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Something I have always considered myself good at is running. Although these guys are fast. I burst through the doors of the church; running forward towards the alter. Surely they won't find me here. How did I get here? I mean where did it all go wrong? People have died because of me. They have died for a selfish little orphan who was too vain to see the error of her ways. Why did I let her get the reins? My life had literally been mistake after mistake; hell even I was a mistake. This all boils down to one person. The Cat. No I can't blame her; this is as much my fault as it is hers. She is me; just a part of the shades that are my life. And I of course decided to do something I regretted; I didn't go with the Batman. Bruce Wayne; who woulda thought huh? Actually once you know it you do wonder how you didn't notice in the first place. He is kinda like me, an orphan, though his wealth saved him from becoming what I have become. Yet he trusts me; enough so that he even lets me go. Is it weird for me to say that I think I love him. I know I loved them both. He treats me like I am human, he makes me feel desired. He is the only person who has ever trusted me completely. And then he offered you a way out now and what did you do? Throw it all back in his face. So, here we are in this cold, dark church; all because you were so convinced that you are better than you are. My life has never that important; I was just a little squirt that tried to run away from life and now I am nothing more than a self-obsessed jerk. I even have the cheek to resent the only people I have to call family. Holly. Will you hate me? After all the horrible things I have said and done to you; do you now resent me? I mean you should I am really as terrible as they come. All I seem to do is break your heart; but I do love you. You are my best friend and I am going to do this for you. Because you deserve a life without me; I am nothing but trouble. There is just one more person that needs to be mentioned. Selina Kyle. Not the person I am now but the old me; the person who shaped me. The person, I was convinced, that was weaker than me. But I see the truth now; you are the strongest person I have ever known and I let you down; spoiled your name. I am trapped in a world that I need to understand. So far it has shown me no mercy. I understand this now; that these events in my life are trying to shape me. They are pushing me to be the person I need to be. That is why I have met all these people. They all need something from me; Holly needs my strength and my friendship, she is an honest, loving person and she deserves happiness, I want to give her that. Even if it means disappearing. And luckily for me, life has thrown me a lifeline in the form of Bruce. He has shown me compassion and love and I have never felt like this before. Cherished. Although I have screwed that up with my arrogant attitude. I can't get that image out of my head - the look of hurt and betrayal on his face when I said all those things. Nasty things said with no remorse. Now all I can think of is how much I need to escape this place. I can't find a way out, Jesus why don't the build easy exits in churches. Shit, they have found me. Why the hell would they come in here? There are more than before, a lot more and I can feel them getting closer; I don't have much more time. So here is my story; my progression from Selina Kyle to the Cat. Although she hasn't been strong as I'd hoped. Here they come; its show time, the curtain is away to be drawn, the big finale. I don't want to ruin the show so why don't we start at the beginning.