Trying to update this one too, you guys and girls know the drill. Anyways here you go. This is the best I could come up with, especially after taking such a long break.


"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME GRANDPA?!" Konohamaru yelled out as he noticed that all of his hair had been shaved off, and they were now outside of the village wall at some old temple.

"Oh nothing Kono, its just that you have become a bit of a handful lately, so I have decided to put you in a bit of an afterschool program." Sarutobi said as Kono grumbled.

"What was the point of shaving my head?!" He yelled still not happy about his bald head, he looked like one of those bald headed babies that he saw in the hospital one time, he didn't like it.

"And what is with this old place?! It look haunted!" Konohamaru said a little creeped out.

"I will ask that you show respect boy." A voice said from behind him as he jumped a few feet in the air and landed on the ground on his ass.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" He yelled as he suddenly felt a smack on the back of his head.

"I am your new sensei, now go and get changed into these." He said as he threw him a set of monk clothes.

"What? I don't need to listen to yo-" He was cut off as he got another smack on the head.

"NOW!" Naruto yelled as Konohamaru scampered off to go change into the clothes.

"I must say, that was impressive." Sarutobi said as even he had trouble getting him to obey.

"Oh trust me, you ain't see nothing yet, just wait til we get to the easy stuff." Naruto asked as Sarutobi raised an eyebrow.

"Don't you mean the hard stuff?" He asked as Naruto shook his head.

"Nope the easy stuff." He said as Konohamaru came back.

"These clothes itch! And they are an eyesore!" Konohamaru said as he felt another smack on the back of his head.

"NEVER DISS ORANGE!" Naruto proclaimed with a smile on hs face, but with a stern voice, he then cleared his throat.

He wondered what he should make Konohamaru do first, he thought and thought, until eventually a lightbulb went off in his head, and he got a shit eating grin on his face. He then looked to the third hokage and smiled, the third could tell he had something evil planned out. Funny, he could have sworn monks were supposed to be passive, but then he remembered how brutal Naruto's training regimen sounded, so he just let it slide.

"Okay, lets start with fifty fingertip push ups." Naruto said as Konohamaru's eyes bulged out of his head.

"Fifty! I can't do that many!" He said as Naruto suddenly got a big head.

"YES YOU CAN!" He said as he scared Kono again and he instantly got down and started doing them.

"1...ow...2...ow...3...ow!" Konohamaru said as he wasn't used to that type of push up.

Meanwhile while he was doing that. Naruto and the third were having an interesting conversation about tea herbs, Naruto had brought some of his own from the temple, and Sarutobi had to admit, it tasted quite bad, but the feeling you got from drinking it was amazing. He swore he felt younger and rejuvenated, Naruto said that it was a herb he saw the monks use, it kept them healthy and strong, so Sarutobi instantly wanted to know the name and where he could find some. But then he looked back at Konohamaru who was still struggling.

"You know, I should really get back to the office, I have paperwork to do." He said as Naruto shook his head.

"No you're fine, I left a shadow clone in your place." He said as Sarutobi's eyes widened.

"Wait, you're doing my paperwork willingly?!" He asked shocked at that prospect.

"When you do organizing and occasional book keeping for the Shaolin Temple, paperwork doesn't really bother you, especially when you're a fast reader, and can easily identify whats crap and what isn't." He said as Sarutobi shrugged.

"Okay then I guess I'll watch." He said as he wanted to see what one day at the temple could do to his grandson.

"Sensei...I finished..." Konohamaru said as Naruto smiled.

"Good, on to the next exercise!" He said as Konohamaru went wide eyed.

"WHAT?! Don't I even get a break?!" He yelled again as Naruto laughed.

"Nope! You should consider yourself lucky, when I was your age, I was doing much tougher training then you! Anyways here you go." He said as he pulled out a tire swing, and tied the rope to konohamaru.


Naruto sat down on the tire and looked at Konohamaru.

"Now then, lets take a small stroll down to the village." He said as Konohamaru once again looked at him like he was insane.

"The village?! But Grandpa carried me a few miles out here! And are you saying I have to drag you th-" He was cut off by Naruto going nuts again.

"NO! YOU'LL RUN!" He said as he held up a whip.

