"Ahhh" Sue let out an audible sigh as she sat in the car. They were all there, present and correct and today they were only five minutes late. She knew she shouldn't ruin the bliss by asking but did anyway, "Did you remember to pick up your lunch bag today Karen?" She said turning round to look at her youngest.

"What the..." she spluttered suddenly taking in the fact that only her two youngest children sitting in the back of the car "where's Jake?! Pete I thought you were with him!" she said, raising her voice now in exasperation.

"I was, he was just coming" her husband sighed already irritable that he'd had to find fresh sets of clothes for Ben and Karen that morning after they had a water fight to decide who should go in the bathroom first.

"Alright I'll go" Sue, tried to placate him sensing he'd had enough already today. She took off her seatbelt and started heading back towards the house.

"We'll be late Dad" Ben squealed in the back of the car

"Since when have you been bothered about being late for school Ben? You've already held us up quite enough"

"Since it's show and tell today. And I'm taking this" he replied gleefully holding up, Smudge, the next door neighbour's cat.

"No you aren't Ben" Pete wasn't even surprised "and where did you find her? I thought they'd been extra careful since that last episode with the fireworks, and the litter tray."

Pete had now resigned himself to getting out of the car slowly hauled himself out of his seat. He walked round to the back of the car, opened the car door and tried to take the now frightened cat out of Ben's arms. The cat put up as much of a fight as Ben did but eventually shot out of the car giving a frightened screech as it did.

"But I'll have nothing for show and tell now Dad" Ben shouted watching the cat flee into the garden next door.

"Well you should have thought of that before you stole somebody's cat" said Pete

"Well" Karen stated suddenly, "if everyone else is getting out I am too" and got out of her side of the car to stand on the pavement with her arms folded.

"No Karen we're all getting back in look" Pete got back into the driver's seat as Karen pouted on the pavement.

"It's ok actually dad" said Ben who was now getting out of his side of the car "I've got this as well" he held up the largest of the Brockman's kitchen knives to show his dad.

"Oh for God's sake Ben" Pete got out and wrestled the knife from Ben's hand, "you didn't even think you were going to get away with that one. Right everyone get back in the car, I'm going to put this back where it belongs and we are all going to head off only …" He looked at his watch "30 minutes late".

He started heading toward the house. Ben, who had now got out of the car, followed him.

"But now I need to find something else" Ben wailed behind him "You wouldn't want me to get expelled, you would go to prison because you wouldn't let me"

"Fine!" Pete was no longer bothering to hide his increasing irritation "quickly whilst I get your mum and Jake"