Written for the Greenhouse Competition, gillyweed option

Kreacher's Allegiance

"Kreacher?" Harry called out, summoning the old elf. Ever since Harry had explained about Regulus, the old House Elf became much more pleasant to be around. He took to serving Harry immediately, obeying his commands without question. His loyalty was unwavering.

"Yes Master?" Kreacher asked, appearing with a pop.

"Could you bring me some lunch, maybe some sandwhiches and tea?" Harry asked with a smile.

Kreacher nodded. "Of course Master, Kreacher would be honored." The elf disappeared hurriedly.

Kreacher had even become more polite towards Hermione. The M word was never mentioned again. Kreacher even wore the little clothes Hermione knit for him. It was adorable really.

The elf appeared with lunch. "Thank you Kreacher," Harry said.

"Anything for you, Harry Potter," the elf bowed low.

Harry smiled. Kreacher had been incredibly annoying at first, but he started to grow on Harry. He was part of the family now.