Hello again, I do hope you enjoy this chapter I had loads of fun writing it oh and please forgive me for the chapter name, I just couldn't think of a proper name so I figured that would have to do for now, it sorta fits in with this chapter since their are moments where the two of them are laughing with each other...*Shrugs* ANYWAY enough about that, please enjoy yourself!

So after a being dragged from Hollywood Arts to her parents car I found myself on the road to Tori Vega's house, Liam looked out the window and stared at the passing cars, people and different types of trees an eerie air of silence filled the air, and it was actually kind of peaceful, Liam turned to Tori who was sat to the left to him and gave her a smile, she glanced over to him and returned the smile with an even bigger one, Tori's father who was driving the car at the time glanced up in the rear view mirror and caught the two teenagers gazing at each other, he sucked in a breath and bit back what he wanted to say to them "So...Liam is it?" At this sudden break in silence Liam's ears pricked up and his eyes locked with Tori's dad "Yes sir, that's me.." Tori's father gave a small smirk and shook his head "No need for formalities Liam just call me...David" He ended the sentance with and smile and returned his gaze on what was infront of him "Oh, okay.." Liam said glancing to Tori, who was by now stareing out the window similar to what he himself was doing just a few minutes ago.

A couple more minutes passed until the silence was broken yet again, the car stopped at yet another red light, David tapped his fingers in a slight rhythm on the car's steering wheel, he glanced up at the rear view mirror and set his eyes upon Liam "How's Hollywood Arts?" His voice had one of geninue interest, Liam thought for a second his brain had so much to put together in such a short space of time, because yes a lot had happened to him in the 6 or so hours that he had been at the school, but to put that into words right now would be impossible, but he gave it a shot anyway "David, I gotta tell you...being at Hollywood Art's is like living a dream.." Tori smiled and turned to Liam, who smiled back "Well, Liam..having you at Hollywood Art's is wonderful!" She exclaimed throwing her hands into the air, and bearly suppressing her laughter "Tell me Tori, when Andre bought you them sweets did he slip something else into them, to make you even more crazier than you actually are?" Liam broke of his sentance with a chuckle which earned his a playful punch on the shoulder "Always the left shoulder!, Always!" He said with mock anger, David who was laughing under his breath earned a glare from his daughter "Aww, Tori c'mon Liam is actually right, your never normally this hyperactive!" He waved his arms about in the same movements which Tori had done moments before, Tori blushed and covered her face mumbling a "Shut up" To her father, David smirked and drove on down the street "Ah, here we are!"

Liam couldn't believe it, the size of the house was amazing much bigger than any of the houses he had seen up until this point, the two Vega's stepped out the car and walked towards the door, David earned a punch to the shoulder from his daughter for his earlier mocking of her, he did nothing but laugh, Liam got out the car and shut the door slowly gazing in wonderment at the house before him "Yeah, it's big.." He pressed a button on the car keys to lock all the doors on the car, Liam grinned and followed Tori closely "Unfortunately, Tori's mom isn't here right now...she's up in Las Vegas with a bit of an family crisis" Tori span around and stared at her father with eyes similar to Cat's "Don't worry she phoned me earlier, she said she's fine and she'll be home as soon as possible." Tori nodded and opened the door to her house she walked inside and dumped her bag and coat on the ground beside the door "You kids make yourselves at home, i've got to go to work..." It was only then that Liam noticed that he was wearing a police uniform "Bye Dad" Tori said giving a wave to her dad "Bye David!" Liam said also waving, David smiled and shut the door leaving both of them alone.

"So, Liam...you really enjoyed your first day then?" Tori said bearly able to contain her smile, she twisted her head around to meet Liam's gaze "Yeah!, it was an awesome experience one that I can't wait to wake up to tomorrow!" Liam grinned and threw his hands up in the air waving them wildly, Tori narrowed her eyes but after a few minutes shrugged her shoulders and decided to join in with the mad waving, both of them were laughing like a couple of clowns, it was then that they heard footsteps come down the stairs followed by a "Torrrrrrrrrriiii!" Tori closed her eyes and buried her face into her hands "Here she comes" Tori said into her hands, Liam let his gaze break from Tori's and lay onto the stairs he watched as a voice decended the stairs, it just had to be her sister "Tori!" The voice repeated finally arriving at the bottom of the stairs "Oh who's this?" She pointed to Liam who frowned "This..is.." Tori was stopped by Liam "The names Liam...you?" The girls eyebrows shot up and she smoothed down her clothes slightly "Trina Vega, the hotter sister.." She said smirking at Tori who rolled her eyes and watched the two of them "Can I just say, your british accent is amazing!" Her entire face seemed to contort into one big grin, which Liam thought was rather terrifying "Er...thanks?" He really wasn't sure how to react to her, Trina tucked some of her stray hairs back against her ear she smirked and walked closer to the sofa "Seeing anyone?" She said completely out of the blue, Tori's eyes rolled yet again she placed a hand on Liam's shoulder and spoke for him "No he isn't, give him a chance Trina..the dudes just settling in here.." Liam smirked and let his eyes travel up and down Trina's body "You seem...good and whatever but your not my type...sorry" Trina crossed her arms and frowned "Oh what would YOU know, you wouldn''t know beauty if it hit you in the face!" She screeched and stormed back upstairs.

Liam and Tori watched Trina go and broke down laughing, Liam clutched his belly whilst Tori doubled over and fell of the couch "Stop laughing at my expense!" Trina's voice bellowed from upstairs, this didn't stop the laughing it only made it stronger, the pair were now laughing so much that both their eyes were watering and they were struggling to breath "Oh...my...goodnes..." Tori said trying to calm herself down, my taking steady breaths, Liam nodded in agreement and managed to turn his laughter into small giggles which eventually faded into nothing more than a smile on his face, he wiped his eyes and drew a deep breath in "Ohhhh...that was priceless!" Liam grinned, Tori nodded in agreement and looked at the TV, it still had a black screen "Wanna watch a movie?" Liam suggested looking from the TV too Tori and then back to the TV "Yeah, sure why not?" She smiled, she then reached foward and grabbed the remote for the TV and pressed the 'ON' button, the TV turned on immediately "Oh boy!, 'The Scissoring!' " Liam exclaimed rubbing his hands together in glee "Yeah, it's my favourite movie!" She said in a voice that was clearly suggesting that she didn't like it, Liam heard this voice but choose to ignore it "Let's watch it then!" He smiled and stared at the TV, Tori nodded and whispered "Okay" She looked at Liam for a little while longer then locked her gaze with the screen.