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"Ugh! We're never gonna find them," Courtney groaned, "We've been searching for nearly 2 hours!"

"Sorry dude, but we gotta keep looking." Jonathan told her.

Mavis was the only one keeping quiet. She was desperate to find the 3 missing hotel guests before anyone, including her father, knew. However, she had a bad feeling they were already noticed.

Jonathan looked at his girlfriend's worried expression, and gave her a loving warm embrace.

"It's ok, Mavis. I don't think anyone, even Drac, seen them yet."

"Your right," she sighed, "Maybe they ran into the shadows for hiding. Just like uncle Wayne would say."

They leaned in for a passionate kiss until Courtney interrupted, "Seriously, now's the time for this?"

They let go of each other and straightened themselves up. she was right. Now wasn't the time for any kisses or hugs. Now was the time to find Norman, Victor, and Sparky.

"Best if we check the main lobby. Everyone will be surprised to see us, but what other choice do we have." Mavis stated, "Come on, let's go."

Transforming into a bat, she flapped towards the closest elevator, while Jonathan and Courtney followed. As they got in, Jonathan pushed the button that would take them downstairs to the main lobby inside the hotel.

"I hope Sparky is down here," Victor pleaded as the elevator he and Norman took finally made it down to the lobby.

"Don't worry, Victor," Norman replied, "I'm pretty sure he outta be down here some- "

Norman was cut off when their elevator dinged open, and inside were hundreds of monsters both boys didn't expect to see down here.

However, everyone was too busy to notice them. Many monster's were continuing to reserve their rooms and get a good seat for the dinner and the movie that would be held after.

"Wow," Norman stated, "There's a lot of monsters."

Victor gulped as he saw a flying gargoyle holding a plate of worms inside a cake, "Yup."

Finally, they quietly stepped out and hid behind a corner watching everyone else come and go about their business.

"What do they call this place anyways?" Norman asked.

Victor shrugged and kept an eye out for Sparky. Hoping he didn't die out yet.

Dracula continued to run past many of his hotel guests down to the main lobby. Running as fast as he could, he looked down at a uncharged Sparky in his arms.

"Don't vorry. I'll help you leetle Sparky." Suddenly, an idea came in the count's mind once he noticed the dog's bolts.

"Bolts! Dat's eet! You need some lightning dat's all!"

He turned around and sped to a nearby room that wasn't very far from Mavis's that had a sign which read,

Do Not Enter

Top Secret

Only Dracula was allowed to be in there because it was very dangerous for his hotel guests, including his daughter. He opened the door and shut it right behind him as the lights slowly turned on.

The room was medium sized, and contained many different experiments, spells, and weird creatures kept inside jars. In the middle of the room, was a table with chains that connected to the roof, which had an open door that faced the sky.

Placing Sparky carefully on the table, Dracula covered his lifeless corpse with a white sheet blanket, and made his way over to a closet. He opened it and hanging inside was a white lab coat with goggles that would protect his eyes when doing any type of experiment.

Taking off his cape, Dracula put on the lab coat and placed the goggles over his eyes. The coat was as long as his cape, and covered his black thin polished shoes.

"Ok, let's see." He made his way over to several different machinery, and tried to find the right one that would help recharge and bring Sparky back to life.

2 machines caught the count's attention as he examined the others. The first one was steel gray and warned it was hot when turned on. It was the size of a vans shoebox, and Dracula had no idea what this machine would do. He shrugged and placed it to the side as he glanced at the second machine.

This machine was steel black and was as large as an HDtv. He read the instructions carefully, deciding to use this to help with his experiment.

"Warning: Zee machine you are about to use eez very dangerous. Can cause death."

Perfect! This would help him reanimate Sparky! Carefully looking on the side of the machine, he read the steps slowly and carefully.

"Step 1: Place de object on de counterpart so eet can enter de machine."

He turned back to look at the dog's corpse, covered by the blanket. With a sigh, he walked over to him, and carefully picked him up.

While the blanket was still on top, Dracula slowly set Sparky down onto the counterpart and straightened the sheet correctly.

"Step 2: Turn de machine on."

It was a little hard to see with the goggles on, but Dracula managed to find the on/off switch. His long bony finger flicked it up, and the machine started to come to life.

Dracula grinned wide enough that his teeth were showing as he made his way back to the instructions.

"Step 3: Eef you turned de machine on, make sure you stand a few feet back eef you want to avoid any damage to yourself, de object, and de machine."

Not liking that last step, Dracula's expression dropped as the machine began to swallow Sparky's body inside.

The count began to get worried, and walked on over to the instructions, and looked down at the last step.

