Author's Note: I Really Enjoyed Watching Paranorman,Hotel Transylvania, And Frankenweenie, and I Was Curious to know what would it be like if Norman And Victor, along with Sparky, were invited to HT by Mavis And Jonathon.

P.s. Norman's Sister Courtney comes along too.

Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Paranorman,Hotel Transylvania, Or belong to Laika,Sony pictures animation, and Disney.

Chapter 1

The full moon was out and Mavis couldn't help but just stare. Ever since she was a little girl, the moon had always caught her attention. With a sigh, she closed her window,and sat on her bed. Mavis's expression seemed to be a bit...Sad.

The young vampire just kept staring at the floor. She loved this hotel very much,her father, the guests, Jonathan, everything about it made her very thankful and happy. There was just one problem: Mavis wanted to invite new guests into her father's hotel because every monster she has known, met, and seen for 118 years were currently present in Hotel Transylvania, and Mavis really grew out of it.

A knock came from her bedroom door, and Mavis quickly sat up with a straight face as she quickly asked, "Yes, dad?"

"Mavis, it's me!"

"Oh sorry, Jonny. Come in."

The door opened as Jonathan quickly headed towards Mavis, who was standing by her window with a sweet smile that showed her fangs.

"Why didn't you come to the lobby?" Jonathan asked.

"I was tired," Mavis replied, she really didn't want to tell him what was really going on in her mind. "I think I'm still tired from our last trip. That really got me."

She hoped Jonathan had believed her, but she knew he didn't. He knew who was lying and who spoke the truth. Even though she wasn't human, Jonathan still didn't believe her. He knew the real Mavis, and the real Mavis in front of him had something going on through her head.

"Babe," he said softly, " Just tell me what's the matter."

"Nothing. I'm just tired from our last trip that's all."

"Which was over a 3 months ago?" he frowned.

Mavis was busted. She knew Jonathan had won. So she told him everything.

"So," he asked, " Your tired of seeing the same monsters come and go and you want to see new monsters for once?"

Mavis nodded sadly

Jonathan's head lit up as he quickly ran to where his backpack was. He was almost there until he crashed into Dracula who had been walking nearby.

"Vhat in name of-"

"Heycountnicetoseeyouagainjus twantedtosaythatcapeiskillin gitagaingottagobye!"

Jonathan quickly left in a flash leaving Dracula confused.

Jonathan ran all the way down to the lobby to a room his traveling pack was in. He quickly unzipped his pack and dug through it like there was no tomorrow. "Come on ,where is it?" he mumbled.

Finally his eyes widened as he held onto the object with a huge grin spread across his face. This is something that will make Mavis's frown upside down.