"Jake, Jake can you hear me?" He said shaking him by the shoulder gently

Jake began to stir slightly but made no sound, Pete groaned in response feeling so relieved that Jake seemed to be coming round.

"He's ok Sue" he looked back at his wife who was holding back tears, feeling guilty they hadn't believed him.

Jake's eyelids fluttered and he coughed slightly.

"Are you ok?" Pete asked still shaking him as he opened his eyes properly.

Jake blinked back at his dad trying to get the blurry shapes around him back into focus. The room was still spinning but he managed to splutter, "What happened?"

"You just fainted Jake, you're ok now" Pete answered him taking in Jake's pale complexion and clammy skin.

Ben suddenly ran back into the kitchen "Can I take this one instead" he shouted holding a large stone Pete had told him was possessed once to keep him quiet on a long journey. Ben stopped suddenly seeing his brother lying on the floor.

"We aren't allowed to lie on the kitchen floor Jake" he told him very matter of factly.

"Ben, Jake's not feeling very well; can you go out to the car and wait with Karen?" Sue said recovering her voice and steering Ben towards the door.

Pete was still kneeling beside their eldest "Ok just lie still for a minute Jake, how are you feeling?"

"Really dizzy and weird, do you believe me now?"

"Yes" Pete smiled relieved Jake was being his cheeky self.

Sue walked back into the kitchen having sent Ben out to the car.

"Could you grab Jake a glass of water Sue?" Pete asked her

"Right" he said speaking to Jake "I'm going to help you to sit up ok? You need to tell me if you start feeling worse" He managed to help a very shaky Jake into a sitting position.

"Did you hurt yourself when you fell?" He asked checking Jake for any damage.

"Er here I think" he put his had up to his cheek which was already starting to bruise.

Pete gently prodded where Jake had pointed "It's not broken but you're going have quite a shiner Jake, are you sure you didn't bang your head?"

"I don't think so", Jake still looked spaced out and confused.

Just then Karen came running back into the house shouting, "Right what's going on? We are all late" she said trying to sound grown up.

"Alright Karen, we are coming but Jake isn't feeling well" Sue said

"Has Jake been sick?" Karen asked looking at her brother who was still very pale and shaky and did look as though he might be sick any minute.

"No darling he's ok now"

"Well he can get back in the car and stop making us late then." Karen stamped her feet

"Right" Sue turned to Pete "One of us better take Ben and Karen whilst someone stops with Jake. Do you want me to go?"

"Yeah I'll sort Jake and I'll give school a ring"

Sue would have preferred to stay with Jake but she knew he didn't need Ben and Karen running amok around him and Pete was normally the calmer of the two of them in a crisis. Sue took Karen's hand and led her toward the front door. As she opened it she surveyed the sight in front of her which had dramatically altered since she had got out of the car 15 minutes ago. She didn't remember such devastation outside her front door.

"Pete" she shouted back toward the kitchen, "When did Ben learn to drive a car?!"