran out the house, Isaac popped into the living room and hung over the sofa and looked down at Peter

"Whining him up again, you know Stiles will never for him if he turns up at his work and bend him over a table and screw him." The blonde said, the older wolf looked up and smiled

"I know but still it be fun to see." Both grin like nutters, Isaac goes off and head into the kitchen while Peter deices to call Derek and torture some more.

Stiles just set a couple's plats down when he saw Derek walk into the restaurant, he frowned and turned back to the couple "Is that everything?" he asked

"Yes thank you." they said to him and he walked off to see what Derek wanted, when he saw him having an argument with the head waiter he frowned

"Sir you can't just walk in here and demand to see one of our staff." He said, Derek looked ready to kill

"I want to see Stiles now!" he growled making the man jump

"Derek what are you doing get out of here!" he said, the wolf grabbed the teen's hand and pulled him towards himself "DEREK FOR EPPING SAKES!"

"I'm calling the police."

"What no!" Stiles yelled panicking "Don't please just ummm let me deal with him okay."

"Fine you have 10 mintues."


"That's all the time I need." Derek said pulling Stiles outside and then round to the ally way.

"What the hell is wrong with you, you don't just come in like that, I'm working Derek I am not like you or Jackson or Lydia I don't have money growing out of my ears I have to work."

"You're not sucking anyone's cock!" Derek yelled, Stiles took a step back and blinked

"Sorry?" Derek looked at him and frowned and then started to laugh, which scared Stiles even more "Stop laughing it's creepy, you don't laugh you growl and threaten." He said

"I'm sorry Stiles I was listening to Peter again." He smiled looking down at the floor

"I'm not following?" Derek gave him a look and then moved closer to him pinning him to the wall

"You look hot in your work clothes." He purred as he nuzzled into his neck and stared licking the pale skin

"D…Derek what are you doing."

"Taking my 10 minutes."