"Step 4: Object weel come out of other end when done. Please wait patiently for ding sound. Eef you have any problems, please press de button on your right."

Dracula, however, didn't have any problem. He just hoped that this old piece of junk would help reanimate the dog who had startled his hotel, and chased Griffin.

He walked over to the other end of the machine, and peeked through a tiny hole, as lightning was striking Sparky. It was protected by small strong glass so it couldn't break, and it was also sound proof.

"Hang in there, friend." He smiled softly and started to wait patiently.

Mavis, Jonathan, and Courtney's elevator dinged open as they walked out and entered the lobby. Courtney was terrified by what she was seeing. Everyone there were Monsters!

She was hidden behind Mavis's back and tried her best trying not to scream or make any eye contact. Mavis giggled and stated,

"Don't worry Courtney, there all harmless. Trust me."

Jonathan was walking through the crowd, calling for Norman, Victor, and Sparky's names. However, there was no luck.

"Hmmm. That's interesting." Mavis told Jonny as he walked back to her, "Everyone is so busy they don't really seem to notice anything. Not even us."

"That's cause the monster feast is tonight." A familiar voice said from behind them.

All three turned around and saw that it was Frank, who looked really happy to see them. He gave Mavis a sweet hug, and nearly crushed Jonathan in his. He let them go, and grinned.

"So! How have you guys been! How was the trip to Disneyland!"

Jonathan chuckled to himself, and Mavis replied back to her uncle, "It was great! Met new people, and brought a new friend of mine with me!"

"Is it that young lady behind you?"

Mavis looked back at Courtney, who was still behind her back. She grinned and nodded her head, and turned into a bat. She moved out the way to leave her face to face her Uncle, who looked very pleased.

"This is Courtney." Jonathan stated, "She's staying for the feast tonight and for a few more days."

"Well, Courtney. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Frankenstein, but please call me Frank for short. Matter of fact, you can call me Uncle Frank." He shook her hand.

"Pleasure to meet you too." She straightened herself up, and began to feel more confident as she was shaking the hand of the real Frankenstein monster. She had never expected anything like that to happen in her entire life.

"Hey, Uncle Frank?" Mavis asked, "Where's everybody else?"

"Oh, were sitting outside by the pool." He replied, "We were sitting in the relaxing area earlier, but things got a bit complicated for us when a strange looking dog was chasing Griffin, and startled everybody. But don't worry, your father took care of it."

Mavis and Jonathan gulped. Dracula seen Sparky! Great, now they might be in trouble for this, or maybe would be asked a serious amount of questions the count would blab about.

"Come on." Frank said, "Were having sweets!" he teased as he stomped towards the back door of the lobby.

"We'll be right there!" Jonathan called out.

Mavis and Courtney looked at each other, and stared back at him as he said,

"Well, I guess we can't hide this secret any longer. I mean, Frank just saw Courtney, and everyone else seen Sparky. Your dad now probably has him, and we still gotta find Norman and Victor. Wherever they are."

"Here." Mavis interrupted, "Courtney and I will go out back by the pool with everybody else. You just look for them before the feast tonight."

"What about your dad?"

Mavis shrugged, "He's got Sparky, and he'll probably come down in a bit. We'll ask him questions when he does, but first, I need to talk to everyone and say hello before my dad thinks I was being rude and didn't say anything to anybody."

"Alright." Jonathan pulled Mavis against him, and placed his lips onto hers. When their kiss was finished, they let go of each other, and head their opposite directions.

Dracula was nearly half asleep. Why was this old piece of junk taking so long to reanimate Sparky? Concerned, he turned into a bat and flew over to the instructions.

Flapping his wings, the count reread the instructions over again, just in case if he didn't get something right.

"Ok, ok." he said and then mumbled the instructions to himself. "I did eet all correctly, so vhat could be wrong?"

He was tired standing on his feet waiting, so he just soared around the room, and avoided getting anywhere close by the machine.

When he transformed, the lab coat and goggles featured on him, shrunk to bat size. So he was basically a science bat at the moment.

He hummed the 'Zing' song to himself as he continued to soar around the room, until he was interrupted by the ding sound that would let him know when it was all done.

He flapped over and transformed back, clothes and all, and devilishly grinned wide as the machine door opened.

Gray smoke came from all directions, as it began to slowly fill the room, and out came Sparky. The white sheet blanket was still on top of him, but was slightly black from all the electricity and smoke that swarmed around it.

His expression dropped when he failed to see any movement from the body.

"Nonononononono," he said, "You have to be alive! The machine!"

He looked around, trying his best not to get angry that it failed to work, until something caught his attention at the corner of his eyes.

