Johanna was asleep downstairs in the parlour whilst Mrs Lovett was upstairs putting the finishing touches to her outfit. She looked stunning. She had lined her hooded eyelids with heavy black makeup, emphasized her godlike cheekbones with some blush and laced her corset tighter than ever, forming two perfectly moulded breasts. How could the Judge ever resist her. Just at that moment the very man himself knocked downstairs. Mrs Lovett hitched her skirts and ran from the room to let him in.

"Good evening m'lady"

"Evening to ya, sir. Come on in" The judge stepped into Mrs Lovett's shop and followed her through to the parlour.

"Sit down warm yer bones," said Nellie, indicating her worn sofa. The Judge took a seat and so did she.

"The beadle tells me that you have a certain 'proposition' for me, m'am" said the judge, emphasizing the word 'proposition' and leaning closer to Nellie she could smell his rancid breath. Steak and Kidney pie and Ale... Nellie batted her lashes

"Thats right. I wondered if we could make talk about one of your recent arrests." She spoke in a deep, slow voice and placed her hand on his leg. "A certain, Benjamin Barker," she massaged his thigh.

"Ah, yes, well maybe we could discuss this in the bedroom?"

"Of course, sir" Mrs Lovett took the Judge's hand and let him upstairs to her bedroom where she closed the door behind her...

Baby Johanna woke up and started wailing. There were loud thumps and screams coming from upstairs. She cried louder, but nobody came to soothe her. Eventually, the screaming stopped and Johanna slowly drifted back off to sleep. Back upstairs Mrs Lovett and the Judge lay under the covers, naked and sweaty. "So, I was maybe wondering if you could perhaps drop all of Benjamin's charges. See, he means a lot to me and I really miss him."

"Listen, Nellie, I'd love too but then he'll want Lucy back and get in my damned way again. I'm sorry"

"Wait. You're in love with Lucy? Then why did you send her to the asylum?"

"She wouldn't love me, I lost my temper."

"Well she certainly ain't gonna love you now..." The Judge sighed.

"I know. If I could take it back I would but I can't. I miss her face so much, I want her around always..."

"That's how I feel about Benjamin..."

"You really love him?"

"I do."

"Would you do anything for him?"


"Well what if I got the charges dropped and him sent back to London? Would you lie to him? Would you tell him Lucy is dead? That way we can live together, and you can live together and no one has to know"

"Yes! Anything to have Benjamin back, ANYTHING!"

"Then it's settled. I'll file the paper's tomorrow."

"Thankyou! Oh thankyou so much!" Nellie kissed the Judge all over his face. Just then Johanna started crying again.

"I didn't know you had a child, Nellie?"

"It's not mine, it was Lucy's. Couldn't just leave the poor thing when you took her mummy could I? Don't know what I'll do wih it though. Hey, you don't want it, do ya?"

"Really? Thankyou. You won't regret it. I'll spoil it beyond your wildest imagination and teach it to be a real lady. You won't regret this,"

Mrs Lovett chuckled, " I guess we're even now."