Hey, everypony! I'm back from the moon, and I'm ready to finish this story up! Well, here goes, hope you all like it.

The two princesses stood in their throne room, still in stone, waiting to be rescued. Discord and the bearers of the Elements flashed in together. Once inside, the draconequus snapped his fingers. The ponies watched as the stone began to crack and fall off. Within seconds, Celestia and Luna were back to normal, their wings and horns back in place.

"Princess Celestia! Princess Luna!" Blaze cried out. He bowed along with his friends. "It's so good to see you both back."

Celestia smiled at the great-grandson of her most prized pupil. "It's good to be back, Stellar Blaze."

Just then, Luna screamed. "DISCORD!" She jumped in front of the smaller ponies, shielding them from Discord. "Get back, you beast! You'll have to go through ME before I let you harm these innocents!"

"It's OK, Princess Luna," Blaze reassured the night princess. "Discord is a good guy now. The Elements reformed him."

Luna blinked at Blaze. "They...DID?"

"Indeed they did, Lulu," Discord replied, beeping the dark blue alicorn on the nose, earning himself a turquoise-eyed glare. "Ooh, if looks could kill..."

"Well, I for one am glad that the Elements were able to reform you, Discord," Celestia spoke up, breaking up the tension between her sister and the draconequus. "It will certainly help to have such a powerful ally on our side from now on, should any other dangers occur here in Equestria."

"So I can stay?" Discord asked.

"Yes, you can stay," Celestia confirmed.

"YES!" Discord cheered. He grabbed ahold of Bubble and started to dance with her as she laughed.

"Are you sure this is such a good idea, sister?" Luna asked.

"I do, Luna. Discord's magic is far more powerful than is yours or mine, and having him on our side will assure great protection of our subjects. Besides, should he try to get into any mischief, you and I will be there to handle him."

Luna blinked. "You mean...?"

"Mmm-hmm," Celestia hummed, nodding. "Discord is moving into the palace with us."

"SWEET!" Discord responded, overhearing. "I get to live here in the palace with my two favorite princesses? This is going to be the BEST!" He hugged both alicorns, making Celestia giggle and Luna groan.

The next day, the princesses held a festival in the grand hall of the palace. The bearers of the Elements and Spike stood beside the princesses, and they all watched as Discord stood before them and bowed.

Celestia tapped Discord's shoulders with her horn, as if she were knighting him. "I hereby give the draconequus Discord the title of Supreme Master of Magic of Equestria. Do you accept this title, and all the responsibilities that go along with it?"

"I do," Discord replied.

"Will you promise to use your powers to serve and protect the ponies of Equestria, from all manners of evil that may try to harm and corrupt them?"

"I will."

Celestia smiled. "Then let us all celebrate the newest member of the Canterlot elite...Sir Discord!" The ponies in the audience all cheered. The Elements all leapt onto Discord in a group hug. Celestia joined in the hug, and after a minute of hesitation Luna did as well. It was the grandest celebration ever held in Equestrian history.

Yay, happy ending time!

Just so you all know, I had the idea of reforming Discord in this story BEFORE the episode "Keep Calm and Flutter On" (which IMO has been the best episode of Season Three thus far...Discord was every bit as awesome and hilarious as he was in "The Return of Harmony," only now he's a good guy, so yeah, he's still my favorite character on the show)...I know it doesn't really matter who had the idea first, just wanted to let you guys know!

Methinks Luna is not too thrilled about the prospects of being roomies with Discord...not that I blame her, knowing their background, LOL! Hopefully she can warm up to him!

Thank you all for reading my crazy fanfic! Catch you on the flip side!

All my best, DiscordantPrincess.