Title: Dreaming
Author: gabs88
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Summary: Callie and Arizona are barely a month into their relationship. It's becoming everything they could have ever wanted. What could possibly change that?
Rating: T
Disclaimer: All characters belong to ABC/Shonda Rhimes. The story is mine.
Note: I didn't want to write this because I didn't want it to end. What am I going to do now!? ;). Just note I've taken liberty with legality issues in this chapter.

Thanks so much for those who have read, reviewed, followed and favourited (is that a word?). Thanks for all the feedback of all types-I'm glad a lot of people have enjoyed the story I felt the urge to tell. It's been fun! I've loved reading everyone's thoughts on it all-it's all that has kept me motivated. I know it would have been nice to have more chapters of them together, but it just felt right to finish where it did. Sorry to those who wanted more of that :).

Okay, so I had some trouble writing this-I kept trying to write more chapters to just follow up the final one-my mind is rebelling the idea of completing this story. But, alas, I scrapped those pieces and wrote the short Epilogue-summing up a multi chapter fic is hard! I may (see: will) be compelled down the road to write a sequel of one shots based in this 'verse-but, for now, I bid you farewell (from this fic, anyway). I hope you like it. THANK YOU, again :)

Chapter Thirty

"I've done this flight so many times, you'd think I wouldn't be nervous anymore."

Arizona's leg was jumping up and down as she bounced her foot. Callie smiled and turned from where she was staring at the clouds and put her hand on Arizona's knee, stilling it.

"Yeah, well, this one's a little different."

They smiled at each other, Arizona linking their hands over her knee. She ran her thumb over Callie's wedding band, "Barely married a year and this is happening-do we move too fast?"

Callie actually laughed, "I think we've moved at the perfect pace-besides, we waited over two years to get married." She quirked an eyebrow, "And we had the longest foreplay in the world until we actually got together."

Arizona smirked and lowered her voice, "Does it count as foreplay? I remember some incredibly hot sex, especially after I showed up on your doorstep when I came back for a night after six months in Africa."

Callie grinned, "I meant metaphorical foreplay." She leant forward, whispering in Arizona's ear, "Though that was the hottest sex, like, ever."

Arizona turned so their faces were inches from each other, head tilted slightly, "Hotter than our honeymoon?" Callie's eyes suddenly widened, her face almost comical as she looked completely torn. Arizona laughed softly, "Breathe, Callie, it's not a life or death question."

Callie leant back in her seat, smiling, hands still linked with Arizona's, "That was mean."

"I was genuinely curious."

"Yeah, well, the sex has just gotten better and better, which is amazing, because our first time was the best I'd ever had."

Arizona tried to smother the smug look on her face, "We need to stop talking about sex on the plane, because everyone can probably hear us, and it makes me want to attempt sex on a plane again-and it didn't go well the first time."

Callie flushed furiously, "We would have gotten away with it if that stupid flight attendant hadn't caught us."

Arizona smirked, "Yeah, well, you weren't very quiet."

"Shut up."

Arizona laughed and brought their hands up, kissing the back of Callie's, their eyes catching over their joined hands, small smiles on their lips, before letting them rest on her knee again.

"Oh, Mark called when we were leaving, I forgot to tell you. He said to say thanks for looking at Bonnie yesterday, and that you were right- she's fine."

Arizona rolled her eyes good naturedly, "I told him six times she was fine. He even made Alex run a CT."

"Does Lexie know that she rolled off the couch yet?"

Arizona shook her head, "Nope. Mark swore me to secrecy after following me around the entire hospital yesterday repeatedly making me examine her. You know, I looked up during an appy and he was sitting in the gallery?"

Callie laughed, "He's the most over protective dad ever. It's actually really sweet."

"Well, she's only four months old right now. She's going to do a lot worse than roll off the couch."

"Don't tell Mark that. His head may explode."

"I pity her boyfriends."

Callie's eyes widened, "Hopefully they tighten gun control by then, otherwise, me too."

A voice crackled over the intercom, telling the patrons and crew to prepare for landing. Arizona's grip tightened in Callies.