A toolbox

He lifted the goggles off of his eyes and placed them on top of his head. He opened the toolbox with his vampire powers, and each tool flew out and were facing him.

"Tweezers? No."

"Nail cleepers? Vhat are these even doing in here?"

The tools Dracula rejected to use carefully flew back into the box. There were Cockroaches and beetles crawling out. Dracula licked his lips hungrily at each of them, and pleasantly gulped the bugs all down. Some whole, some chewed up a bit.

"Aha!" he grinned as he stared at the last tool. "Deez vill help!"

The tool fell into his open hands slowly. It was a stethoscope that Dracula needed to use so he could see if Sparky's heart was beating or not.

As he made his way over to the machine, he stopped for a minute. Inside of him, he felt like there was too much air trapped or maybe a few bugs he swallowed whole were trying to find a way out to avoid going into his stomach. His hand banged against his chest, and a large burp came out.

"Whoa." he said to himself, "Dat vas a beeg one."

Standing in front of the white sheet blanket now, he placed the stethoscope in his ears and moved it around the dog's chest. His expression saddened as he realized their was a problem.

The machine didn't work.

And neither did Sparky.

This almost made him cry. He had hoped that this machine once would bring back Martha, but it didn't. And now, it did the same thing for Sparky.

He placed a gentle hand on top of his body, and petted it softly.

"I'm so sorry, my dear friend." He lowered his head and did something no one would expect him to do.

He hugged Sparky.

A few minutes passed, and one small tear came from Dracula's eye as it dropped onto the sheet. After what seemed to work, didn't.

And that was that.


Sparky's tail was sticking out on the other end of the sheet, and it slowly...began to sway back and forth. The other hand of Dracula was now beginning to be licked. Grossed out and shocked, the count let go and stepped back.

What? Did it? No, it didn't. It didn't work.

Oh, was Dracula in for a surprise.

Sparky whimpered and his head poked out of the sheet. He looked around the room and saw him, who looked rather shocked instead of happy. He smiled sweetly at him as he continued to wag his tail.

Dracula couldn't help, but just run back over to Sparky and greet him with the biggest grin he could give to anyone.


Sparky was now reanimated, and jumped out from underneath the sheets. He was happy he was back, and since Victor wasn't here, this man had brought him back from the grave... for the third time.

Dracula laughed happily at the machine and Sparky. After 118 years, it never worked for him until today. And this very day it finally worked, for Sparky and Himself.

Sparky was so happy that he was happy, he trotted over to him, and licked his cheek. The count stopped laughing for a second and flashed bloody red eyes at him and roared.

Sparky stared in shock and yelped, as he jumped off the machine and hid underneath the table the count first placed him on.

Dracula's eyes turned back to normal, as a terrified Sparky slowly poked his head out. He looked back up at the vampire and continued to whimper.

"Eef you don't vant me to roar, Sparky, den don't do dat ever again." He continued to stare at him until he made it to the closet his cape was in. Sparky watched as he took off the lab coat and goggles, and his cape magically came back on.

"Ahhhh, much better." he said to himself.

Another cockroach was spotted on the corner of the his eyes, and Sparky watched in disgust as Dracula grabbed it and plopped it into his mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, deleicious." he swallowed and started licking his fingers.

Sparky gave him an 'are you crazy' stare, but the count didn't seem to notice. He was too busy licking his fingers and lips.

Dracula caught at least 3 more and ate them, and faced Sparky.

"Cockroaches and beetles are good for my blood. Dey help my wings get stronger." he burped.

He was then attracted by some voices coming from outside. He opened one of the windows and looked straight down at the pool area. Sitting around the pool with their feet in the water were, Frank, Eunice, Wayne, Wanda, Griffin, Murray, a blonde human girl in a pink outfit, and Mavis.

Dracula gasped happily. His daughter was back! He was a little disappointed that he was too busy to go downstairs, but didn't care. She came back and was glad she came before the feast in a few hours.

"My baby has returned! We must go to dee pool area immediately!" He transformed into a bat and looked down at Sparky, who just stared at him blankly.

"Come on, boy! Let's go!" he whistled to him.

Sparky didn't move a muscle.

"Oh no you don't!" The count transformed back.

Sparky hid back underneath the blanket, but was being pulled on the tail by Dracula.

"Ahahahaha! Gotchu!"

However he fell back and oofed. Confused at first, he saw that he was holding Sparky's tail. It had ripped off.

With a sigh he held onto it with one hand, and swooped underneath the table and grabbed him. Dracula used vampire speed to get out of the lab room and down to the pool area, as he continued to clutch onto Sparky.

Dracula sped into an elevator and dinged pool area. As he did, the elevator doors closed, and began to head down.