Signs of Things to Come

So, here it is the official first episode in my 'Victorious' series/seasons, can't wait to get stuck into this side of things, since i'm SO used to writing for NCIS and other stuff, keep an eye out for the second chapter to this episode coming soon...oh and also, I don't own anything or anyone on Victorious except my own chracter 'Liam'

It was only 6:00am in the morning, but Liam was already up he couldn't shut his eyes because of the fact that today was his first day at Hollywood Arts, he was sat at his PC once again gazing at the website, casually flicking through each one of the pictures. He stopped at one the entrance to the school, grinning he prodded his finger against the screen and let his grin form into a chuckle "I'll be there soon" He said quietly so that he didn't wake anyone up, his finger glided from the picture to the 'Power off' switch on the lower right hand on the screen, after a minute or so the screen dimmed until the room was black again, Liam sat their for a couple of seconds, completely motionless until he heard something vibrate, standing up he let his computer chair fly back and hit against the wall, cringing as it crashed and knocked his clock and various stacked books over, he once again froze for a few seconds listening carefully after deciding that the noise had woke no-one up he walked carefully over to his phone, which was on the desk closest to his bed he picked the phone up and tapped on it: 'One new message' it read, He frowned "Who's messaging people at 6:04 in the morning?" He said to himself.

After quietly debating with himself for at least another two minutes he clicked on the 'Open Message' button and felt his mouth form into yet another smirk "Tori Vega.." He whispered to himself, and ran a hand through his brown hair, he and Tori had become best friends ever since Liam had saved her from a fire a few weeks ago, they had been texting each other none stop, even met up and had milkshakes on one occasion, he let his eyes scan the message and let his smirk grow the message read: 'Hi, Liam!...first day today are you excited' His smirk had now turned into a genuine smile, and Liam placed himself down onto his bed gently, letting his eyes continue to scan the message 'Just a heads up, i'll be waiting for you at the entrance...i'll even introduce you to some of the others. Try not to be late, wouldn't want that now would we?, anyway see you soon -Tori-V-' Liam just sat on his bed staring at his phone grinning like an idiot, he yawned and rested his head against the wall, streching both arms above his head, he then carefully placed the phone back onto the desk and closed his eyes again "Only a quick little nap..." He said sleepily.