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The verdict had come quickly, the jury deliberating for only two point seven-five hours before returning with their decision.

A Starfleet Captain accused of murder. It was sure to grab headlines in any Tri-net or broadcast in the federation.

Reporters from all over the federation packed the courtroom, their attention focused on the one man who now stood motionless, fearing even to breathe as he awaited his fate. Today he would learn what became of him. At this moment his life was completely out of his hands.

He had held out hope until the end that their goal had simply been a good joke or scare-it wouldn't have been the first time they had toyed with him in that manner-but now all hope was gone. The verdict was in, and as it was read in a toneless, dispassionate voice, he felt his world crashing down around him. He finally understood that they were all-powerful and he was nothing but a simple ex-Starfleet captain. To ever have believed otherwise had been foolish.

His shoulders jumped as the gavel banged and life ended. From here on out there would be nothing for him but cold existence. There would be appeals, of course, but in his heart James T. Kirk knew it was over. He was a dead man now, although the heartbeat might go on in his body for years to come.


Guilty of murder.

He felt the world go black around him as he struggled to stay standing on his feet. How could this have happened? How? It mattered to no one that he was an innocent man; the court could say anything. They commanded and they had decreed him doomed. They wouldn't kill him outright. What better way to cause that suffering than by sending him away in chains, disgraced before his friends, Starfleet, and the entire Federation, never to be seen again?

Numbly he felt resistance as his hands were drawn behind him.

Already? They wanted to take him already? But he hadn't had a chance...

Before he could even complete the thought, his wrists were cuffed behind him, the sharp snap of the metal causing him to jump. Jim Kirk felt the cold knife of reality cut through his soul. It was his very last opportunity to ever see his friends again and he had lost it.

"Spock..." he murmured as they took his arms and forcibly led him away, his feet unwillingly following the path that had been set by those determined to destroy him. His voice gained power as he was hustled away from his long time friend. "Spock!" he cried, lunging toward his friend. Two burly guards hauled him back and dragged him in the direction of the door as the courtroom erupted in sound. They reached the exit and he jerked away from them once more, turning for a final look at the two men who meant everything-and more to him.

A single tear rolled down McCoy's cheek as he watched his best friend led away; Spock on the other hand, stood unmoving, his eyes on Jim. Jim tried to smile but his breathing was rapid and shallow, the pain in his chest almost unbearable. Finally, with a surge of determination, he straightened. Just because they had taken away his title, his freedom, his life, didn't mean that they had taken away his soul. Jim took one more look at the courtroom. One more glimpse of freedom. The last person he caught sight of before the door closed behind him was Spock. Their eyes locked for a moment and the Vulcan gave one single nod to him, as if promising that one day, they would see each other again. Then, James Kirk turned his head away and the world that he had always known, was taken from him.

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