Sorry if the first chapter isn't that good it's my first story but if you keep reading i promise it'll get better

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I wake up from my sleep. You ask: Why the hell is he yelling? Well it all started one and a half year ('s) ago. When I started having dreams about these…kids? They were about my age they were 5 at first now they were 6. One of which was an alien… Some kids thought I was on drugs or something. (I honestly had no clue... how that crossed their minds.)

But now and like how they started they felt real it looked all so oh so real. What they felt, it was like I felt it too. It occurred to me that, well hell, they may just be real. Well as you can figure, by then, I thought I was going insane. I even called my good friend Ash, to tell him. He even called me crazy and, well hung up the phone on me. So looks like I'm alone in this… whatever "it" was.

I sat up in my bunk bed. I kind of forget about that part and I rammed the top of my head to the ceiling. "Ouch!" I yelled. Then I put my hand over my mouth. I forgot! My dad and mum were sleeping! "Shit." I whispered under my breath.

The door was opening! Crap. My mum walked in. "Blake what the," she yawned. Still tried she said "hell are you doing up so late?" she asked me. I looked at the clock: 4:29am. Oh, oops. That's why. My mum gets up at 5:00 so I could understand the reason why her eyes looked very, very annoyed.

"Sorry mum," I said to comfort her enough to leave "I'll go to bed." I give her my best smile. And with that she left. I did lie down but, I couldn't go to bed I had to think I had too much to think about. Like for one. The kids. My dream was so, so sad. All the kid's…died but they weren't kids as the dreams went on. They grow up. And died... Fighting… for this planet. I wiped away a tear. And besides this dream was 3 years at least in the further. So I could… try and… stop it from all from happing. I only had 2 days before my first dream took place. And hell I planned to save them. And with that I fell asleep.

2 days later the night it all started

I wake up. That day, still haven't decided what I would say when the day came. I would have to tell them, sooner or later. 'Oh I have been having, dreams about you… and well… I come to save you!' No way that would that ever work.

I took off at 3:00 pm. Cause it was a Monday and all. So after school I headed to the mall. But it was then that I realized something wrong with my plan: I've only soon these kids in my dreams. They may totally look different in real life. I mean I know where they might be at but, shit me. I could look for the girls… Or the boys. I' ma just flip a coin. Heads-boys. Tails- girls. I flipped the coin! There it goes! And it is, a. Crap, tails… well clothes ail here I come!