So this story popped into my head last night and wouldn't get out. I do have it mostly finished so updates should be fairly regular. I feel bad for all the Wally bashing but it all works out for him I promise.

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Nervous at the first long meeting of his in-laws since marrying Iris, Barry fidgeted in the car. He had no problem with Iris's brother, Rudolph and his wife Mary, but their son was another matter. Kids either loved him when he was the Flash, or were too intimidated when he was Barry Allen. Iris had promised Barry would love her nephew as much as she did with a knowing grin, and looking at the six year old, all grins with a mess of red curls, glowing emerald eyes and freckles scattered across his cheeks, Barry could not argue he wouldn't. Barry hadn't seen the kid at their wedding, meeting him for the first time when Rudolph invited them over for dinner.

They arrived early for once, and Rudolph wasn't home yet, so Iris had pushed him out into the back garden telling him to introduce himself while she talked with Mary. The kid was running around and didn't seem to notice him. Barry couldn't help but notice the red t-shirt with his own Flash insignia on the front.

"Hey kid, what are you up to?" For a moment the kid froze, before turning around to see him, grin no longer on his face.

"I'm being the Flash." He looked down and he seemed to be waiting for something. Barry wasn't sure what though.

"So my new nephew is the Flash? That has got to make this the coolest family ever." Barry smiled at the kid. "Do I get to know his name? Mine's Barry."

The kid's eyes got bigger and the grin returned, wider than when he was playing by himself. "I can't, the Flash has to remain unknown so he doesn't get distracted by fans all the time."

Barry clutched one hand to his heart. "Oh no, that's just wrong. What will I do now that I will never know who the Flash is?" Barry gave a grin himself and started moving towards the kid. "I will just have to capture him and force him to tell me."

The kid caught on and started running away. "You can't catch me, I'm the Flash."

Barry wasn't quite sure how long they played tag out there, him making sure to just be a hair slower than the boy, but quick enough that he managed the odd tickle at the kids side when they both heard a new voice. "WALLACE WEST! You better not be out there with your head in the clouds when we have guests."

The kid flinched and paled a little. Maybe he was just upset over being embarrassed in front of his new friend. "Don't worry Rudolph, he's keeping me company while the girls talk about whatever it is that girls talk about." Barry called back as he looked at the back door. Rudolph stood there looking red and angry. "We're playing Flash and villains."

"Barry, didn't know you were out here." Rudolph seemed to calm down. He turned a false looking smile at his son. "Good to see you behaving yourself, but what have I told you about this Flash nonsense. Focus on your school, not some hero. Have you got your homework done?"

The kid nodded mutely at him and Barry felt a little sorry for him. Iris joined her brother out in the yard in time to hear the last part. "Don't worry Rudy, Barry's nearly as big a fan of the Flash as Wally. He can never hear enough about that speedster's adventures." She turned a big smile to her nephew. "Come here and give me a hug, and then we can all go for dinner."

Doing just that, it wasn't long before they were all seated at the dinner table and eating it. Iris and Rudolph got caught up talking about work that quickly bored Barry, so he turned to his nephew. "So you're a big fan of the Flash then?"

The boy looked up at his father carefully before replying. "Yeah, I'm the head of the Blue Valley fan club."

"Blue Valley has a fan club? That is so cool."

Rudolph looked over at that. "Not really, he's the only kid that day dreams enough to be in the club. He's the only member."

Barry shook his head, he couldn't believe that Iris's brother would put down his own son like that. "It's still cool. I'm sure the Flash would appreciate his fans caring enough to create a club. I think it's great." He smiled down at the kid who just looked up with those big green eyes at him, a new emotion playing in them, one he saw often as the Flash; hero worship. He had never managed to get it as Barry Allen though. "Hey did you hear about the Flash's latest adventure with Captain Cold?"

When the kid shook his head, Barry started in on the story and spoke mostly to Wally all night. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Iris smile at him and felt a warm squeeze on his leg, as she started getting Rudolph's attention off their tales of the Flash.

Before he wanted to, they had finished dinner and it was time to go. Wally just stood on the porch and looked forlorn as Barry said his goodbye's to the new in-laws. So he knelt down in front of the kid and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "Hey kiddo, next time why don't you tell me about the fan club? Do you think I could be a member?"

Wally looked shocked and nodded mutely before wrapping his arms around Barry in a giant hug. Returning it with a smile, reluctantly Barry stood up and he and Iris got into their car.

Iris pulled out and looked over at her husband. "Well?"

"You're right, he's adorable. And my biggest fan." Iris smiled at the incredulity in his voice, glad she had left that out so Barry could discover it for himself. "But what was with Rudolph giving out to him? Nothing wrong with a kid having a hero."

"Wally is a bright boy. Mary showed me his report card while you two were out chasing each other. High grades all round, especially in maths, but his teacher is worried that he's going to get bored of the work soon as he finds it less and less challenging. Rudy just wants to make sure he keeps focused on school."

"I guess I can understand that, still doesn't seem quite right though. Maybe I can start showing him science? That would keep him challenged." Barry paused and Iris smiled again knowing what he was going to say next. "When can we have them up?"

"Well if you don't get any surprise work appointments, how about two weeks from now?"

"I'll make sure nothing comes up." Barry told her beaming.

Wally shifted uncomfortably under his blanket and tried not to let out a sob. He didn't understand why Dad was so upset with Uncle Barry playing out in the yard with him. Uncle Barry had started it, he was just going along. And it was Uncle Barry who brought up the Flash at the dinner table. It wasn't fair that he got punished for it. He didn't understand why Dad hated the Flash so much, he was the best hero ever, he was fast and smart and always stopped to talk to people. Maybe one day the Flash would come in and take him away. Pick him up and show him what running really was.

With a silent sob Wally fell asleep on a wet pillow, falling into dreams of the Flash stopping after defeating the bad guys, picking him up and start running. He didn't even know when the Flash turned into his blonde uncle but he didn't care, thinking that running with his uncle would be even better when he woke up the next morning.