Minecraft Fanfic. 3 friends survive in the world of minecraft, defeating mobs, farming, mining, and discovering new areas. But when 3 female mobs show up, injured and lost, will they be accepted or put to death? OCxCupa OCxAndr OCxYurei
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Arrow POV

I did what Pyro wanted me to do, I showed the girls around the place and found out that Yurei was an archer like me. Even Shadow and Andr had something in common, they both couldn't stand to be wet. As we wrapped up the tour, I saw that both girls had their hands on their stomach and immediatley knew they were hungry. "Would you like something to eat?" I asked Yurei and Andr, who shook their heads violently. "Yes please, we haven't eaten in 2 days" Yurei told me, stroking her beautiful long grey hair. She blushed a bit when I took her hand, then immediately got used it when we arrived in my treehouse kitchen. Shadow and Andr decided to stay at his place for dinner, so it was just me and Yurei.

"You have a nice home, Arrow" I heard her say from the living room as I cooked some porkchops. "Thanks, built it myself in like, 4 days I think. Anyways, here you go. I cooked you three since you went two days without food". I handed her the plate with three porkchops, which she bit into ravenously. I chuckled a bit, even when she ate she still looked cute. I then proceeded to eat mine and finished with a loud burp. I was expecting Yurei to say "ew!", but instead, she laughed! She did this for three minutes before she gave a loud yawn. "You tired?" I asked, taking her plate to the sink. "Yeah, but I cant sleep in my regular clothes cause they're so uncomfortable" She said with a yawn in between. Before I could ask what she meant, she got up from the couch and started to unbutton the the skintight jacket she wore.

She then slid off her skirt and within seconds, she was standing in my living room wearing a light gray lacey bra covering her 'c' sized breasts and matching panties. I wore a VERY deep shade of red on my face. Not just by the fact that she just stripped her self down in front of me, but also the fact that when I sat back down on the couch to take off my shoes, she gave me hug and instantly fell asleep in my chest. I fixed her so that her legs were on the couch and her head on my chest.

It was a good thing she was asleep, otherwise she would have felt my hand on her ass when I fell asleep.


I woke up to see sunlight coming in from the windows and landing on my face. My face was still on Arrow's chest so that my eyes were facing the couch cushins. As I started rise, I felt something else, a hand. I wiggled myself a bit to find out where it was till I found it. Arrow had his right hand on middle of my ass. I got very red from this, the fact that Arrow would just grab my ass while I slept. Blinded by rage, I slapped Arrow across the face with incredible force. He shot up from sleep so fast that I fell on the wooden floor and almost caused my breasts to fall out. He looked around until he saw and quickly offered me his hand to get up. I took it and as soon as I was up, I slapped him again.

"Shit! That hurt!" He yelled in pain, then looked at me while rubbing his cheek. "What was that for?" he asked confused. "For groping my ass, pervert!" I yelled at him, then to my surprise, he didnt deny it and said it was an accident when he was rubbing my back and fell asleep. I turned bright red with embarresment and anger. " Well, why were you rubbing my back then?" I asked him. " Because when you fell asleep, you were so tense. So I slowly rubbed your back to help you loosen up" he said, with no hint of lying people usualy have and in a clear voice, so I know he was telling the truth.

"Anyways, your clothes are on the coffee table. Where you left them after you undressed" I grabbed my clothes and started to put them back on, starting with my skirt. When I finished fressing, Arrow bought out some plates from the kitchen, which had eggs, steak, and bread. As we chowed down, I noticed something about his jacket. As it wasn't fully zipped up, I could see a tiny badge on the inside. "Hey, Arrow. What's that?" I asked, pointing at the badge. He noticed this and unzipped the jacket, revealing a white tshirt and the badge that resembled a skeleton head. I stared at it in awe, so beautifully crafted and well detailed. "Its a skelaton pin that I got when I was young" he told me, taking the pin off and handed it to me to examine. "How did you get?" I asked him.

"You see, when I was four, I got seperated from my family and wandered into the woods. When night fell, Zombies sourrounded me left and right. It wasnt until a group of skeletons killed them off that I stopped crying. Then the next thing they did startled me, they took me in and raised me as thier own. Taught me archery and how to surviv. When I was 14, I went off on my own, but that wasn't until my mother gave me this pin for good luck. I've had this ever since". His story gave me a ray of hope, that if I told him the truth, he would accept me and my friends. but now wasnt the best time, so maybe later.


After breakfast, we decided to visit Cupa in Pyro's lab. We knocked on the front door and was greeted by Pyro, who showed us in. "Morning guys, Cupa's downstairs with Shadow and Andr" He led us down to his lab and toward Cupa. She seemed to be recovering quite well, as she can move the leg slightly. "Morning bro, how did you 'sleep'" Shadow said with a slight chuckle. I looked at him confused and it was'nt until Andr started laughing that I knew what he meant.

"YOU ASSHOLE, YOU SPIED ON US!?" I yelled at him, who was now laughing like a hyena high on acid. I could see that Yurei had a deep scarlet blush mixed with embarrasment and anger. "IM GOING TO FUCKIN' KILL YOU!" we both yelled at the same tim, though it was obvious she was yelling at Andr. While strangled Shadow and Yurei and Andr pulling each other's hair, I could hear Pyro and Cupa laughing at us. I ignored it and continued to strangle the asshole in front of me.

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