Okay, so the final bit, I hope this makes up for my previous Wally bashing by being sweet. It's set before Independence Day in the Series and hopefully explains how Wally was able to be Wally. Again posted a few hours after my last one because it is so short and I won't be online tomorrow to give you the absolute end. All of you reviews, followers and favouriters are amazing, and I did think about adding an extra bit in of when Wally got his powers/found out about Barry being Flash for you, but I think I prefer this ending. Though I imagine it didn't take Wally more than a couple of months after the end of the custody battle to find the Flash research and replicate it. Who knows maybe I'll write a different story covering that and Wally finding out Dick is Robin for you instead.

Wally sat vibrating in his chair as he finished off his homework before bed. Life had turned out good, he had the best parents he could ask for, his two heroes had turned out to be the same person, one of which he got to help out most nights and he had one of the best friends any guy could have. He thought life just couldn't get better, and then he heard that the Justice League was going to let him and his best friend into Justice League headquarters.

"Excited about tomorrow, squirt?" Barry asked coming in to the kitchen for a snack.

"How could I not be? The Justice League is going to show me around their headquarters. It's going to be the second best day of my life." Wally said grabbing his own snack.

"Second best day? What could top being let into the inner sanctum of the Justice League?" Uncle Barry seemed genuinely curious.

"The day I met you, tops everything." Wally said grinning.

His uncle looked in shock at him. "How does me chasing you around a back yard top the Justice League?"

"If I hadn't met you, I'd never have known how to have fun, I'd never have been able to ignore everything Rudolph did, I'd never have met Dick, moved to the best home in the world , or discover you were the Flash, become Kid Flash and thus be in a position to enter the inner sanctum of the Justice League." Wally laughed at the dumb founded look on his uncle's face. His Dad's face. He wrapped his arms around his dad and gave him a massive hug.

"I love you dad, goodnight." Wally sped off to bed, completely missing the tears of joy in Barry's face. Barry decided that him topping the Justice League was not something the other members should hear. That was just for them.