Hey, everypony, I'm back!

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who read/commented on my first fanfic, "Celestia's Cake." I had no idea you all would like it so much...thank you so much for your wonderful comments and faves!

Okey dokey Loki, here's my next MLP:FIM fanfic. It's about Discord (big shocker), and how he copes with living in a new time. Hope you enjoy!

Over one thousand years.

That's how long those pretty little princesses turned him into stone for. Over one thousand years of standing in one place, unable to move, being treated as an ornament in those little witches' (if you replaced the 'w' with a 'b' you'd get how he REALLY felt about them) sculpture garden.

The worst part about it all was, he was completely aware the entire time. He could see the little ponies glaring at him like he was a sideshow freak, he could hear their hateful comments about how ugly he was with his mismatched body parts and how evil he had been for trying to bring his glorious chaos to Equestria. He would have vomited at the whole disgusting ordeal if his digestive system hadn't been petrified by the sisters' spell.

Then, after that long time, a little tiff between three school fillies broke the spell. He was free, free to cause chaos, free to make everypony's lives miserable, just as they had made his for the past millennium plus.

However, his relief was but temporary.

Not too long after he escaped, Twilight Sparkle, the personal student of one of the princesses, and her friends used the Elements of Harmony to set him back in stone. He had tried to prevent this by breaking the ponies' spirits and making them go against the elements they represented, but Twilight had been able to bring them back to their senses.

But this time, his imprisonment was different. The current element bearers' spell had made him completely unaware of anything going on around him. Now, all he knew was nothingness, a big black void. He had no idea where he was, how long he had been there, when he was getting out, IF he was getting out…

Yeah, I don't know what'd be worse, being turned to stone and being fully conscious the whole time, or being turned to stone and being completely UNconscious the whole time. What do YOU guys think would be worse?

Stay tuned for the next chapter, coming soon!