This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there...

No, not really. Although that would be a good songfic. This is actually a story that my friend and I concocted to get over our Percabeth feels, which were, quite literally, killing us from the inside out. It's our version of HoH, and what we want to happen. Enjoy!

Chapter I


It had been two months since Percy and Annabeth had fallen.

Two months. And in that two months their group had split apart at the seams. Piper spent all her time in her cabin, practising speeches for when she met Gaia. Jason spent hours in the armoury training, emerging only for meals and quests. Coach Hedge had wandered off somewhere over Sorrento, muttering that 'even teaching was better than this'. Leo sat with Festus, cleaning the Dragon's head over and over again. He'd lost all his energy, kept blaming himself. He'd told them all about the Nemesis fortune cookie, but Frank didn't blame him. He would've done the same thing.

So that left him, Nico and Hazel. And if it weren't for Nico, Frank doubted this mission would still be going. He certainly wouldn't have known what to do, and he doubted Hazel did either.

He watched Nico and Hazel sat at the table, studying a map of Greece intensely, plotting their next move. Step one: get to Mount Olympus. Step two: find Percy and Annabeth and get them the hell out of there. Step three: Kick some giant butt.

If only it were that simple.

"Frank!" Nico greeted him as he walked into the room. "Come join us! Hazel and I were just discussing what we're gonna do when we reach Mount Olympus. Obviously Piper's charmspeak might not work on the giants, and we can't just count on Jason or Leo to get us out of there. There's only so much they can do. I remember when..."

There was an awkward silence as Nico trailed off. They all knew what he'd been going to say. He remembered when Percy had done something amazing but it had exhausted him. But they'd agreed early on that Percy and Annabeth's names weren't to be mentioned whilst they were planning. It'd only put them off.

"Anyway," continued Hazel, sitting up, "we thought, well, I thought," she corrected herself as her brother shot a look at her, "that maybe we could all collaborate. Perhaps if Nico summons some dead to fight, then I'd have time to summon a sheet of metal. If you could change and fly it up into the air, then Jason could bounce lightening off it whilst Leo puts a ring of fire around you to stop you getting attacked. And it could act as a kind of amplifier for Piper." She continued eagerly, pointing to the hastily drawn sketches around the map. "I'm sure Leo could design us one."

"If it helps us get Percy back, I'm in."

"And Annabeth." Said Nico sharply.

Frank he felt slightly uncomfortable. He hadn't even known Annabeth properly, just got an idea of her from the stuff that Percy had said to him on the way to Alaska. He'd told him all this incredible stuff, stories about the Greek side of the Titan War, how Annabeth had realised that Luke was still fighting back, how 'Wise girl' had saved them all, the underwater kiss...

Point was, Frank had been told about this girl, and since he'd met her all they'd done was fight evil monsters, and she'd been literally lethal. Quite frankly, he was intimidated.

"Uh, yeah." he agreed. "Anyways, you reckon this'll work, Hazel?" He asked pointing at the sketches.

"I'm positive. As long as it's a precious metal, I'll be able to summon it no problem. It's the rest of the plan that I'm worried about."

"It'll be fine." Soothed Frank. "We'll pull together. It might even help the others. They're only like this because they've got nothing to take their minds off it. They just need something to do. After all, everyone wants to help Percy and Annabeth, right?"

She smiled softly. "Right."

"I'd leave you two lovebirds to it," said Nico cheerfully, rubbing his hands together, "but we'd better get to the armoury and get working. We've got a long night ahead of us."

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