"OH HELL!" Konohamaru said as he took off running at a...slow pace.

"I'VE SEEN SNAILS MOVE FASTER THEN YOU!" Naruto yelled as they continued to go down the path at a snail's pace.

"...Kind of violent and crazy for a monk." Sarutobi said as Naruto appeared before him.

"One of my masters one time had me stand completely still and calm while he hit me with a bamboo rod all over...have you ever gotten hit with a bamboo rod in the testicles?! Well let me tell hurts! It hurts a lot!" Naruto said shivering from when he had to go through that training.

Why he had to go through Iron crotch training is beyond him. Either way, he was glad that he didn't have to do it very long, because it was...horrible.

"Ouch...why do they put you through that?" He asked as Naruto thought about it.

"You know...I still don't know. And I don't really want to know." He said as Sarutobi suddenly realized something.

"Wait a second! You were on that tire!" He said as Naruto grinned.

"Oh yeah I still am, I'm just a shadow clone to keep you company." He said as he held out a tin of pipe tobacco.

"Where did you get that?" Sarutobi asked as Naruto smiled.

"I got it from your office, figured you would want some." He said as Sarutobi smiled.

"Keep this up, I might just make you Konohamaru's teacher everyday." He said as Naruto grinned.

"He could live in the temple." He said as Sarutobi shook his head.

"Maybe after he graduates the academy, until then, We'll keep him on your light training." Sarutobi said as they heard a scream in the distance.

"You know now that I think about it...its obvious Konohamaru isn't Asuma's son...but hes your who are his parents?" Naruto asked the old man because he was confused.

"Oh thats easy, his parents are-" He was cut off by Konohamaru screaming and running back to the temple.

"What the hell? There is no way he could have run that fast and back on his first day." Naruto said as he heard a roar.

"Oh, looks like he had been a bit of help." He said as the real Naruto was sitting calmly on the tire while a tiger was chasing them.

"Wait a second, there are no tigers around here!" Sarutobi said as Naruto's shadowclone turned to him.

"Oh thats our pet tiger tiger." He said as Sarutobi looked at him weird.

"Wait a second, you didn't have a tiger with you when you arrived, and you didn't get him here...where did he come from?" He asked as Naruto looked at the tiger.

"Oh thats easy, turns out he followed my scent from the temple and found me here a few days later, he's a tiger that we tamed at the temple, and he also helps us with training, especially with the new monks who need extra incentive training...I remember my first day, they had me running with ankle and arm weights wearing a weighted vest while being chased by him." Naruto said remembering the fond memories.

"But he won't hurt Konohamaru? I mean I still love my grandson and don't want him dead." Sarutobi said as Naruto waved him off.

"Oh yeah, Yin won't hurt him, just shake him up a little." He said as they saw Konohamaru run past.

"I WANT MY MOMMY!" He yelled as he took off the rope harness and ran inside the temple.

"Wow...did you see how fast he moved?" The real Naruto said as the shadow clone burst into smoke and Sarutobi looked at the tiger that was now laying down on the ground.

"You know, for a monk, You're kind of an asshole." Sarutobi said as Naruto shrugged.

"For the first few days I am, but I get nicer...the training just gets tougher." He said as he walked into the temple.

"Come on Kono! Time for some simpler stuff, go and punch the training dummies a thousand times!" Naruto said as Konohamaru yelled back at him.

"HELL NO!" He yelled as he wasn't coming out.

"Would you rather be chased by the tiger again?" Naruto asked as Konohamaru came out with a sad look on his face.

"I' it." He said with a dejected look on his face.

"Fantastic!" Naruto said as they got back to training.


After a long day of running, jumping, sparring, lifting, crawling, and all in all intense training. Konohamaru looked like he was ready to die, but that was only because of the fact that he was exhausted and couldn't go any further. All in all, not a bad start to a first day.

"Bring him back tomorrow." Naruto said as he retrieved a now exhausted and unconscious Konohamaru.

"Will do, maybe whenever he misbehaves or tries another assassination attempt, I'll send him back to you for extra training." He said as Naruto gave him a thumbs up.

"Will do!" He said as he walked back into the temple.

Konohamaru was officially screwed.