Shadow POV

Its been a week since Pyro bought home the girls. Cupa seems to be recovering well since she could now walk on the leg with a slight limp. I plopped myself on the couch and nibbled on a piece of bread. Andr sat down next to me and started to play with her beautiful, long silky brown hair that fell to her chest. After a while of dead silince, I bought up a topic to talk about. "Andr, I dont mean to be rude, but why do you dress as an enderman?" I asked her curiously and the question seemed to get her to stop playing with her silky hair. She then looked up and looked at me with her large, shining, violet eyes that not even the sun could match before answering. "I dont like talking about it, Shadow" she said with a sad whisper, the kind that broke your heart into pieces.

I scooted closer toward her and saw some tears devoloping in her jewel like eyes. I lifted her chin so that we saw eye to eye and I could see her beautiful teared up eyes more clearly. I wiped away a single tear before asking her "Why?". She started to tear up more, devoloping small whimpers, before she answered my question. "Because the last time I told someone the truth, I nearly got myself killed". And with that, she burst out into loud sobs into my jacket covered chest, her cries and whimpers echoing throughout my body. All I could do was comfort her and think while she drained herself. After stroking her back and occasionaly wiping her tears away, she started to calm down a bit. As her heavy sobs turn into soft cries, I kept on stroking her until she finaly looked up at me and her jewel like eyes meeting mine.

"You know, for what its worth, I like girls who arent normal. Especially girls who are Enderman". That last sentence got her full attention and her eyes that were once filled with tears are now filled with fear and worry. "How did you know?" she asked me, wiping away any final tears she had. "I didn't, you just told me". She now looked terrified, like I was going to kill her. "Dont worry, I wont hurt you. Not after I just told you I like you" I reassuered her, but now she was blushing. "Why would you like me, Im a freak of nature" She said, pulling away from me. I quickly grabbed her back and smashed my lips into hers, catching her off gaurd. She didnt do anything for a while, but then started to kiss back. She was the first to pull away, much to my dread.

"Im sorry" I told her, rubbing my neck sheepishly. "Dont, I liked it. But why do you like me?" She waited for my answer patiently, playing with her hair again. I caught her arms and bought myself closer till I was only a couple inches away. "Because you are the most beautiful and the most sweetest girl I've ever met. Even human girls cant be compared to you, because youre one of a kind"



After he told me this, I was going to cry again. That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, as everyone else I've met called me a freak and tried to slaughter me. I threw my arms around his neck and smashed my lips to his, feeling his warmth. I pressed my tongue in for entrance, which he gladly gave me. I exlpored his wet caverns for a while before he flipped us so I was on the bottom. I gave a small whimper everytime his tongue explored parts of my mouth I didnt know I had. We only stopped because we were running low on air with only a string of saliva connecting our mouths. He then went for my neck, kissing and sucking on it. "mmh" I gave out occaisonal moans when he sucked harder. When he stopped, there was a huge red spot on my neck that looked like it would be there for days.

He then started to kiss my neck and worked his way down until he reached the colar of my jacket. He looked at me for permission to unzip, which I just nodded my head. He slowly unzipped slowly, but not all the way but just so you could see the hem of my black shorts. All he left exposed was my lacy black bra which covered my 'b' sized breasts and my almost pale stomach. He continued pecking me with kisses when he reached my bra, which he cupped with his hands and slowly massaged them. "Aaah!" I gave out a cry of pleasure, my buds starting to harden at this pleasurable activity. He stopped massaging and gave me a smirk, which I knew he was teasing me. He then placed his hand on my stomach and slowly slid it down to the hem of my shorts and started to slowly unzip my shorts in a seductive style. I shivered in anticipation as he pulled down my shorts, revealing my my wet black lacy panties, He took a moment and sniffed in my sweet scent and gave a giant seductive smirk. He leaned in closely until he was at ear level with me. "Mind if I searched for your Ender Pearl?" he asked in a husky voice, making me want him more. I then started to unzip his jeans and pulled them down, revealing his black boxers with a "tent" pitched inside and started to move my hand up and down on it.

He gave out a moan and then I flipped us around, causing me on top of him and gaining control. I leaned down and went for another make out session. His lips raiding heat to mine and his tonge forcing in entrance. His tongue making me moan in pleasure when it went in deep, so much that I didnt notice he was grinding against me. We broke away gasping for air when he went in for the kill. He slid off my underwaer and slid in two fingers slowly, sliding them in and out. "AAHH!" I yelled in pleasure so loud I swear if it wasnt for the obsidian walls, everyone within in a mile radius would be crowded around the entrance right now. After awhile of this activity, he then slipped his fingers out and licked off my juices then flipped us over with him on top. I then followed my instinct and pulled down his underwear, revealing his fully erect cock. He then lead again once more.

" Are you ready Andr?" He asked in lust filled voice, making me sake my head violently. He then entered me with a large thrust. "AAAAHH!" I screamed in pain and winced slightly when he slowly took it out until the head in. " You okay?" He asked, wiping away a tear from my face. After awhile, the pain went away and was replaced by pleasure. " Im fine, now please, go."


After her request, I slowly reentered her agian, earning a loud moan of pleasure. Shen then placed her hands on my shoulder and I felt her fingernails dig in when I went in deep. We slowly picked up the pace until we were perfectly in sync. "Ugghh, UGhh, AAHHH!" with one final thrust I came into her. We collasped next to her, both of us panting and sweating. She gave a soft giigle before cuddling next to me and both of us falling asleep on the couch.

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