This is Chapter 7! This part will be a little random. But it's starting of where we last left of in Chapter 6. Hope you enjoy! And will finish up this book. Hope you enjoy this.

Ch. 6

Where we last left off…

"I'm here." She said. She gets up and wrapped her arms around me. And she started to cry. I hugged her tighter. "Tobias is at the vets' hospital. He was hit by a bus." She took a breath in. "And I think he saw us… kissing." She said and at that moment everything went into slow motion. My heart stopped.

"What? Is he okay?" I asked. I was worried. My heart was pounding. I couldn't breathe. I looked at her, she looked back. "What are we waiting for? Let's go! Come on!" I said. I went to my closet and grabbed my sweat-shirt. "Okay let's go. Shall we?" We left, and I said bye and said I'll be back soon.

"Is anyone else coming?" I asked.

"Yes, everyone is already there. But you and me." Rachel said. We walked up the steps of the vet hospital. Jake, Cassie, and Marco were by Tobias's bed. And they were talking. I and Rachel walked in. Everyone looked at us.

"Hey guys." I said. With a friendly voice of course, they looked at us. At first I thought they knew about me and Rachel. I mean only Cassie did.

I think? Right?

"Tobias told us that he saw you two kissing. And he told us why he flew into that bus." Jake said. Well then, they know.

"He really cares for you, Rachel." Cassie said. She was looking at Rachel, not me. To tell, everyone was looking at her. "He'd do anything for you. He even said: 'I'd give up my life for her'." Cassie said. Then they all looked at me.

"Blake… you knew about this right?" Jake said. I looked at him.

And I said the truth. "Yes I knew that Rachel and Tobias liked each other." I said, I looked at all of them in turn. "I tried to stop it I tried."

"Then why didn't you try to avoid it?" Marco said. This came to me a bit of a shock. I mean a shock to me as Marco was saying this.

"I tried. But me trying back fired on my ass." I said they looked. They all had blank faces. I couldn't read them.

"Ok then, it's not your fault." Cassie said. She looked like she meant it too.

But something happened all at once. The first thing I noticed was that Tobias was waking up. This was a good thing that is until I noticed that he was flying towards me. And the second thing was that Rachel kissed me on the lips as if to say goodbye. And thirdly is that everyone was racing towards me and Rachel as if to stop us from kissing.

And that's when it happens for the first time. I die. Tobias was flying towards me. Fast and he kept on attacking me. It hurt like hell I yelled and cried. The pain was so intense; it was like dying over and over and over again.

You know when they say when you like dying; your life flashes before your eyes? Well it's not like that. At all. Only the parts you love flash before your eyes. And during all that pain that Tobias was giving me. I focused on one thing the life I love flashing before my eyes and all the things I saw had one thing in common: Rachel. I was in love with Rachel! I only wish when I came back; I could remember her. But no I had to come back as a stupid baby! I yelled, the blood pouring out of me. The pain killing me, the love I hold for Rachel choking at my heart. I looked past the insane gone mad Tobias. I looked at Rachel and smiled. "Rachel-I-I-" I said, I was dyeing my vision getting blurry. My eyes were closing. And with one more blow to my body from Tobias I died. That was it... unless! Wait the Ellimist! "YOU GET OUT HERE YOU!" I yelled out into the darkness. Out came the Ellimist "You listen to me. You let me live and! Let me keep my age." I said this made him take a while to respond too.

"How come you are asking this of me?" The Ellimist asked.

"I love Rachel. And I can't help them if I'ma baby! Now can I." I said, I looked straight at his face. He looked back.

"Fine, BUT, just this once will I let this sly. Just… this… ONCE!" Then the Ellimist vanished and I was coming back to life. It felt weird. When I was, I mean it wasn't like being born. Not at all, I wake up they pulled Tobias away and tied him to his bed. Rachel and the others ran over to me.

"He's-he's-he's alive!" Cassie yelled to the others. They were by me now. I wake up a little bit more, and I yelled.

"I LOVE RACHEL!" I yelled, now I have no idea what made me say this but, I did. They looked at me, they didn't move, they were like stone. I looked at each in turn. "Um, well guys I'm alive that's good." Then I looked around me, I saw blood. My blood… I looked at my-self. I was still healing. The wounds were sewing back together. Like a puzzle almost.

"Wow." Marco gasped. "That's cool!" Rachel hit him on the arm. "Ow!" he howled.

"Marco have a heart he just died!" Rachel and Cassie said together. I looked at them.

"It's good to see you guys again!" I said I hugged all of them. "It's so good to be alive again!" I said. I got up. "Sorry if I'm getting too close for you guys." I looked at Rachel. "I have to go for a while. I have to take a break." I said. I walked out the door and down the hall.

We didn't talk that much after then. We hang out and did missions. Then one day we started talking.

