After much deliberation and thought, I have decided I'm going to rewrite this story! I will rewrite it separately to see hopefully a change in writing and even story. The rewrite will be the same story, and yet very different. It is going to be MUCH darker. A lot of the light, fluffy things that happened previously will not be there. I keep getting muse for it.

This is for all my readers and future readers. So they know.

I am also going to promise that each chapter will be of a certain length. I haven't decided it yet but I'm going to strive for at least 3k. I will fix previous plot holes, and the plot is going to fit the darkness of her situation. There will be dark themes of torture, rape, and other things. So please be warned if you choose to read it. Thank you for your time lovely readers. ~ Lily

PS. This rewrite has been stated because it's been pushing its way out. The prologue is posted. And chapter one is started. The story is posted Choose to be a Savior