Callie grinned across at her, "Okay. So, straight there, then to the hotel room to settle in?"

Arizona nodded, "Then a night here, then back home for eight weeks off to enjoy ourselves?"

"Exactly. Oh, and Teddy will be visiting in two weeks as well!"

"Thank God." Arizona bounced once in her chair, "Maybe we can convince her to move back?"

"We'll have our secret weapon?"

"She'll be unable to resist."


The hotel room was lit only by a lamp, their room quiet as they lay on the huge bed. Callie's hand trailed up Arizona's side, the other burying in her hair to hold her against her as their mouths moved against each other. Arizona rolled on top of Callie, her thigh slipping between her own, sighs leaving both their lips at the contact.

A cry interrupted them.

Arizona pulled back, grinning down at Callie, "We better get used to that."

Callie laughed, "Yep."

"I'll go."

Arizona went to stand up, Callie's hand wrapped around her forearm, "You stay, I'll go."

"No, no, it's alright, I'll get up." Arizona slipped her legs over the side of te bed, sitting up.

Callie sat up aswell, "I don't mind."

Arizona cracked up, eyes rolling, "I'm already up-I'll come right back in here."

Callie lay back on the bed, laughing, listening to Arizona pad out of the room and return within thirty seconds. She stood beside the bed, the two month old baby boy cradled against her chest, his fist in his mouth. Callie couldn't stop the smile that spread across her lips as she stared, the site of Arizona holding him making her melt as it had when they had picked him up from the orphanage that morning.

"We must be the only parents in the world who argue because we want to get up."

Arizona chuckled, her hand running up and down the babies back, "I'm sure we'll change our tune after a few weeks." She pressed a kiss to his temple.

She got back on the bed, laying him down between them. Callie and Arizona both lay on their sides, heads resting on their hands, propped up on their elbows, staring down at the tiny baby who had settled contentedly the minute he'd been laid between them.

Callie couldn't stop smiling, "Hi, baby boy." Her voice was low, "Nope, Teddy won't be able to resist you."

Arizona lay her hand on his stomach, Callie sliding hers on top of it. They rest there gently, feeling him breathing, watching him stare sleepily around the room. He reached up an un-coordinated hand, grasping the necklace that dangled from Arizona's neck, fingers wrapping around it.

There had never been a question, for Arizona, or for Callie, really, when it came to where to adopt from. Africa had always been the answer. And when Arizona had hesitantly broached the idea of adopting a HIV positive child, she was surprised when, for Callie, there was barely a question there, either.

Callie had worked at the clinic from as soon as her and Arizona had gotten back together almost four years ago, and had fallen in love with the kids she was involved with as much at Arizona had. It hadn't taken her long to see why Arizona wanted to give a home to one, eventually. The amount of children they treated from the orphanages was almost heartbreaking. When they'd gotten married, they'd started the paperwork process almost immediately, knowing it could take a lot of time and knowing neither really wanted to wait.

A year down the road, a lot of patience and some pull thanks to Arizona's work, and here they were.

Callie leant down, pressing a kiss to a chubby cheek, "I'm so looking forward to getting to know you, little man." Her eyes flicked up to see Arizona looking at her, her face soft. Callie smiled, "What?"

Arizona shrugged, lifting her hand up to untangle tiny fingers from the chain around her neck, smiling as those fingers wrapped around her own and were pulled instantly to his mouth. "I just," She looked back up at Callie, her eyes shimmering, "I love you." She said simply.

Callie smiled, leaning forward to press a kiss to Arizona's lips, pulling back and resting their foreheads together. She looked at Arizona intently, "I love you, too."

A raspberry noise came from beneath them and they both looked down, grinning at the baby whose'big dark eyes were watching them seriously, bubbles at his lips.

Arizona grinned, wriggling her fingers where they were still grasped in his strong little grip, now held tight against his ear, "And you? We loved you before we even met you."

Some things? Some things take awhile to work out. But when they do, everything can just fall in to place and become a little bit perfect.