"So is everything cool? Between all of us?" I asked the group. They all stared at each other.

"Yeah why wouldn't it be cool between us?" Jake said. I took a sip out of my Icee.

"Cool, um hey Rach can I talk to you. Alone." I said I got up and Rachel followed me.

"What is it Blake? What do you want to say?" Rachel said. Her eyes were like diamonds. I get closer.

"You know, when I died my life did flash before my eyes." I said she looked at me with a particular expression. "Well not all of it flashed before my eyes, only the things I love." I stepped in closer to her and I put my hand in hers. "And what I saw Rachel. Was you." Just then I felt something I fell to the ground and was dreaming. I heard screaming pain. Then I saw… my family. Being tortured, boom! My mum fell to the ground, dead. Then my dad, my brother! But not my sister… no… no! It can't be, she's a controller! I saw Jake running towards her. As fast as he could to kill her… Then I wake up. Gasping for air. "Rachel I saw… Death…" I said, "Anyway do you wanna go on a date some time?" I asked.

"Sure why not." She said.

"Sorry I-I have to go now! My family's in danger!" I said as I ran towards my house.

Five minutes later at the house.

I was at my house I pushed open the door. Everyone was here, but there were more than just them. There were Taxxons. 20 of them at least, I ran towards one and slammed my fist into its head. Blood come out, and some of it was left on my hand. I looked and saw my sister, she was a controller. "Meghan, no… what are you doing! What are these things?!" I yelled I ran towards her a Taxxon grabbed me.

"Don't play dumb with me Blake. This Body knows when you're lying." The Controller or my sister said.

"What! Ok fine I know what you are!" God why is this happening to me!

"Are you an Animorph Blake?" She asked. No not this!

"Uh, well…" I took a breath in. "I am. Ok! Happy you mother fuc-" I stopped mid- sentence.

"How cute, I am gonna have fun giving you hell!" She said. Meghan walked up to me. She had a knife! She stabbed it into me.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" I yelled. I looked behind her and saw everyone else. Next thing I know we were at the same place we were at when I had the dream. This is where I lose all my family; this is where it all happens…

I was up and fighting. I was tied up, I wanted to save them. I knew I couldn't. I had a dream I was tied up, and there was no way of saving them… unless! Ha! I closed my eyes and began to morph the Komodo dragon. I saw them kill my mum, my dad then, then- my-my brother. I was almost done morphing, BAM! I heard the last bullet being fired... my brother fell to the ground. {NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!} I yelled in pain. My whole Family was dead now. Then that's when Jake came. He ran towards my sister. I jumped in the way he took a bit out of me, that was meant for my sister.

{Blake that's a controller what are you doing?!} Jake asked. I looked at him right to his tiger eyes.

{THAT'S MY SISTER!} I yelled only to him.

{Blake I'm so, so sorry but we have to. She has to die.} He said. I looked at him with such anger. I felt like I was going to explode.

{Then we kill your Brother!} I yelled. Whoa, that was a bit un-called for, but it's too late to take it back now.

{What… No he's my brother…} He said

{Well then, she's my sister!} I screamed at him.

{I'm sorry Blake.} He said it was then that I realized what he was doing, he was attacking her. He was on here, clawing in deep. {NOOO!} I yelled as I charged towards Jake. I knocked him down, my sister only having a claw mark on.

{Don't do it let's just leave!} I said. He looked at me.

{No.} He said. But I stopped him. I clawed him over and over again.

{We can take her for three days and get the yeerk out of her!} I said.

{Ok we'll do that.} Jake said, he charged and he had her. I was demorphing during this. That's when we saw the Visser come out. In one of the best Morphs he had.

"Jake get the hell out of here! I'll take him well you get out with my sister! GO!" I yelled at Jake. He was about to fight back but he decided against it. "Hello Visser Three. I am Blake and I am the only Human Animorph. Nice to meet you, I'm Blake." I said with a grin across my face.

{So you are the only Human Animorph. Huh? How pitiful, you weakling Human will die!} He throws his right arm at me, he missed, then he tried again, and he hit me. I flew against the wall, and damn did that hurt!

"Look Visser, how about you leave Earth and never come back?" I asked. I mean I knew this was never ever gonna work. But I had to try at least? Right? He looked at me and laughed.

"HA! Leave? Now why would I do that Human?" Visser three asked. Now this was a good question to ask. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Wait… you know what no I don't, I mean that in the meanest way possible, as mean as it can get! Also I know he was never gonna say yes to me. Why would he? He hates Humans so… he would never leave if he didn't have to. So that was that. He wasn't going unless we made him leave. This is not going to be that day.

"Cause I said and I'm not giving up till I die! Again!" I said as I got ready in my fighting stance. "HERE WE GO!"

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