For years it's been Gabriella Montez, a boring, Victorian old fashioned prude. I never did anything wrong and made sure I did everything right. And I mean, everything. I always arrived 5 minutes prior to the beginning of classes, woke up 5 minutes before my buzzing alarm each morning, picked out my clothes the night before I wear them, my hand is always raised in class and I make sure all assignments were complete exactly one week before they were due. I had never gotten in trouble once. I never chewed gum in class, never snuck out to the hallway to send a text message and never in my life have I gotten a detention. Yep, I was a down right goody-two-shoes.

I'm not exactly bullied at East High, people just see me in a certain goody-goody light, and I just think it annoys them. But you want to know the crazy part? It annoys me too.

Gabriella sat it homeroom all alone. She looked at the large clock on the wall, it read 8:25am, five minutes before school began. She practically counted down the seconds until the clock finally hit 8:30am. Her eyes darted toward the door as she heard a joyful scream coming from the hallway. Why can't I be out there? She burst out of the inner workings of her mind when the horrible East High bell rang. She felt a little bit stupid sitting in the front row of her homeroom, it meant all the students got to stare at her close up and roll their eyes at her innocence and her goal to be the perfect student.

"If it isn't Lisa Simpson" a certain male voice said. Gabriella knew it was Troy Bolton. He sat behind her in homeroom and always gave her a hard time. It wasn't like he poked his finger in her face and insulted her, it was more like a few comments on her image. It was tolerable. In fact, he even made her laugh a couple of times. He was without a doubt the most gorgeous boy in the world, even Gabriella was well aware of that. But what she wasn't aware of was that she was the most gorgeous girl too. Perhaps people didn't see it behind her glasses, her perfect pony tail and tailored conservative clothes. She never wore makeup, not even lip gloss, not even chap stick. She didn't own contacts and she definitely didn't own anything that was too short.

"I would rather be Lisa than Bart" she said, her voice crystal clear, coming from her perfect posture.

"Hey, I'm happy being Bart, he's the coolest character of them all. Why don't you just switch off Montez? Slouch down in your seat or something" he said as he observed Gabriella's straight back, "nice stems though" he added as his eyes scanned up and down her crossed legs. Her skirt had shifted slightly up her thigh, showing a little more skin than she realised. Gabriella's shoulders slouched as she scowled at Troy and yanked her skirt further towards her knee. "That's what I like to see, a little pep"

"Be quiet, Ms Darbus should be arriving soon" she said, making extra sure her skirt was sitting perfectly. She straightened her back as the dramatic woman walked in the room and sat to attention. All Troy could do was roll his eyes at her.

As the day passed by, Gabriella became extra wary of all the comments and eye rolls being thrown her way. Maybe it was because of what Troy said earlier.

"Why don't you just switch off?"

The words played through her mind over and over again. "Why can't I just switch off?" she asked herself. Gabriella wished desperately that she could be just like everyone else, but she just couldn't seem to be. Whenever a teacher walked by, she acted like she was under total scrutiny, she felt as though if she were to be caught blinking then she would get in trouble. She just couldn't help it.

She stood at her locker, triple checking she had all the right books for her next class, until she was approached by some cheerleaders.

"Hey OCD" the head cheerleader, Lola Black said. Gabriella turned around and pushed her glasses up her nose further.

"Pardon?" she said shakily.

"OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but for you it just stands for total and utter outright freak" she added.

"We didn't come here to torment you and say how ugly you are, we came here to tell you to stop being so fucking perfect" Lola said.

"It's a downright pain in the ass, you ruin the atmosphere in gym especially. I hate my favourite class being ruined by some teacher's pet freak" another cheerleader added.

"Look I'm sorry, I just-"

"You just what? Fucking do something about it Gabriella, everyone talks shit about you and I'm sick of hearing your name all the time".

Gabriella stood there as the pack of wolves left her. She observed them in their skimpy outfits. The short pleated skirts and their tiny midriff tops. Bare arms and legs all around. She felt something inside her rumble up, like a bubbling cauldron of frustration.

"That's IT!" she yelled angrily, slamming her locker door shut. She didn't look, but she must've grabbed the attention of people around her, and probably scaring a few students who were within 5 metres of her. "WATCH ME!" she yelled again. She stormed down the hallway, holding her bag in one hand above her shoulder as she shoved her way past people. She ripped off her wrist watch and threw it in the bin. If she looked at it she would probably freak at the time and turn around, coming back to her senses again. Not this time she thought.

She hopped on the bus and decided to blow off last period, it was a Friday anyway, the teachers usually left the lesson in a more chilled atmosphere.

"Student ticket to Park Road please" she said determinedly to the bus driver, still in her angry and somewhatdishevelled stated.

"Right away love. That's two eighty please" he said. The kind smile her gave Gabriella made her softened and smile a little back, but as she sat down, that stern look on her face came back. She was a woman on a serious mission.

She jumped off the bus when it reached her stop and she gasped when she saw what lay before her eyes. The mall. She made a vow to never ever attend such evil places. But today, she was breaking that vow. She speed walked up to the doors and stole a look at the time on the huge clock that lay above the entrance. She gasped when she saw she was five minutes into last period. She almost stopped, but she pursed her lips and plucked up the strength to carry on. She looked at the directory and made her way to her destination.

She was practically breathless when she reached the shop.

Sassy Dolls Clothing

She looked in the shop as if she were on a mission to kill something. She yanked her hair out of its pony tail and ruffled her fingers through her long black locks. She walked in and tried to adjust her ears to the ear bashing music that was playing. She spent about 5 minutes looking through the medium sized boutique until she finally picked out an outfit and took it to the change rooms. She yanked all of her plain clothes off and finally stepped out of the change room to look in the mirror.

"How'd you go with your sizes babe?" the shop assistant asked. Gabriella was not at all shocked at her manner, and she half expected her to say 'babe' as soon as she walked in.

"I look like a slut" Gabriella said blatantly as she eyed herself over and over. She was wearing a ripped up white shirt with a tiny denim skirt, paired with black high heels covered in silver studs.

"Oh, um, well if you like we can try a few other things that may be more conservative?" she asked.

"No. This is perfect" Gabriella said, leaving the shop assistant baffled as she walked back into the change room, banging the door shut. She changed back into her clothes and bought her new items quicker than you could say honey boo-boo.


She arrived home, thankful that her mum was away overseas somewhere. She tossed her bag across the room and emptied out her new outfit across her bed. She narrowed her eyes at it, almost tempted to rip it all up and throw it in the bin and pretend like this afternoon never happened.

"No Gabriella. No!" she muttered. She was going to stick to this plan, and it was going to be good. She was going to tell everyone at school how amazing her Friday night out was, and she was going to wear the mini on Monday too. She jumped on her laptop and typed a search in Google.

As soon as she discovered the most popular club that went off in Albuquerque that was relatively close to her, she immediately planned her way on getting there. She figured that 8pm would be a good time to arrived, but after visiting the clubs Facebook page she discovered that the club, simply called Ugly 'went off' around11pm.

"11pm it is"