Summary: Hermione harbors a secret that leads to her being taken hostage by death eaters. The dark lord decides that she is to be the toy of one of his minions. But just as he is about to ask which of his death eaters would like a new mistress or wife, she asks for a certain professor. Now she and Severus must deal with the re percussions of her choice.

A/N: Hello readers. I would like to take a moment to explain a couple things. No, Hermione does not have a crush on her professor at all. She will be in character enough for her distrust, but she does trust Severus more than the others, and she wanted to survive in a useful way. I do not like Ron, or the Ron/Hermione pairing much. So this will not be Ron friendly, turn back now if you don't like it. I will not do the Harry/Ginny pairing. And, unlike many Severus/Hermione fanfics, I will not have a harry/Draco. Maybe as friends, but not as a gay couple. Though I have nothing against gays. I just don't like those matches. Also be warned, I am a senior in high school and have a tendency to get in trouble and get severe writers block. Here's some helpful info about this story: There is a law in wizarding world that once married, you cannot get divorced (getting approval is therefore harder) There is another law, but that will give away something. Yes it will probably be explained but I know I might fail. Also, it takes place from the day after 6th year ends, to I have no clue. Maybe the 19 years later, but I have no clue. I will ignore a lot of things J.K Rowling wrote. I disagree with who died and how many people died. Keeping that in mind, I will keep it as close to the original story line as possible. Now this note is too long, so please read, and enjoy, and review.

Disclaimer: Alas, I did not write the harry potter world. J.K. Rowling did…I wouldn't have killed Sirius.


Muggles scurried on their ways down the busy street. None of them noticed the impossible large building or the bushy haired brunette as she slowly stepped among them, one arm across her abdomen the other raised to her face so she could wipe the tears streaming from her eyes. She walked away, swiftly as if she was determined to get as far away as possible.

Ron will not be happy, she thought to herself, if he even believes me. I have no clue how to tell him.

Walking a few more feet, the brunette gasped, turned around and headed right back to the building she had just left. She had slowed her pace, as if contemplating whether or not it was worth returning. Unfortunately for her, the familiar smoke of death eaters appeared closer to the building than her, and the cloaked, masked figures immediately began walking towards her, and she detected a variation of the concealment charm so that they would remain completely unnoticed by muggles. She knew she could never make it to that sanctuary, so she turned around yet again and ran. She sprinted down the sidewalk. Muggles moved out of her way as quickly as they could, and she pushed by any who didn't.

The muggles stared this crazed woman, wondering why she was running with such ferocity. No one was chasing her, and no one was running towards her. She just started running as fast she could and then darted down an alley.

She had turned down it, looking for a safe place to apparate, and a dark alley was best as there were no muggles to watch. As she prepared to disapparate, she was surrounded by death eaters. A bloodcurdling scream escaped her mouth only to be suppressed by a hand.

"We have you now, mudblood. Our lord shall be very pleased."

A gloved hand rose slowly to her eye level. Her eyes grew wide in fear as she saw the familiar silver snake head that was part of a familiar cane she knew to hide a certain wizard's wand. She struggled to get away. She struggled and tried to bite down on whoever held her, but he was too strong and barely phased by her teeth.


Second Note: I apologize for shortness in length, but I promise to attempt my hardest at making the rest longer. I will immeadiately begin work on chapter one, and can't wait to see what you think is happening and will happen.